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Amaryllis Fox Age, How Old, Wiki, Biography, Married, Age, Daughter

Amaryllis Fox Net Worth
Name Amaryllis Fox

Birthday / Age / Date of Birth / DOB As of 2020, she is around 39 years old.

Bio Profile / Wikipedia Information

Introduction :

  • Amaryllis Fox is a New Yorker with quite an impressive resume – She is a former spy, has worked for the CIA as the developer of anti-terrorism technology, a Law graduate, writer, and peace activist and has also been involved in some filmmaking!
  • She is focused on raising awareness on the horrors that people live through in war countries and is also a strong activist for stopping war.
  • Amaryllis is married to Robert F Kennedy the third currently, she lives with her family in San Francisco.

Education :

  • Fox graduated from Law School in Oxford University in 2002.
  • She then went to study International Security at the Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and graduated in 2004.

Personal Life & Family Background :

  • When Amaryllis was young, her father moved the whole family to a different place every year.
  • Amaryllis married Kennedy the third on the Kennedy Compound on Cape Cod, barefooted at the beach. The couple now has a daughter named Zoë.

Career Timeline : Jobs, Salary & Net Worth

Early Work :

  • From the age of 17, Amaryllis showed a deep sensibility for people’s struggles and volunteered at a refugee’s camp in Thailand and Burma.
  • She worked there for three years, and during that time she got the opportunity to interview Burmese politician Aung San Suu Kyi for the BBC.
  • For this interview, which was the first radio news transmitted from the place in over a year, Fox was taken a prisoner in Burmese for a brief period since there was no free press there.

Stint at CIA :

  • While she was studying at Georgetown, Amaryllis began to develop an algorithm for her graduation thesis project under the guidance of Dan Byman. Her tutor focused on preventing terrorism and developing national security.
  • Georgetown has a CIA officer in residence in the department to spot potential new talents and emerging technologies, and he was the one who saw Fox’s work and invited her to Langley where her algorithm is still used today to predict terrorist activity.
  • For her work with this algorithm she graduated with high honors and was offered to work for the CIA.
  • She began in the CIA working as a Director of Operations. She followed becoming a field agent, working in over 16 countries in the Middle East, Asia and Africa.
  • Her abilities in computer coding and her experience in her travels, both before and during her work in the CIA, are being put to good use in building projects to support causes like peace-making, international development, war tragedies awareness amongst others.

TV Work :

  • Fox’s analysis has been broadcasted on National Geographic, BBC, CNN amongst many other important news outlets on grand scale and at various universities on a smaller scale.
  • She has made a short film mostly filmed in Iraq called A Field in Between, in collaboration with CNN Films and Peter Berg, which was awarded the ‘Voice of a Woman’ award at Cannes.
  • More recently, she landed a job at History Channel co-hosting the show American Ripper.
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  1. I saw “El Negocio de las Drogas” by Netflix. Then I was interested in know about Amaryllis’ life and I couldn’t believe her incredible life. I admire her. Congratulations Amaryllis.

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