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Sumedh Mudgalkar Wiki, Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Parents, Bio, Height

Sumedh Mudgalkar hot
Name Sumedh Mudgalkar (Also known as Sumedh Madgulkar)

Also known as Prince Sushim from Chakravartin Ashok Samrat

Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB 2nd November 1996. As of 2024, he is around 28 years old.

Wikipedia Biodata / Profile Background

Profile :


Aggressive onscreen and playful off-screen, we are talking about the ever vengeful Yuvraj Sushim aka Sumedh Mudgalkar.

The guy has been on fire since he appeared on TV via Dance India Dance season 4. He is best known for TV shows Dil Dosti Dance and Chakarvarti Ashoka Samrat.

Career :

In his first appearance on TV itself, he won everybody’s hearts. His debut happened on Dance Maharashtra Dance in 2012 and then Dance India Dance Season 4 in 2013. His subtle and intricate dance moves wowed the audience and judges alike.

In fact, he received the epithet of the Beat king by Master Shruti Merchant on Dance India Dance. She particularly praised him for his dubstep. He became a runner-up on Dance Maharashtra Dance and stood at fourth position on Dance India Dance.

After the show, he got the offer to play Raghav aka Raghavendra Pratap Singh on Channel V’s Dil Dosti Dance. That his acting was praised in his first stint say a lot about him.

But the turning point of his career is undoubtedly Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat on Colors channel. Here he is playing the character of Yuvraj Sushim who somewhat reminds one of King Joffrey on Game of Thrones. This role made him immensely popular.

Raghav and Yuvraj Sushim were two drastically different characters, one being playful and flirty while the other being arrogant and angry. Yet Sumedh had no problem portraying the two.


Born on 2nd November 1996, he belongs to a Marathi family. Despite his career on television, he hasn’t lost sight of his studies. He is doing his graduation in Economics from Maharashtra institute of technology, Pune.

On the set of Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat, he has found a support system with his co-star Tunisha Sharma and her mother. On Instagram he often acknowledges them for making him happy on sets. Considering how long her remains away from his parents the relationship holds value for him. No surprise they have become best friends.

His negative role of Yuvraj Sushim has been portrayed with such dexterity that people can’t help hating him.

One would think that his dancing and acting skills are result of getting lessons but that’s not so.

Surprisingly, he took no classes. It resulted from his passion since early age. His learning is purely based on the videos he watched as a kid. We can only warn Ashoka to watch out for this multitalented fellow. He knows how to keep himself and Ashoka on his toes.

Marital Status / Wedding & Marriage / Wife / Girlfriend Currently unmarried. No confirmed information about his family or parents is available.

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  1. You are so cute. I wish I would have met you once in my life. The character which you have played in Dil Dosti dance, in chakravartin Ashok samrat, and radhakrishn are very nice n they all suits u. I wish all your dreams come true. And you are a good dancer known as beat king

  2. Actually, I am biggest fan of Lord Krishna…so I watched every serial which belongs to my Krishna Lord…so many people played his character…But You!!! YOU ARE JUST FABULOUS. You really attract my heart !. Word kami ahet tumchyabaddal bolayla…You are amazing…ajun success milav tuzya life madhe…I’ll always be your fan…well wisher…! N yes your smile & your acting really kills any girl’s heart !!
    Proudly bolu Shakte ki tu Marathi ahes !!life madhe ekda tari bhetaych ahe tumhala…waiting for that day…!!

  3. Hi Sumedh, I am big big big fan of you. You are so cute. Your smile is very killing. Your voice is sooo sweet. Looking so noughty. Radha Krishan roz dekhti hun. Aap se pyar se ho gya hai Sumedh. Aap ki acting ki fan ho gyi hun Sumedh. I want to meet you parsonaly agar aap apne fan ka khayal rakhte ho aap mujhe zarur reply karoge. I am waiting Sumedh.mera msg jaldi he read jar ke reply karna….pls call me Sumedh. pls touch mein rehna mere sath. Your biggest fan Alka….I love uuuuuuuu and I meet u…misss you uuuuu Sumedh

  4. You are really so cute……I didn’t watched u’r any serial before Radha Krishna but in the serial you lose my heart……love you Krishna ji……..May always bless you…..And live long life…..Love u

  5. Sumedh asa phila actor ahe jo Mala avdla. Sumedh ki acting dekhke pagal ho jatihu .bina milehi eski bato ka asr hotahe mujhpr krushn vani btata he tb to aise lgtahe succha krishn hme kuch btarha he suchme bhut cute he sumaaur teri smile bhuthi sweet he.

  6. I am not what you see but you can’t see me however possible
    I know the sentence may confuse you but it’s true
    Sumedh Sir, I just want to call you once I mean a phone call pls can you give me your no. Other than on social media like FB, Twitter or Instagram pls. Pls

  7. Hlo Sumedh you are so cute and I didn’t watched your any serial before radhakrishn but in this serial you lose my heart……love you Krishna ji always bless u

  8. Pooja Shamrao Desai

    I’m a big fan of yours Sumedh. I am so happy because you belongs to a Marathi family. I also maharashtrian. I like so much. God bless u. Ur dreams come true.

    1. Im also Nikita. But loved to be called nikki. You just love Sumedh but im crazy for him. im in love with him since I saw him

  9. Hey@. !! M a #Sumedhian v aal luv you a lot n v r awlayz vid ukeep it up yaaru have a bright future aheadluv you #Sumedh❤️

  10. nice comments

    but no one can judge love of any person who like Sumedh

    so no need to fight for Sumedh

    and ya best of luck Sumedh for your bright future
    God bless u

  11. Hii Sumedh…I am a very huge fan of yours…u are doing so well n truly you are my inspiration…just want to meet you once in my life…please reply me…

  12. dear Sumedh I think that you need to give some attention to the poor little girl like me after all I am waiting from so many days

  13. Hi Sumedh, this is sarvadnya and I am ir biggesttttť fan actually when I saw you in Krishna’s character I was unable to recognise you as sushim no o e beleive it…Your acting is just super genius you live your role you mentally except the role which makes your acting seem real! To be frank when I saw you first I never thought I would become your fan but as I saw the daily episodes I just loved…The way Krishna is being enacted all girls will fall for you the way Krishna talks…I don’t know about you very much, but I can tell about your role something tell me that you are very fun loving and joyful person I mean that you are different from your character at your behaviour you are not as calm as many people think. This is my thinking I don’t know whether I am right or wrong.

    1. Just shut up.

      I like him better than you do.
      I know you do not like him neither does he!
      Keep sleeping and forget Sumedh.
      He is only and only mine!!!

  14. Mera naam Shruti hai aur mai12years ki hoo mujhe Sumedh jaise aadmi bahoot aache lagte hai so main Sumedh ki bahoot bari fan hoo

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