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Subodh Bhave Wiki, Biography, Age【 Wife Manjiri Bhave 】Sister Family

subodh bhave Marathi actor
Name Subodh Bhave : सुबोध भावे

Also known as Subhod Bhave / Subhodh Bhave

Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB 9th November 1975. As of 2024, he is around 49 years old.

Marital Status / Wedding & Marriage / Wife Married to Manjiri Bhave (earlier name Manjiri Oak). He lives with his parents and his wife in Mumbai.

TV Serials & Shows Acted
  • Ka Re Durava
  • Zunj
  • Maylek
  • Kalat Nakalat
  • Kulvadhu
  • Vadalvaat
  • Avantika
  • Agneeshikha
  • Akashjhep
  • Ya Gojirwanya Gharat
  • Abhilasha
  • Akalpeet
  • Avghachi Sansaar
  • Rimzhim
  • Runanubandha
  • Madhu Ithe An Chandra Tithe
  • Nandadeep
  • Damini
  • Pimpalpaan
  • Bandhan
  • Peshwaai
  • Geet Ramayan
  • Aabhalamaya
  • Manachiye Gunti

Natak / Plays Acted

  • Sthal Snehamandir
  • Maitar
  • Yelkot
  • Kalaa Yaa Lagalya Jeeva
  • Lekure Udand Zaali
  • Aata De Taali
Chitrapat / Films / Movies Acted
  • Lokmanya Ek Yugpurush (2014)
  • Balak Palak (2013)
  • Aiyyaa (2012)
  • Bhartiya (2012)
  • Paulwaat (2011)
  • Balgandharva (2011)
  • Raanbhool (2010)
  • Ladigodi (2010)
  • Zaale Mokale Aakash (2010)
  • Ti Ratra (2010)
  • Haapus (2010)
  • Tya Ratri Paus Hota (2009)
  • Katha Tichya Lagnachi (2009)
  • Ek Daav Dhobi Pachaad (2008)
  • Uladhaal (2008)
  • Sanai Choughade (2008)
  • Man Pakharu Pakharu (2008)
  • Sakhi (2007)
  • Mazhi Aai (2007)
  • Aavhan (2007)
  • Shri Siddhivinayak Mahima (2007)
  • Aai Shapath (2006)
  • Kshan (2006)
  • Aamhi Asu Ladake (2006)
  • Kawadase (2005)
  • Vaada Raha Sanam
  • Lalbaugcha Raja
  • Vachanbaddha
  • Durge Durgat Bhari
  • Mohatyachi Renuka
  • Sattesathi Kahihi
  • Mission Champion
  • Veer Savarkar
  • Paash
  • Dhyas Parva
  • Kshano Kshani
Most Memorable Role Balgandharva and Lokmanya ek Yugpurush

Biography / Wiki He was born and brought up in Budhvar Peth in Pune. He shifted to Mumbai in 2001.

22 thoughts on “Subodh Bhave Wiki, Biography, Age【 Wife Manjiri Bhave 】Sister Family”

  1. Dear Mr Subodh, Your film Katyar Kalijat Ghusali is a brilliant film. I am in awe of the film, the songs and the performances of all the actors. You have been a brilliant actor. Now you are an outstanding Director too. We in Moving Images Film Club of Hyderabad wish to screen the film for our members and wish to invite you as the celebrity director and actor and make it a memorable event. Kindly write an email to me to my email id at the earliest as soon as you see this message. This must happen at the earliest. Our film club wishes to felicitate you. It will be a great honour for us. Please do contact me. Sanghamitra Malik, Member- Moving Images Film Club, Hyderabad

  2. Dear Subhod, I am an avid fan of your serial, ‘Tula Pahate Re’. All The Very Best for your serial and hope that it progresses in an interesting manner without getting into the ridiculous race for TRP’s !

  3. Hats off to your acting in Tula Pahate re. Too good. We wait every evening to see the next part. Your brothers ATM Ganapati video was class. A Very new idea indeed. Regards Sarita Bhambure Vile Parle East

  4. Hello Subhodh Sir, I really like you you are TV serial “Tula Pahata Re”……I like you are all team members & I am excited to next episode for every day………I love you So Much

  5. Katyar Kaljat Ghusali
    Katyar Kaljat Ghusali is a jugalbandi of melody, a story of “Arrogance versus Innocence”, a musical masterpiece indeed.
    On the theme of “Arrogance vs Innocence” there is a dialogue in movie, where in, it is stated that ‘Vidya’ is acquired from outside, where as ‘Kala’ is from within.

    my understanding of ‘Vidya’ is knowledge and ‘Kala’ are skills. Skills are Motor learned. Motor learning is “a set of body related processes associated with practice or experience leading to relatively permanent changes in the capability for skilled behavior. ” In other words, motor learning is when complex processes in the brain occur in response to practice or experience of a certain skill resulting in changes in the central nervous system that allow for production of a new motor skill.

    There are three stages in which motor learning occurs:

    1.Cognitive Stage– During this initial stage of motor learning, the goal is to develop an overall understanding of the skill.
    2.Associative Stage – During this stage, the learner begins to demonstrate a more refined movement through practice.
    3.Autonomous Stage – During this final stage of learning, the motor skill becomes mostly automatic.

    Motor aspects of cognition includes attention, memory, visual-spatial functions, perceptive qualities such as pitch and timbre control of voice and finally the role of central sensory motor circuits employed in eye, hand and ear in instrument coordination. The grasp of sight-reading shows that musicians use a strategy allowing them to look ahead in the score, thus anticipating the next steps. This difference is surprisingly small and illustrates the gap between such elementary tasks and what seems possible in artistic performances.
    The great pianist Gieseking was known for eidetic capacities that allowed him to sight-read and memorize a couple of pages and then play it perfectly.

    Lata Mangeshkar has special appreciation of music by the auditory modality can replay pieces after hearing only one time.

    Such anecdotes are in accord with results demonstrating that musical practice operates by a transition of controlled sequencing to automatic processing of larger and larger packages of musical information. Accordingly, highly trained musicians can rely on the translation from musical memory representations into sequential motor ordering, a process not dependent on conscious attention. The fundamental role of musical memory and retrieval from memory stores is an important part of this operation.

    Essentially musical knowledge is acquired from outside with help of 5 sensors and stored. Music sense is not created as “Kala” from within as is said in the dialogue of Katyar Kaljat Ghusali.

    Great art, bereft of poor research can be source of “Irrelevance and irritation” to some, who are not prepared accept any ruse given to them, even on a silver platter. Director, Subodh Bhave, stars, Sachin Pilgaonkar, Shankar Mahadevan and Subodh Bhave to keep in their mind, the central theme of their own film is “Arrogance versus Innocence. ”

    Good Luck!

    Anand Goswami

  6. Sir,

    I really like your acting in Tula Pahate Re…As I am so late to watch your serial but you don’t believe within 3 days I watched 61 episodes on Zee5 App…..It was 1st time when I used my mobile to continue……

  7. Chandrashekhar Alias Kiran V. Korhalkar

    Dear Subodh,
    You have brilliantly performed the role of Lokmanya Tilak in the Marathi film ‘Lokmany’. I make my hats off to you for the same. Your acting, expression, dialogue delivery and body-language was supreme. You have entered and caught hold of the soul of the legendary, historical, a towerring and divine personality, fully lived the character and made it a memorable one. You will be ever remembered by the viewers for this role. My blessings to you for your career and life in all respects.
    Kiran Korhalkar, Advocate, High Court, Aurangabad

  8. Deepti Deshpande, Kolhapur

    Hii Ds is Deepti Deshpande. I want write letter to you so Plz send me your postal address. It’s my hobby to write letter to people who like me so Plz. I am waiting. Mala asd vatat ki lihilaya mule chan padhatine bhavana vyakt hotat so mala vatat mala address milel. Thanks.

  9. Sir, your really too awesome I loved your serial tula pahte re very much we really waiting everyday for the next episode it’s really so excited us Isha mam also too good keep it Sir, I love you both you may God bless you

  10. Dear Subhodh,

    I have one idea for a long time in my mind.
    About making Marathi cinema, on old
    ( around 110 years back ) Maharashtrian culture. Tradition, festivals, farming etc
    I have written many points but not the story.
    All family will enjoy and children will know the old ways…
    I would like to share it with you. Your email please or WhatsApp no. I will not trouble you many times. I don’t want to waste your valuable time, so want to send you in writing.

    Kedar Pethkar

  11. Aaj TV var Katyar kaljat ghusali pahila. Apratim kam……khupach chan.
    Kash hi movie mi theatre madhe pahili asati.

  12. Sir, mala acting chi avad ahe. pan acting mabhye pudhye career karanya sathi mala margadarsan hav ahe. Ani tumhi malay naki madat karal ashi mala khatri ahe. Ani tumachya kadun margaDarshan milane mazya sathi molache ahe……………Omkar chatur.

  13. Suhangam Mungoishnatthe

    Kulavadhu Rimzim Vadalvat Avantika Ka Re Durava Pimpalpan were awesome n different shades of acting we got What is Akalpeet ManachiyeGunti n Nandadeep I guess I watched Damini recollecting title song as daamini daa mini n so on n on I was evenly good coz I guess I wanted it Please retelecast Ya GojirvanyaGharat as I never watched E TV Marathi n Pimpalpan as by name it seems to be thriller although I had watched it but don’t remember TyaRatriPausHota good one n Aaiyya wanna go 4 Balgandharva Kawadse seems to be thriller so even KathaTichyaLagnachi n ZaaleMokaleAakash

  14. Sir, mala acting chi avad ahe. pan acting mabhye pudhye career karanya sathi mala margadarsan hav ahe. Ani tumhi mazi naki madat karal ashi mala khatri ahe. Ani tumachya kadun margaDarshan milane mazya sathi molache ahe……………Omkar chatur.

  15. KKG – A musical masterpiece of 2015.Mellifluous songs, perfect casting, neat flow of the story, flawless continuity etc etc.
    Only Flaw is may many spelling mistakes in the English translation & needs to be rectified before Oscar nomination.
    Hats off to Subodh Bhave for his Direction & Acting.
    Rajan Karkhanis, Thane
    I may help you in diction & spellings.

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