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Sunny Pawar Wiki, Age, Lion, Story, Awards, School, Parents, Bio

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Name Sunny Pawar

Birthday / Age / Birthdate / DOB 2006 – 07. His age when we added this article in 2017 was around 10 years.

Biodata / Biography Profile / Wikipedia Information

Sunny Pawar is a child actor, best known for his role in Lion (2016). His upcoming movie is Love Sonia and set to release in 2017.

Personal Life, Parents and Family Details :

  • Sunny Pawar is a student of the 4th standard at the Air India Model School in Mumbai. He is good in studies.
  • Sunny has two siblings, a younger brother and a sister. He lives with his parents – Father Dilip Pawar and housewife mother Vasu
  • The family lives in a slum in Kalina in the western suburbs of Mumbai, India. His father used to work as a sweeper in a Government office in Maharashtra.

Profession : Career, Salary and Net Worth

  • The eight-year-old was selected for his role in Lion after screening more than 2,000 children across schools in India to play the character of Saroo Brierley in the movie Lion.
  • Despite his modest background, Sunny skyrocketed through his auditioning rounds in Mumbai and Pune to land a prestigious role in the chartbuster Hollywood nonfiction film Lion.
  • Sunny was cast as protagonist of a young Saroo Brierley, who was abandoned in a train which flung him hundreds of kilometers away from home to busy city of Kolkata. There, he roams on the footpaths, before a young Australian couple adopts him. Slumdog fame Dev Patel played the adult Saroo in the movie. The actor even thanked child star Sunny, saying “He’s a really beautiful little soul and I’m grateful to him.”
  • Jimmy Kimmel, the host of the awards ceremony walked down to where Sunny was sitting to talk to him about the editing feature of ‘Hacksaw Ridge.’ Puzzled Sunny kept his responses short and most of them were ‘yes.’

Interesting Facts :

  • Though he could hardly speak the English language, Sunny’s lively, fascinating presence more than made up the communiqué inadequacies. He was also helped by the entire film crew during the movie shoot.
  • Film director, Garth Davis had to work very hard and put in a lot of efforts with Sunny during the film Lion shooting in India and Australia. For example, he used sign language to make Sunny understand and comprehend the dialogues, enact the sad or emotional acts.
  • Sunny has become one of the most popular child stars of the awards season. After the success of Lion, Love Sonia featuring Sunny and actress Frieda Pinto is ready for release later this year.
  • The charming eight-year old, Sunny’s favorite movie is Krrish. He is keen on playing a character of a super hero in the future.
  • Though Sunny is zealous about choosing acting as a career option, he is also interested in becoming an IPS officer and joining the Mumbai Police.
  • He likes WWE very much and is interested on attending a WWE match soon, which he wasn’t able to go due to his press tours for movie Lion. Besides, this loveable little artist enjoys eating and sleeping.

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    1. Forget the movie. Meet him in person and he will bowl you over. I travelled to Mumbai and spent two evenings with him were the highlights of my Indian trip.

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