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Vandana Gupte Wiki, Biography, Age, Son, Family, Husband

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Name Vandana Gupte : वंदना गुप्ते

Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB 16th July

Wikipedia Biodata / Profile Background

Introduction :

A veteran actress with decades of experience to her name, Vandana Gupte started her acting career on stage in 1971. Numerous performances later, she made her cinematic debut in 1993, with a role in the Marathi film Lapandav.

She has shown an extraordinary ability to give excellent performances in a wide range of roles; both on stage and in films.

Family :

  • Vandana Gupte is the daughter of parents – Her mother was the noted classical singer Manik Varma and Father Shri Amar Verma.
  • Vandana’s sister Bharati Achrekar is an actress, and she also has another sister Rani Verma. The three sisters run a production house together.
  • Currently married, Vandana’s husband is the criminal defence lawyer Shirish Gupte.

TV Career :

Gupte has also had a successful TV career; making appearances in some of the most popular Indian TV comedies and dramas of the past decade. Her longevity has seen her consistently listed as one of Marathi cinema’s most popular movie stars over the many years of her career.

Transition From Theatre to Films :

Vandana started her career in the vibrant atmosphere of Marathi theatre. She was born to the legendary Hindustani classical music singer, Manik Varma, and focused her artistic talents on acting on stage.

Her first appearance on stage was in the play Padmashri Dhundhiraj, written by Nalini Sukhtankar.

She also performed in numerous other stage plays such as Sandhya Chhaya, Sonchapha, Jhunja and Pu. La. Deshpande’s Sundar Mi Honar. Her transition from theatre to film was seamless, and she went on to appear on the big screen in several productions.

These include Pachhadlela, Matichya Chuli, Meerabai Not Out, It’s Breaking News and the critically acclaimed Double Seat, which was selected by Apple Music as the best Marathi film of 2015.

Further Success on the Small Screen :

Hindi television is also no strange territory to Vandana. She is most remembered by many of her fans for her role in the comedy series Kareena Kareena. Her portrayal of the overbearing character Nilambari Pandey in this lighthearted show endeared her to millions of viewers.

The character returned to the screen in Pandey Aur Pandey, a spin-off from the original show. Other TV shows she has featured in include Bandhan Saat Janamon Ka, Sajan Rhe Jhoot Mat Bolo and Aambat Goad. Her TV career has earned her a name as a versatile actor capable of delivering stunning performances to entertain audiences of all ages.

The Next Big Step : Production

With years of experience under her belt, Vandana took the next step in her film career & ventured into the world of movie production. Her much anticipated first movie as a producer, Family Katta debuted in October 2016 & was a solid success.

Her long career has seen Vandana prove herself to be a prolific actor, and her decision to go into production shows that she is still full of creative energy that she is willing to direct toward new challenges.

A veteran of Indian film such as Vandana is a welcome addition to the ranks of film producers working to create a more vibrant film industry in India. Her years of experience have definitely taught her what makes a good film, and the world waits with bated breath to see what she has to offer.

Judging from her passion for everything she does, Vandana Gupte will always be a household name in Maharashtra as far as the glamour industry is concerned.

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