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Dawn Bibby Wikipedia, Engaged, Husband, Family, QVC Bio, Married

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Name Dawn Bibby

Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB As of 2022, she is around 55-56 years old.

Wiki Biography / Profile Information

Introduction :

  • Dawn Bibby is a craft expert, TV presenter and entrepreneur known for her work on QVC UK, Ideal World & Create and Craft TV.
  • A natural at what she does, Dawn has worked in the industry for many years and cemented her legacy as both an entrepreneur and craft expert.

Personal Life : Family Background & Education

  • Dawn was born and raised in the United Kingdom. Although she has spoken about her mother and how supportive she was of her dreams and goals, Dawn has always chosen to keep details of her personal life fairly private and so little is known about her aside from her business ventures and career.
  • Dawn attended Blackburn College and graduated with a degree in Textiles and Fashion.
  • She currently lives in Peterborough, England with her family.
  • Dawn was married to a guy named JJ & went through a divorce around 2010-11.

Early Career & Work :

  • After graduating from college at age 21, Bibby decided to create her own business called Dawn Bibby Designs, which she still manages to this day. She also decided to move to Wilpshire for a while to run a boutique named Top Half, but she eventually decided to stick to craft and teaching at various workshops.
  • Bibby also created a crafting business called Topaz Crafts but decided to close it down in 2012.

TV Career : QVC Salary & Net worth

  • In May of 1993, Bibby joined the QVC UK team as a host, craft expert and television presenter. She spent 18 years in London working at QVC until she decided to leave to pursue her own personal business ventures.
  • During her time at QVC she presented her own personal crafts in addition to teaching viewers how to design their own crafts at home and filling them in on the latest trends in the crafting industry.
  • She moved to Peterborough where she currently lives and works, to join the Ideal World & Create and Craft TV team in May 2011, just one month after leaving QVC.

Crafts, Creations & Other Work :

  • In addition to being a TV host, craft expert and presenter, Dawn enjoys writing for various publications, teaching crafts to beginners and creating various crafting DVDs for crafting enthusiasts.
  • She has also collaborated with the likes to Craft Buddy to launch her own personal products and created a personal website where she shares her crafting knowledge and advertises her designs and creations.
  • Dawn is quite the determined and passionate businesswoman, and when she is not working on television or embarking on several business projects, Dawn still continues to craft during her personal time and enjoys doing research that will help her create new and trendier products.

Interesting Facts, Height & Trivia :

  • Dawn enjoys travelling whenever she gets the opportunity. When she was just 21 years old, she lived in Switzerland for eighteen months, doing Au Pair work.
  • During her time in Switzerland, she ironed clothes, cleaned people’s homes, managed a crèche, worked as an English teacher and worked at a Zurich based boutique, designing sweaters.
  • She considered her time in Switzerland to be the perfect foundation to help her start her personal business.

Health Update :

  • Dawn Bibby Illness / Sick : In January 2019, Dawn had to be admitted to a hospital after a slight accident, where she tore the ligament in her hip quite severely. Post the injury, she had to cancel the One Day Special. Luckily, her back was safe, as it was just soft tissue damage & she was out on crutches after a few days. Dawn had fallen sick in 2012 as well. Back then, she was under strict Doctor’s orders to take complete rest & was off-air for a while.
  • Dawn Bibby Dies / Dead / Death : There are some queries regarding this, but she is still very much alive and living.
Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Engaged / Spouse / Partner Divorced. See above for relationship details.

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  1. I think you are twenty years out with Dawn’s age. She announced her fortieth birthday over ten years ago…making her now around 52 years old.

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