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Liz Wheeler OAN Wikipedia, Net Worth, Height, Age, Married, Salary

liz wheeler hot
Name Liz Wheeler (Also referred as: Elizabeth Wheeler)

Liz Wheeler Birthday / Date of Birth / Age July 12, 1989. As of 2020, she is around 31 years old.

Biography Profile / Wiki Information

Introduction :

  • Liz Wheeler is best known as the host of ‘Tipping Point’ on One America News, a California based conservative TV network.
  • Well known for being a straight-talking, no-nonsense kind anchor, she broke the ‘old angry men’ conservative stereotype, which is probably what makes her so popular with OAN viewers.
  • Even before reaching her mid-twenties, this intelligent & attractive conservative was already a published author, presenter & member of the Board of Zoning Appeals in Ohio.

Early Life & Family :

  • Liz grew up in her hometown of Sharonville near Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Even before beginning college, she was already passionate about politics.
  • Although she hadn’t considered a career in Broadcast Journalism, she did write for independent blogs and planned to do speaking tours.
  • Her first publication was titled ‘Eering on the Side of Life’ – an article questioning until what point abortion is acceptable.

Education & College :

  • Wheeler graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. She also minored in Homeland Security. Surprisingly, she completed her degree in just two and a half years.

Early Career :

  • Before becoming a popular face on American television, Liz worked for over two years, from June 2013, as a self-employed digital marketing, advertising and social media consultant.
  • The young graduate gained over four years of experience as a Social Media Manager for “RecruitMilitary.” She began working there fresh from college in August 2011. RecruitMilitary organizes events and offers assistants to US veterans looking to begin new careers.
  • In 2014, Liz was a spokesperson for Turning Point USA, her topics mainly focused on the free market and capitalism.

Stint at OAN : Net Worth & Salary

  • Liz has been a familiar face on OAN Network since October 2015 when she became the host of ‘Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler’.
  • Tipping point is a conservative news program that airs weekdays at 9pm.
  • In an interview, she stated that she landed the job after sending an email via Linkedin to the network owner.
  • Two months later, she was offered the anchoring job. The show’s content is decided by Liz & her producers.

Books & Other Work :

  • In 2016, Liz spoke at CPAC, she often attends GOP events and has been seen speaking with conservative groups.
  • Liz was also one of the 14 contributors to the book ‘Young, Conservative, and Why it’s Smart to be like Us,’ published in November 2013. The book contains the stories of the 14 American ‘millennials’ and their personal journeys to conservatism.

Awards & Acheivements :

  • For her work with RecruitMilitary, Liz was awarded 2nd place in ‘Top 10 Small Business Facebook Pages of 2012’ and Sweet Sixteen in Mashable’s ‘America’s Most sociable Small Business’ 2014.
  • In 2016 she made it to the list for Red Alert Politics 5th annual ‘30 under 30.’
  • Around age 21, she was appointed by the Mayor to the Board of Zoning Appeals in Ohio making her the youngest person to hold the position.
  • From May to December 2015, Liz was a children’s mentor at the Nativity Prep Academy in San Diego, a private middle school for children of Catholic faith.

Trivia & Interesting Facts :

  • Liz’s first job was doing gardening for her neighbor. She quit after she saw all the bugs!
  • If somebody were to play her in a movie, she would prefer it to be Jennifer Aniston.
  • The Office is one of her favorite series and Michael Scott is her favorite character.
  • Her middle name is ‘Theresa’!
  • Song of the Voyageur by Beverly Butler is Wheeler’s favorite non-fiction book.
  • She does not drink coffee, but instead prefers a kale smoothie.
  • ‘Pro-life, protecting the unborn’ is her the cause closest to Wheeler’s heart.
Body Info / Physical Features

Liz Wheeler Measurements :

  • Eye Color : Brown
  • Hair Color : Blonde
  • Liz Wheeler Height : 5′ 4″
  • Feet / Legs / Shoe Size : No confirmed information available.
  • Pregnant ? : Currently, she is not expecting a baby.
Personal / Home Details
  • Liz Wheeler Married? : Yes
  • Children / No of Kids : No
  • Ethnicity / Origin / Heritage / Race : White
  • Nationality : American
Wedding / Husband / Dating / Marriage / Boyfriend Married since 2017.

112 thoughts on “Liz Wheeler OAN Wikipedia, Net Worth, Height, Age, Married, Salary”

  1. Why are people comparing Liz Wheeler to Megyn Kelly?

    Liz is head & shoulders above Megyn Kelly.

    I’d like to see anyone go one on one with Liz in a debate.

    Liz is the best!

  2. Liz,

    Please remind America that most countries that offer one payer insurance do not offer all the services the us offers.

    Japan. No transplant medicine,unless started.
    U. K. Palliative xrt treatments ,many drugs
    Level 2 and 3 neonatal units. To mention a few.
    Very little info on reimbursement. Many hospitals in debt.
    Super expensive dme equipment just to mention a few.

  3. Thelma Clark Santiago

    Thank you Liz for being a good, dependable news lady !!
    I am 87 years old, widowed for 10 years now, mother of 7 and grandmother of. 13. My husband and I were married for 55 years.
    I used to watch Fox News but now I just watch you on OAN.
    God bless and guide you and your husband, may you have “Kiddies” to love and enjoy SOON !!
    Thelma Clark Santiago

  4. Thelma Clark Santiago

    Dear Liz,
    I am 87 years old, mother of 7 and grandmother of 13 and
    now widowed for 10 years now.
    I used to watch FOX NEWS but now that I found you…. I am hooked!!
    God bless you and your husband!
    Keep up the good work, your unbelievable style in giving us the news!!!
    Thelma (GMA. T) (Grandma Thelma)

  5. Dr. Gordon Smith

    By the way, 35 years ago I decided to go back to school to become a dentist I was 36 years old the year was 1971 college students were wearing their hair very long and I was riding a motorbike to get to and from Glendale college in California. My wife at that time went back to work as a legal administrator for Walt Disney Studios when I went into our local bank to apply for a loan for a 1971 Toyota corolla I was wearing my motorcycle helmet and I had long hair I asked the bank to lend me the money for that automobile and I was making a 50% down payment they turned me down the next day my wife went to another branch of the same bank and request of the same loan that I had been turned down on. She was dressed in a manner befitting her job category. The loan officer asked her if she wanted cash or a check for the amount right there on the spot.
    That made me very aware of what a black man has to put up with. I could driven my car had my haircut like most 36-year-old man and gone into my branch and they probably would have given me the same treatment they gave my properly attired wife! Unfortunately the African-Americans I have not done the same thing and cleaning up that group of peoples acts like I could’ve done very easily. !
    So all I can say is “tough” ,, they need to get their act together and quit blaming what native Africans did to their ancestors 100 years or so ago. !

  6. Dr. Gordon Smith

    I just loved tonight show on the Tripping Point,. I wish that you had been able to remind that African-American guest that the African-Americans kill each other in greater numbers than any other group and therefore any police officer is always concerned when they have to stop a car being driven by an African American! It has nothing to do with profiling it has to do with the facts of life in an inner-city !
    Thanks Liz wheeler I am so fortunate that I found your channel on my DirecTV cable I just hope that Oreilly, Hanity & and a few others from FOXNews channel will find their way to this great one America news network. If they don’t too bad for them because we will still be watching one America news network !

  7. Dear Liz, I feel so fortunate to have found you on OAN, even though it was strictly by accident. I agree with previous commenters, that one day you will surely be our first Madam President. I would be proud to vote for you! You are by far the most knowledgable, insightful, and patriotic of any female journalist out there. The fact that you jold our attenyion with your beauty and visual presence is icing on the cake. Congrats on such a wonderful career, ahead of you the sky’s the limit!

  8. Love Liz Wheeler! Such a great anchor woman! The interviews are great and to the point, extremely bright lady. This new channel OAN is the best, can watch it the whole day and I will get the real news, tired of fake news. Thanks!!

  9. Liz Wheeler is hands down the most impressive TV host on the air today. So glad I found her on cable TV recently. I have contacted several of my friends, and they said they don’t have that channel choice. To bad for them, because she is an incredibly dynamic and articulate spokes person. Her interview skills and her ability to debate current events on meaningful topics are truly amazing for such a youthful person. It is just a matter of time that she will be the most watched show on all the TV networks.

    1. I 100% agree with you! She’s very intuitive and extremely poised and intelligent. I hope she sticks with OANN. They give her the platform that a mind like hers needs and the freedom to say what’s on her mind and to run with it. Sh truly is that 1 shining star in an otherwise almost pitch black night sky. Thank goodness for her and for Graham Ledger. Right now those two are about the only voices I hear that give me a glimmer of hope. We need more like them. They can’t do it all by themselves. Liz needs to teach her talents to as many people as she can get to sit down and listen to her! I’m glad she’s fighting the good fight. Keep it up Liz-stay courageous and stay strong and stay safe!

  10. Liz Wheeler

    I could listen to this lady all day. She just speaks common sense with strong conviction. Can only watch here in Great Britain on Utube. Keep it up Liz, you are the best. Pity their are not many like you who speak the truth.


    1. Houston William

      I second that!
      Let’s put her on the GOP!
      Seniorita Alex (D) has already been bought out we need another woman candidate with conviction and diligence. Repudnikkkan or Democrud… It’s way past time time to drain the swamp.

    Waaa-haaa-haa-ha……YES I WILL PRAY FOR YOU.

  12. Liz is truly amazing! I’ve never been one to watch the news. It all just seemed like a bunch of fluff crap lies. Since I started watching OANN I can’t seem to pull myself away. Between Liz Wheeler and G L it’s so refresshing to finally be hearing. The truth! I love the way she gobbles up and spits out these brainless lefty idiots. They never seem to be as well prepaired with facts as she is. Please keep up the great work!

  13. I wish I had a daughter like Liz Wheeler. Thank you Liz for informing America. We have liberals where I live that need to hear your message on Shariah Law.

  14. New viewer, liked the presentation one single payer medical. To the
    Point, lots of examples not long winded. The liberals need to hear it.
    They do not have a very long attention span. Maybe it will sink in.
    I will tune in gain.

  15. Phil and Marie Peterson

    We think Liz Wheeler is awesome…so intelligent, sassy, articulate and beautiful. She shines above Megan Kelly. Keep up the great work Liz.

  16. Liz is truly exceptional – I agree with all reviewers – she is bright, articulate, quick to respond, fearless, with a sense of humor, communicates her message with a clarity – I am shocked she is just 26 yrs old! Wishing her ALL the best and keep on doing what you do. Fantastic lady!

  17. I am glad that I have been sent some
    of Liz Wheeler’s Youtube videos. I am
    English so had never heard of OAN or
    even ‘Tipping Point’. She is proof that
    Conservative,Republican Patriotic women are not only more gorgeous
    and hot but also smarter with a great
    sense of humour.
    Pretty much all of the mainstream
    News and chat show hosts here in Britain are biased,leftist jobsworths
    who try and shout down anyone who
    says what they don’t want to hear.

    1. She has the greatest demonstrative speaking style she may ween me off fox at 9pm now that the five has moved back to the five pm slot

  18. Agreed! She should have her own show on Fox News and be the one that replaces that awful woman Megyn Kelly. I would bet that they are looking at all ready over there at the fox company

  19. Liz wheeler is the sexiest ,smartest news host in the world. This lady should have her on show on fox. I would much rather watch her than Megan Kelly. Her salary should be ten times what it is now.

  20. I think Liz is the the heir of Meggyn Kelly, who really screw up,particularly with Trump and all conservatives in general!

  21. Liz Wheeler is the hottest anchor in the world!! Would be hands down winner of miss news America contest, hell she would probable win Miss America brains and beauty. Sorry if this sounds sexist, can’t help myself.
    Wanted to ask her about the Stan Vaughen voter fraud allegations. Haven’t heard anything about it since.

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