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Astrid Menks Net Worth, Age, Wiki【 Warren Buffett Wife 】Date of Birth

Name Astrid Menks

Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB Born on January 31, 1946. As of 2024, she is around 78 years old.

Wikipedia Biography / Profile Background

Introduction :

Astrid Menks, an elderly blonde woman well into her 70s, is a former waitress-turned caretaker who is now married to Warren Buffett, a billionaire known for being able to predict the stock market.

Personal Life : Parents, Family and Education

Early Life :

  • Astrid was born in Latvia, a country in northeastern Europe near Russia.
  • After moving to the United States, she bounced around the country a bit before settling in Omaha, Nebraska, & taking her job at the French Café.

Relationship with Susie and Buffett :

  • Astrid knew that Buffett would always loved his first wife Susie, regardless of what part of the country she lived in.
  • After she moved in with him, Astrid respected their relationship, but also became a part of it. Menks loved Buffett, and showed it through how much work she put into caring for him while he was at home.
  • Susie also loved Buffett, but knew that she could no longer fulfil the role he needed to be filled; she could no longer care for him like Menks had begun to.
  • Menks agreed with Susie to not only “share” Buffett, but “share” each other by maintaining their close friendship. The two women would even show up to Buffett’s functions together holding hands.

Current Life :

  • After Susie’s death, 2004, Buffett eventually married Astrid a few years later.
  • Menks has begun to take over some of the charities that Susie had been running under Buffett’s name and is also an antique collector.
  • While they both still miss Susie, the couple continues to enjoy their marriage.

Career, Salary and Net Worth :

Restaurant Work :

  • Menks moved to the United States when she was young, and pretty much began working right away.
  • During the 70s, Menks worked at the French Café in Omaha, Nebraska. The venue was an upscale nightclub, of sorts, and poked fun at the traditional upscale nature of French cuisine with fake French dishes, such as “le surf and turf.”
  • She waitressed there for several years and often worked alongside Buffetts’s then-wife Susan, who was an occasional nightclub singer. Through Susan, known to most as Susie, Menks met Buffett.

Caretaker :

  • In 1977, Susie left Buffett to move to San Francisco, California, to pursue her own interests. Buffett was very much absorbed in his businesses & Susie knew that he always would be.
  • Nevertheless, her decision to leave Buffett in Omaha was not a decision to divorce him. Their marriage remained very much intact, and Buffett visited her whenever he could.
  • Still, her absence weighed on Buffett, who had always been disastrous when it came to looking after himself.
  • Susie asked Astrid, her close friend, to look after Buffett in her stead, and Menks eventually began coming over and helping with household chores, as well as bringing him the occasional meal from her restaurant.
  • A year later, with Susie’s blessing, Menks moved in with Buffett, and went from being his caretaker to being something akin to a second wife.
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