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Avi Yemini Bio, Wikipedia, Married, Age, Height, Deported, Wife, Family

ot he Name Avi Yemini

Birthday / Age / Date of Birth / How old / DOB October 17, 1985. As of 2021, he is around 36 years old.

Wiki Biography / Profile Information

Introduction :

  • Avi Yemini is an Australian businessman and social media star, who has had a fair share of controversies.
  • Yemini is also a right-wing political activist and commentator, who believes in non-violence but freedom of speech.
  • As the founder of IDF Training, Avi has created the largest ‘Krav Maga’ training centre in Australia to empower people to take charge of their personal safety. ‘Krav Maga’ is a form of combat learnt by Israeli soldiers.

Personal Life & Family Background :

  • Avraham Shalom Yemini was born on October 17, 1985, in Melbourne, Australia.
  • He grew up in an ultra-orthodox Jewish ‘Chabad’ family. One of his elder brothers Manny Waks is a renowned Australian activist.
  • Avi struggled during his childhood on account of a controlling and abusive father.
  • Growing up, racial abuse was the norm and not just the verbal kind for Avi. He has had eggs thrown at him from passing cars. He states it was part and parcel of being Jewish.
  • Avi was married briefly, but the marriage sadly ended in divorce after he was charged with assault after throwing a chopping board at his wife.

Early Life and Education :

  • Avi was educated at Yeshiva College in St. Kilda, Victoria. The institution promotes Jewish values and community responsibility.
  • Unfortunately, he was forced to leave home at the age of 13 and spent the next six years living on the streets, group homes or under foster care.
  • The use of heroin and being in trouble with the police made Avi realise that he needed to change the direction of his life.

Business Career, Salary & Net Worth :

  • In a quest to change his life’s path, Avi joined the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) aged just 19, and spent just around three years in Israel.
  • On his return to Australia in 2008, Avi completed a Personal Training Course.
  • In 2009, he opened his first IDF Training gym.
  • In 2016, Avi released a range of badass t-shirts to promote Israel and the love for the country.
  • Around the same time, Avi’s career as a political activist and social media star was also starting to take off.
  • In his rise to prominence, Avi has appeared on shows like Weekend Sunrise, The Bolt Report, Outsiders etc, both as a panellist and a guest. He has also written blogs for the Times of Israel.
  • The message he wants to promote is that being a Jew and Zionist can work. Avi states that he puts his message across ‘publicly, loudly and proudly’ and on the occasions that he gets things wrong, he does not hesitate to apologise!
  • At the same time, he exposed Jim Jeffries and the Comedy Channel who edited an interview with Avi to allegedly create fake news.
  • Yemini is now a member of the Australian Liberty Alliance which supports his cause.

Trivia, Height & Interesting Facts :

  • Avi is the middle one of 17 children in his family.
  • He was born on the night his family moved from Sydney to Melbourne…as soon as the car entered Melbourne, Avi made his appearance!
  • In 2018, Avi sold his gyms business in order to focus on his political career.
  • Avi is a supporter of Tommy Robinson, a right-wing political activist from the UK.
  • He has his own web site, YouTube channel and you can follow him on Twitter handle @OzralieAvi.
  • As per some reports, he was once deported from the United States of America.
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