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Elizabeth Sobinoff MAFS :: Wiki, Age, Bio, Weight Loss Body, Background

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Name Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Sobinoff (Also known as : Liz Sobinoff)

Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB Born in March 1992. As of 2024, she is around 32 years old.

Wikipedia Biography / Profile Background

Introduction :

Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Sobinoff is an Australian TV personality who appeared on the sixth season of the popular social experiment show Married At First Sight.

Personal Life, Parents and Family Details :

  • Elizabeth Sobinoff was born in March 1992 in Sydney.
  • She cites her parents as one of the biggest influences on her life, and credits them as being her best friends and main support network.

Married At First Sight Experience :

  • In 2019, Elizabeth appeared on the sixth season of Married At First Sight on Channel 9. The social experiment reality show features singles who are paired up by dating and relationship experts and have to marry each other on their very first encounter.
  • Elizabeth was paired up with fellow contestant Sam Ball, but the couple didn’t see eye to eye on most matters, and Sam ended up having an affair with another contestant on the show, Ines Basic.
  • Sobinoff left the show in the aftermath of the scandal on the season’s fourth week.

Health Issues :

  • Sobinoff has an autoimmune disorder that is similar to lupus and that gives her photosensitivity, particularly around her ears, which is why she tends to wear hair extensions.
  • Her illness also got her sidelined for a week on the show, as it is triggered and worsened by stress.
  • Elizabeth also suffers from an undisclosed second chronic condition that is also responsible for skin photosensitivity and a great deal of pain. She has been very open about her struggles on her Instagram account.

Personality Traits :

  • Elizabeth is very confident, bold, and unapologetic & enjoys experimenting with styles and make-up. She isn’t afraid to push the boundaries with her looks.
  • She frequently switches between understated looks and over the top ones.
  • She also likes to experiment with hair colours, going from brunette to blonde and vice versa.
  • Elizabeth is also fond of reading, frequently sharing posts about going to the library and enjoying the feeling of a real book in her hands.
  • An outspoken individual, she has described herself as intimidating.
  • Having been in six short-term relationships, Elizabeth has been looking for something more permanent.

Interesting Facts, Height and Trivia :

  • Elizabeth’s best friend is named Beth. Beth and Elizabeth’s mother were present during Elizabeth’s wedding to Sam Ball.
  • Elizabeth attended an Oscars party hosted by Channel 9 in February 2019, in which she was seen busy networking with important TV figures.
  • She is a Sydney local and loves going to the beach despite suffering afterwards due to her illnesses.
  • Sobinoff has worked as a store manager in the past.
  • One of her favourite jewellery items is a necklace with a diamond pendant in the shape of an initial ‘E’ that she purchased from Zamel’s Jewellery. She is also very fond of gold jewellery, particularly necklaces.
  • Sobinoff also describes herself as a sentimental person & attaches meaning to each piece of jewellery she wears. She also has diamond rings from Zamel’s and Cartier that she frequently wears on her right hand that she says is in honour of her mother.
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