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Shilpa Reddy Wiki, Age, Husband, Bio, Family, Wedding, Studio, Diet

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Name Shilpa Reddy

Marriage & Wedding / Husband / Married / Married. She has a son.

Shilpa Reddy Biography / Wikipedia Profile

Introduction : Who is Shilpa Reddy ?

  • Born in Andhra Pradesh into a conservative Telegu family and being a famous model, fitness expert, fashion designer and nutritionist, Shilpa Reddy is a multifaceted personality.
  • Having had a keen interest in modelling since her childhood she has worked extremely hard to be where she is.
  • When she participated in Miss Andhra she made her mother swear not to tell her father about it!
  • She is a costume designer and producer popular for Roshni: Story of a Dancer (2014).

Education :

  • Shilpa completed her education from Academy of Design in Toronto, Canada.

Shilpa Reddy Husband & Family :

  • Shilpa got married to Preetham Reddy in the year 2003 and has a son.
  • Kirti Reddy, who is a former actress in Bollywood and Telugu films is her sister.
  • Shilpa has always chosen her family over career.
  • She is proud that she has a supportive husband with whom her relationship foundation is very strong.

Shilpa Reddy Designer Work :

  • Shilpa’s designs have always celebrated women empowerment in the modern Indian women and are so intricate in capturing even her homegrown cultural roots that it delights the eye.
  • She displays a keen understanding of various cultural forms and is often considered as one of the most stylish and versatile Fashion Designers in India.
  • Her exquisite mixture of contemporary and traditional designs have captured the hearts of many connoisseurs of fine apparel.

Trivia & Interesting Facts :

  • Shilpa’s designs have been worn by numerous celebrities in Bollywood including bigwigs like Sushmita Sen and more recent favourites like Shreya Saran and Tapsee Pannu.
  • In 2014, Shilpa Reddy became the only fashion designer from India chosen to be a part of the history creating fashion phenomenon at Eiffel Tower, considered the icon of the fashion capital of the world, Paris.
  • One of her first clients for her label was Amala Akkineni, her close friend who is also married to actor Nagarjuna who ordered her summer collection.
  • She considers her black stretch Richmond jacket as her best-loved companion.
  • She describes how motherhood comes naturally to her and her age; a frame of mind was all perfect when she became a mother.
  • Eating disorders which come naturally to people in her profession have been well managed by her due to her diet, healthy eating and the right amount of exercise.
  • She is pro-cosmetic surgery if it involves only removing a mole or getting a dimpled smile. She suggests it isn’t going to intervene with nature. She says when you change your appearance it drastically ends up with you changing your identity.

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Shilpa Reddy Studio & Awards :

  • Shilpa won the Gladrags Mrs. India contest in 2004 and has been a model on Kingfisher Calendar.
  • Even though career took a backseat once she was married, Shilpa is involved in humanitarian work and regularly is involved in cancer awareness workshop and other programmes.
  • She launched a new website in 2016 & along with Nagarjuna Akkineni she launched Asian Cuisine.

Social Media :

  • Quite popular on Instragram, she has over 10,000 followers (as of 2019).
Birthday / Shilpa Reddy Age / Date of Birth No confirmed information on this.

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