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Anastasia Shirley【 Robert Carlyle Wife 】Wikipedia, Age, Biography

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Name Anastasia Shirley

Birthday / Age / Date of Birth / How old / DOB Born in 1966. As of 2021, she is around 55 years old.

Bio Profile / Wiki Information

Introduction :

  • Anastasia Shirley, a fierce woman with kind eyes and auburn hair, is a makeup artist in the film industry.
  • Though she has worked on some classic films, but is mostly known as the longtime wife of Scottish actor Robert Carlyle. She is sometimes referred to as Anastasia Carlyle.

Personal Life & Family Background :

Marriage :

  • Shirley first met current husband, Robert Carlyle on the set of Hamish Macbeth, where he was playing the title character.
  • Robert became enamoured with her, and soon began making it a point to find her on set and talk to her.
  • Shirley, also from Scotland, loved the authenticity Carlyle brought to his roles and found herself mesmerized by his performances. Both of them seemed to understand each other in a way that no other lovers had, and eventually, Carlyle proposed.
  • After dating for four years, the two got married on 28th December 1998.

Husband :

  • Robert Carlyle is a successful Scottish actor that has had several major roles throughout his lifetime, including the film Trainspotting and the James Bond movie The World Is Not Enough, where he played an iconic villain that opened him up to other blockbuster films.
  • Carlyle has since made his way into other mediums and has been a regular actor on the ABC TV show Once Upon a Time, which twists classic fairy tales and brings them to the real world. He plays Rumpelstiltskin.
  • He has also directed his own movies and continues to act in other films.

Children :

  • Anastasia has three kids with Carlyle — Two sons, Pearce Joseph Carlyle(born April 2006) and Harvey Carlyle(born March 2004), and one daughter, Ava Carlyle(born 2002). They tend to move around a lot, but they all call Glasgow their home.

Professional Timeline : Salary & Net Worth

Makeup Artist :

  • Shirley’s career began in 1995 when she worked as an assistant makeup artist for the film Prime Suspect: The Lost Child, which starred actress Helen Mirren as an investigator who is looking for an abducted baby.
  • The movie was a great career start for Shirley, as it went on to win one PGA Award and be nominated for 5 BAFTA Awards, which are essentially equivalent to the United States’ Oscars.
  • After that first film, Shirley immediately found work as a full-fledged makeup artist for the short film “Fridge,” about a group of young Glasgow boys who lock a boy inside a broken fridge.
  • In 1996, Shirley took a regular makeup job on the TV series Cracker, a crime drama about a forensic psychologist. There, she worked as both an individual makeup artist and the director of the department.
  • She also began working on the TV series Hamish Macbeth, another crime series based in Scotland. The series also starred her future husband, Robert Carlyle.

Hair Design :

  • After a few more makeup jobs, Shirly took a hair designer position with her final film Ratcatcher, another Glasgow-based film. This film won over 12 awards, including two BAFTAS, and had 6 nominations.
Marriage & Wedding / Husband / Engaged / Fiance Married. See above for details.

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  1. This bio is incorrect.

    1. Anastasia Shirley met Robert Carlyle on the set of Cracker, not Hamish Macbeth.
    2. They were married on Dec. 28, 1997, not 1998.

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