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Jacqueline Luesby Wikipedia【 Emma Watson Mother Mom 】Lawyer Bio

Jackie Luesby
Name Jacqueline Luesby

Birthday / Age / Date of Birth / How old / DOB Born in 1958. As of 2021, she is around 63 years old.

Biography Profile / Wiki Information

Introduction :

Born in 1958, Jacqueline Luesby is a qualified British Solicitor and lawyer and is famous for being the mother of the popular Hollywood star Emma Watson.

Early Life & Family Background :

  • Jacqueline’s father is Colin Luesby, who was born in 1927, and her mother is Greta M. Dickinson, born in 1932.
  • Her maternal grandparents are John George and Winifred Jane, while her paternal grandparents are Horace Luesby and Edith Speck.

Marriage & Kids :

  • Luesby was married to Chris Watson, who was born in 1957. Chris is the Global Head of a Media and Communications Group, CMS Technology, leading around 100 lawyers worldwide.
  • On April 15, 1990, Luesby gave birth to Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson in Paris, France.
  • Following Emma’s birth, Jacqueline gave birth to Alexander Chris Watson, known generally as Alex Watson, on December 15, 1992, in Paris, France.

Separation & Divorce :

  • In 1995, Luesby separated from Chris and moved to Oxfordshire, England, from Paris while her husband lived in London during weekends.
  • Following the divorce, Chris remarried a woman named Liz Watson in 1999 and went to have 3 more children – Toby Watson and twins Nina and Lucy Watson.
  • Jacqueline too met a new partner Jonathan Taylor and had two more children – David and Andrew Taylor, thus becoming Emma’s stepbrothers.

Job, Salary & Net Worth :

  • When Jackie was married to Chris & staying in Paris, she worked for the tax department of Ernst & Young, a multinational accounting firm.
  • After moving from Paris, she joined Morgan Cole, a commercial law firm in Oxford.
  • In 2007, she joined the professional and financial services firm Smith & Williamson that deals with accountancy, investment management and tax advisory as a Senior Manager in their corporate tax team. Jackie’s field of specialisation is employee remuneration planning encompassing benefit trusts and employee scheme arrangements.
  • She has also written an article on September 30, 2009, titled “10 Key Points To Include In Your Shareholders’ Agreement”, which talks about shareholder dispute resolution, dividend policy and business plan, amongst others.

Appearances with Emma :

  • Jacqueline had gifted Emma a silver ring on her 18th birthday, which she wore every day until it got stolen from a spa locker in London. Jackie had bought the ring after her daughter’s birth and had worn it for 18 years before handing it down as what Emma calls her most prized possession.
  • Luesby was present on the occasion of her daughter’s graduation ceremony from Brown University, an Ivy League University, in Rhode Island where Emma studied English Literature for five years.
  • She also appeared holding hands with and marching alongside her daughter during the ‘Women’s March’ held in Washington in January 2017 wearing a pink hat.

Prodigious Children :

  • Jacqueline’s daughter Emma Watson is now a renowned Hollywood Actress, Model, Philanthropist and Women’s Rights Activist, who rose to fame with her 2001 debut as the studious and intelligent Hermione Granger in the famous movie series, Harry Potter.
  • She has since achieved great success in her film career doing movies like “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” in 2012 and “Beauty and the Beast” in 2017.
  • Alex is a model in the making and has been featured alongside his sister in the 2010 spring campaign commercial of Burberry Fashion.
  • As an actor, he played a small part in the first part of the Harry Potter movie series and also in another part, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. He played the role of a unnamed Hufflepuff Student.
Marriage & Wedding / Husband / Engaged / Partner See above for details.

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