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Amanda Dufner Now 2023, Wiki, Age, Bio, Boyd, Divorce【 Pics 】

amanda dufner bikini
Name Amanda Dufner

Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB As of 2023, she is around 35 years old.

Wikipedia Biography / Profile Background

Introduction :

  • Amanda Dufner, also known as Amanda Boyd, is an American celebrity known for her marriage to 2013 PGA Tour champion, Jason Dufner.
  • Little information is available about Amanda’s early life, interests, or hobbies. Bor to parents Mickey & Elizabeth Boyd, Amanda is originally from Millbrook, Alabama, & attended University of Alabama.

Relationship with Jason Dufner : Life before Marriage

  • Amanda was introduced to Jason while she was a student at University of Alabama. Jason was already on the PGA tour and on a hectic schedule.
  • The couple kept in touch but did not meet again until they met in New Orleans for New Year. They were inseparable after that.
  • Amanda accompanied Jason on his tour, completing her schoolwork in hotels while Jason was busy on the golf course.
  • When she graduated in 2010, a friend dropped a hint to Amanda that Jason had bought a ring and would propose.
  • Jason had planned on proposing in Hawaii but knew he didn’t have the element of surprise. When the couple was in Philadelphia, Jason saw his opportunity. They took the train to New York, had dinner at STK and while watching the Fourth of July fireworks from the rooftop bar overlooking the Hudson river, Jason went down on one knee.

Married Life and Media Coverage :

  • For their wedding, Amanda had wanted an ‘intimate, romantic ceremony followed by a fun cocktail hour on the lawn, dinner and a Miami club vibe for the night’.
  • In May 2012, the couple tied the knot with an outdoor wedding in Fountainview in Auburn, where the bride wore a Judd Waddell wedding gown with a customized purple sash.
  • Amanda is a very attractive brunette and not exactly the kind of wife expected of Dufner.
  • In an interview with Golfer’s Digest, Amanda admitted she doesn’t play golf although she was getting far too much knowledge of the game now she was with Dufner.
  • The couple gained popularity especially after Jason won the 2013 PGA Tour.
  • Amanda had an active Instagram account before the divorce, where she posted pictures of her lifestyle and often, attractive photos of herself. the Instagram account was deleted when the Dufners were divorced in 2015.

The Divorce Story :

  • The couple divorced in February 2015, less than three years since they were married. It came out of the blue, which upset a lot of their fans.
  • They cited “irretrievable breakdown of the marriage” for their split. It was rumored that while Jason kept their two houses, Amanda received between $2.5 – 3 million in the divorce settlement and got custody of Louie, their french bulldog.
  • Post the divorce, Amanda’s popular Instagram account too was deleted. However, her dog, Louie has his own Instagram account ‘louiedufner’ which has garnered close to 8,000followers. On this account, Amanda has posted pictures of her and Louie together, including one of her in a bikini.

Interesting Facts, Height and Trivia :

  • It is rumored that the break up of Amanda & Jason’s marriage was due to her affair with Tiger Woods.
  • Around the same time as the Dufners separated, Woods and his then-girlfriend, Lindsay Vonn had broken up. The reason given was Woods admitted to cheating on Lindsay with other women.
  • Woods allegedly flew Amanda from Alabama to Seattle while he was preparing for the U.S Open.
  • Amanda was also seen on the golf courses when Wood played. The rumor mill went into overdrive when Amanda was spotted buying a home in Florida, few miles away from Woods.
  • Woods’ agent vehemently denied the rumors and both Amanda and Woods did not say anything about the allegations.

Amanda Dufner Boyd

Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Partner / Boyfriend Check the full bio for relationship details.

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  1. Sad! I am Tiger fan and hope that he really did not do this. What a shame. Even if it is true, how could SHE do it? What is wrong with these people?

    1. What do you mean by “what’s wrong with these people?” They’re young. They are famous. And most importantly…they are RICH. When you are incredibly rich and also incredibly famous, you have OPTIONS that ordinary common people don’t have and could never possibly understand. If you have a faithful husband or wife it’s probably because no one else wants him or/her but you. If because who you are in life grants you the benefit of having sex with whoever you want, then trust me you’re going to have sex with whoever you want. Again, it’s called having countless OPTIONS.

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