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Margherita Ronchi Age, Wikipedia, Model, Bio (Matthew Fox Wife)

Name Margherita Ronchi

Husband / Married / Wedding / Marriage / Married. Her husband is TV Actor Matthew Fox

Biography Profile / Wikipedia Information

Introduction :

Margherita Ronchi is a woman with dark black hair, dark eyes, and the underappreciated ability to often flash a wide, genuine smile. The former model is currently married to actor Matthew Fox.

Education & Early Life Details:

  • Ronchi, an intelligent woman raised within an ambitious household attended several schools and studied design at a young age.
  • She was raised in Venice, Italy & studied under some of the country’s greatest names in the fashion world.

Marriage & Dave Chappelle Children

  • Ronchi first met current husband Matthew Fox when she was visiting New York City in 1987. The accomplished model had gone there to see a friend and explore the city.
  • That friend introduced her to Fox, who was attending Columbia University at the time on a football scholarship.
  • Fox had begun to dabble in modeling, and the two talked about work together, then talked about their lives, then went on to talk the entire night.
  • Eventually, she left Venice and moved to New York.
  • On August 1, 1992, five years after they met, the couple was married.
  • Margherita has two children with Fox, a daughter named Kyle Fox (born in 1998) and a son named Byron Fox (born in 2001).
  • There were rumors that the couple were expecting their third child sometime in 2008, but they do not have any more children after the first two.
  • When she is not caring for her children or doing some occasional modeling roles, Margherita loves to throw house parties with Fox and entertaining their close friends with her authentic Italian food.
  • The family continues to live in the United States.

Professional Life, Salary & Net Worth :

  • Because Margherita’s mother owned a modeling agency, she got into the profession at a young age.
  • She came to the United States, and traveled between there and Venice to work.
  • She modeled all throughout her adult life for various fashion brands and products, and even went on to be in some commercials, and eventually moved to the United States permanently.
  • After her marriage, Ronchi began modeling less and less as she worked to take care of things at home.
  • She still models occasionally, but for the most part, she has moved on from that profession.

More Details About Husband :

  • Matthew Fox was born in Pennsylvania, and had every intention on becoming a business mogul on Wall Street. He attended Columbia University and studied economics.
  • After he started modeling, however, he found himself acting in a few TV commercials, and fell in love with the profession.
  • He pursued acting, and debuted in an episode of Wings in 1992, the same year he married Ronchi. Fox had his breakout role in Party of Five, a 1994 TV show.
  • In 2004, he starred on the cult classic TV show Lost, which ran until 2010. He has since gone on to appear in some movies.
Birthday / Date of Birth / Age / How old / DOB As of 2017, she is in her late-forties.

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