Name Maria Francisca Perello ( Also known as : Xisca Perello )

Birthday / Date of Birth / Xisca Perello Edad / Age July 7, 1988. As of early 2020, she is around 31 years old.

Biografia Profile / Wikipedia Information

Introduction : Who is Maria Francisca Perello ?

Maria Francisca Perello is the long-time girlfriend of tennis star Rafael Nadal, who is also known for her work with his charities.

Parents, Early Life & Education :

  • Maria was born on July 7, 1988, in a working-class family who lived in Majorca, Spain.
  • Her parents both worked long hours, which often left her alone, and she has said that this taught her to be quite independent.
  • She was bright girl, and studied at the Palma de Majorca. After her graduation, she moved to London, where she studied Business Management and also the English language.
  • After growing up speaking Spanish, she has said she struggled to learn English until she was living in London and subsequently forced to speak it in order to maintain a life there.
  • From a young age, she has gone by the nickname of Xisca rather than her full name.

Maria Francisca Perello Job & Career :

  • After her graduation in London, she went to work for MAPFRE, a Spanish sporting company that also sponsored her partner Rafael Nadal.
  • She reportedly was subjected to workplace bullying in her time there, with many saying that she only got the job because whom she was dating.
  • It is unsure if it was because of the bullying, but she left MAPFRE to move back to Majorca where she worked for an insurance company. At that time, she reportedly lived with Nadal’s sister and grew quite close to her.

  • In 2008, Nadal launched his foundation ‘The Rafael Nadal Foundation’ which was created to help socially disadvantaged youngsters.
  • Maria went to work for the foundation, and eventually ended up with the role of Director for Social Integration. It is said that she plays a major role in the day to day running of the foundation.

Rafael Nadal Maria Francisca Perello Relationship :

  • Xisca met Nadal in her high school years, through mutual friends. The two grew up in the same town and found it funny that they had not previously met.
  • They have been officially in a relation since December of 2005, now over a decade of dating!
  • She has stated that they reason that the two have lasted this long is because they know how and when to give the other private time.
  • There have been break up rumours many times, due to her not appearing at many of his sponsorship dinners or tournaments, however she has said that she does not like to attend those as she does not like photographers, as well as not wanting to distract Rafa.
  • She has repeatedly stated that she does not want his fame, and is very protective of the private life they share.
  • Even when her family and friends ask about him, she says that she does not always like to answer as she believes that her is own private life and no one else’s.
Wedding / Husband / Marriage / Spouse Currently Not Married. See above for more details.