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Rocky Parker Wikipedia, Death, Cause【 Patrick Dempsey Wife Ex 】Wiki

Name Rocky Parker

Birthday / Age / Date of Birth / Death 26th Feb 1946 – 19th April 2014. She died when she was 68 years old.

Biography Profile / Background Information

Introduction :

  • Rocky Parker was an actress who spent most of her time living and working in Los Angeles, California.
  • Both talented and beautiful, she was born into acting and spent most of life working in this business from a very young age.
  • She was more well-known as the ex-wife of Grey’s Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey (who played Dr Derek Shephard).

Early Life & Family :

  • Rocky was born in Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York on February 26th, 1940. Her real name was Rochelle Parker.
  • She was born to parents – An actress Shirley Parker & her husband, Bernard Parker.
  • As a child, she lived on Hopkinson Avenue & all of her close family – uncles, aunts etc lived nearby.
  • Back then, she attended the Martin Van Buren High School in Queens.
  • She often reminisced about her childhood days & how watching Broadway shows sparked her interest in acting.

Marriages & Relationships :

  • Rocky was married three times. Her first husband was a man named Sheldon Leonard Stein whom she married on August 21st, 1958.
  • The couple welcomed her first child, David Alan on August 14th, 1959. Rocky was just 19 years old back then.
  • Her second husband was a man named John Haas whom she married in 1964. The couple had one child together, Corey Parker Haas & in 1968, Rocky became a widow after John passed away.
  • Rocky then married actor, then 21-year old Patrick Dempsey on August 24th, 1987. She was 47 years old and 26 years Patrick’s senior.
  • Prior to that, on December 25th, 1971, she had already welcomed her third child, Noelle Parker with a man named Nick Ferri, although they were never married.

Patrick Dempsey Rocky Parker Married Life :

  • Rocky’s marriage to Patrick was quite & rocky one. In 1994, she alleged to have been physically abused by the actor.
  • Parker alleged that he had hit her and injured her hand so badly that she later developed arthritis.
  • Patrick denied the claims & Rocky later retracted the allegations. The pair finally divorced in 1994 after quite an ugly and lengthy divorce battle.
  • Dempsey went on to marry Jillian Fink after the divorce proceedings were complete.
  • On April 19th, 2014, after suffering from lung and throat cancer for quite some time, Rocky Parker died in Los Angeles, California.

Professional Timeline : Rocky Parker Net Worth

  • Committed to life in the arts industry, Rocky became an actress when she was very young and had quite the career spanning decades.
  • At the tender age of 17, she started modeling. She was also a part of a number of print ads.
  • She always talked about how important theatre and acting, in general, was when she was growing up, and how she used to accompany her mother to rehearsals as well as watching some of the plays that she was starring in.
  • Some of her work includes features such as, The Rainbow Tribe which was released in 2008, Hung up on Elena which was released in 2002, Ava’s Magical Adventure and Happy Together which was released in 1989.
  • Rocky was lucky enough to travel all over the world during the course of her career and brush shoulders with some of Hollywood’s elite.
  • She admitted that meeting Patrick changed her course and led to her quitting acting to help him pursue his dreams; admittedly, she also mentioned how much she regretted that decision.

Interesting Facts, Height & Trivia :

  • Rocky’s middle name was Natalie.
  • She once stated in an interview that when she was growing up, all of her neighbours were practically like family to her.
  • Susan Batson was her coach & mentor in the early days.
  • She was an extra in the movie The Godfather!
Marriage & Wedding / Husband / Engaged / Fiance Was married thrice. See above for details.

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