Name Candela Novembre

Date of Birth / Birthday / Age Born in 1980. Her age as of 2019 is around 39 years.

Biography Information / Profile

Introduction :

Candela Novembre is considered a fashion icon, and she is also the wife of renowned Italian architect and designer Fabio Novembre.

Personal Life & Family Background :

  • Candela was born in 1980, one half of an identical twin combo.
  • Family : She and her sister Vanesa Novembre were raised in a small Argentinian village, by their mother and their grandparents.
  • With long legs and a slender frame from a young age, modelling agents approached both girls from a young age.
  • Their mother encouraged modelling, seeing it as a way to break their poverty cycle, however their grandfather was staunchly against it.
  • He insisted the girls remain close to the family and finish their school, especially Candela as she had been seen to have a flair for creative writing from a young age.

Early Life & Education :

  • At age 17, having finished high school, Candela & her sister left Argentina and made their way to Milan, Italy.
  • They pursued a contact that had approached them about modelling a few years prior, and ended up booking an Italian Vogue shoot with photographer Bruce Weber within their first 3 months of being in Italy.

  • While they both entered fully in to modelling, they took different directions with Vanesa opting to go the commercial route while Candela followed the haute couture route.

Modeling Career, Net Worth & Profession :

  • Between years 1997 & 2003, Candela travelled the world extensively working with top designers.
  • She was idolised for her unique looks, and her most notable campaigns were shot with the following designers: Marni, Pucci, Marras, Roberto Cavalli, Kenzo & Vera Wang.
  • It was during her travels for work that she met her now husband, Fabio Novembre.
  • As of 2017, Candela writes a highly regarded fashion blog for Grazia IT, and is often seen front row around the world at various fashion weeks.

Marriage & Children:

  • After meeting Fabio, she made the decision to settle in Milan with him.
  • After their 2003 wedding, she made the decision to give up her fulltime modelling career and devote herself to the marriage.
  • As an architect and a designer, Fabio worked long hours and travelled often, and Candela saw it as her duty as a wife to be with him and care for him as much as possible.
  • It has been said that their marriage is made of fireworks, with both of them having explosive tempers.
  • There were rumours circulating that the two have separated and reunited on multiple occasions however either party has never confirmed that.
  • The couple have 2 daughters together, named after shades of green and blue to highlight their love of colour: Verde, born 25 March 2004 ; Celeste, born 29 August 2008.
Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Boyfriend / Dating Married to Fabio Novembre. See above for details.