Name Sanjay Thumma (Also known as VahChef)

Birthdate / Date of Birth / Age April 26th, 1970. As of 2019, his age is around 49 years.

Marital Status / Wife / Marriage / Girlfriend Currently Married / His Wife Name is Ragini. She is also known as Mrs. Vahchef and has her own YouTube channel as well. His family also includes 2 kids – A son and a daughter

Biodata Profile / Wikipedia Information

Introduction :

Sanjay Thumma, popularly known as the ‘VahChef’, is an Indian chef who is running one of the most popular YouTube cooking channels. He is also the founder of the cooking website ‘’

Personal Life and Family :

– Sanjay was born on April 26, 1970 in Hyderabad, India.

– When he was only seven years old, his mother was hospitalized for about three months. This was the time when he got to be in the kitchen and cook.

– After finishing up with his school, for his further education, Sanjay graduated from ‘Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition’, Hyderabad, which is one the best in the country.

Early Career :

After completing his hotel management course, Sanjay joined the Welcome group as a junior sous chef.
In the year 1998, he opened a restaurant called ‘Sizzle India’ in Chicago, Illinois USA. His restaurant became really popular and within some time he opened three more.

He was doing great business but he realized that all he was doing was just dealing with people. He wasn’t able to do what he loved the most, cook. So he sold his chain of restaurants and decided to launch a website.

Youtube Career :

➢ While he was in Chicago, his friends repeatedly used to call him to ask about his recipes. He created a solution for this – He recorded his videos while cooking some of his recipes and uploaded them on YouTube so that his friends could easily access them. Luckily, his videos went viral and the positive feedback of the viewers motivated him to upload more recipes.

➢ As of 2017, his YouTube channel WahChef has over 400 million views. Later, he started his food website, and moved back to Hyderabad, where he is currently settled. His wife Ragini (popularly known as Mrs. VahChef) shoots and edits the video before uploading them on YouTube.

➢ He has done prominent cooking programmes for various national as well as International TV channels. He has been in the panel of judges of one of the top leading Cooking competition show named ‘Vantintillo Wonders’.

Noteworthy Points :

• Won the prestigious Gold Medal in ‘All-India Chefs Competition’ for culinary arts for his Recipes.

• The first Telugu YouTuber to be featured in a YouTube Fan Fest.

• Recognized as ‘Noteworthy Newcomer’ at the Times Food Awards.

Social Work and Contribution :

➢ Besides his passion for cooking, Sanjay has been involved with the ‘Foundation For Children In Need’ for the past 14 years. Founded by Dr. Geetha Yeruva and Tom Chitta, it provides a sponsorship program for children and college students who are struggling to continue their education in India.

➢ The foundation also provides health care and medicine to people living in villages, as well as care for the elderly. Initially, he just used to provide free food for the foundation’s meetings, but when he came back to India, he visited schools, raised funds and got sponsorships as well.

➢ He himself sponsors over 20 children.