Marathi Language & Culture is Dying …This is how we can save it


  • As we get to start off this topic, we understand it will raise a few eyebrows. But, at Marathi.TV, we believe it is the nature and duty of every person to nurture, nourish and protect his/her own language.
  •  We DO NOT believe that for promoting our own language, it is necessary to insult or belittle other languages, however it is equally vital that we remain proud and take some effort to ensure that Marathi language and Marathi culture is not lost out to the next generation.  
  • Another question – Why an article urging to promote Marathi being posted in English? Because we want this article to reach as many people as possible. हाच लेख मराठीत पण आम्ही पोस्ट केला आहे

Here are 5 simple ways you can help in this cause. मग करूया सुरु…?


  • Speak to shopkeepers, taxi and auto drivers, plumbers, bhajiwalas etc in Marathi only : In France, they speak FRENCH, in Germany they speak GERMAN, in ITALY they speak ITALIAN…why is it that only in Maharashtra, we “ADJUST” to the other person and talk in English or Hindi. 
  • Insist on responding to customer service or customer sales calls in Marathi only. If they want business from you, make sure you encourage them to speak in the state’s language.
  • DO NOT pirate Marathi movies or download them on torrents : As compared to the financially huge Bollywood or even the strong Southern Film industry, many movies in the Marathi film industry are financed by small time producers. 
  • If these movies fail to generate revenue, it is likely that slowly these producers will halt producing good Marathi movies and move to financially better avenues – Bollywood, or something else. 
  • Go for Marathi Nataks instead of watching them on Youtube 
  • Strongly encourage your young relatives to appear for competitive Government examinations for job posts : With central government seats fast filling up with candidates from other states, it is only a matter of time, before the Government institutions in Maharashtra are saturated with non-Marathi faces. The next Marathi young generation can stop this change. 
  • Nothing can be more worrisome than living in Maharashtra, and speaking to non-Marathi policemen. Can you imagine living in any other state and government officers dealing with you in anything but the state language?
  • Put up your house name plates in Marahi along with any other language you may want to use. A small step but can go a long way. Buy and read Marathi newspapers and books, instead of reading everything online.

  • Celebrate Gudi padwa and other marathi festivals with enthusiasm & go for shobha yatras. Prepare and preserve the recipes of modaks, ravyache ladoo and other traditional marathi food.  

It is upto the young Marathi generation to safeguard their language & culture and promote its growth. Make this change from yourself & then share with other – Remember तुम्ही नाही तर कोणीच नाही.

Jai Maharashtra.