Name Timepass

Date of Release / Release Date 6th January 2014

Genre Romantic / Comedy

Running Time 157 Minutes

Box Office Collection 40+ Crores

Actor & Actress/ Star Cast
Story / Plot

Timepass, released in January, 2014 is a love story revolving around the concept of first love. This movie, directed by Ravi Jadhav, portrays the tender love story of a teenage boy Dagadu (Prathamesh Parab) and a teen girl Prajakta (Ketaki Mategaonkar) and how Love, after certain events, no longer remains a “timepass”. The story is set in the 90s, proved to be a huge success in the box office.

Dagdu’s Story : Dagdu,a teenage boy is the son of a rickshaw driver. He belongs to the typical lower middle class family in the society. With no interest in education he is unable to pass in the SSC exam. As a consequence, his parents became furious and kick him out of the house.

Dagdu realizes that he had to do some work to support himself. Thus, he begins delivering newspapers to earn a few bucks. One day while delivering the newspapers, he came face to face with his staunch enemy Lele. Lele too belonged to middle class, but unlike Dagdu, he is well educated and dislikes everything about Dagadu, especially his language.

During this period of time, Dagdu’s friends suggested him that he desperatelys needed a girlfriend in his life, and then explain to him in a humorous manner the various kinds of love.

Around this time, Dagdu met Prajakta, a teenage girl (played by Ketaki Mategaonkar), who his friends used to consider as suitable for MM, (which stands for marriage material). Dagdu attempts to impress Prajakta mostly via Bollywood style methods. Some of his attempts included singing songs, stalking her etc. Finally, he realizes that he has actually fallen in love with her, not just looking for a Timepass. Besides, the ending also suggested that a sequel to this movie is coming soon.

Crew Director : Sanjay Jadhav

Editor / User Review

Timepass is an entertaining movie about teenage love filled with romance and humour. It raises a few questions as well as to whether teenage love really means something serious or is it just an option for spend some time. In the end, it is shown that even teenage love can turn into something serious, however education is really important so that one knows the boundaries.

Direction : Debut film of the director, Ravi Jadhav, Natrang was a huge success. Since then he had delivered several blockbusters and hence he had set the bar quite high for himself. This time, he has chosen the concept of tender love as the genre. Despite the story being a bit on the weaker side, the dialogues, acting and screenplay have done more than enough compensation for that. The director deserves full marks for his efforts.

Acting : Acting has been superb and is definitely one of the strongest points of the movie. Prathamesh Parab has portrayed the young teen Dagdu in the movie in an excellent way, and Ketaki Mategaonkar was equally brilliant as the shy Prajakta.

Music : Music of the movie is pretty good and definitely had a significant positive impact on its sales in the box office. Music composers Chinar & Mahesh have really done a brilliant job, especially with the catchy item song.

The second half of the film seemed a bit too long, and could have been definitely made shorter. However, despite these flaws, the movie will provide a fun experience for the viewer. All in all, Timepass is a must watch movie, especially if love stories are your preferred choice.