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Punita Chopra Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Husband Vikas Bhalla

Name Punita Chopra

Also known as Puneeta Chopra

Wedding / Marriage / Husband / Spouse / Partner Married to actor Vikas Bhalla, of Bigg Boss fame. They have two children together.

Wikipedia Biodata / Profile Background

Lady with Sensitivity :

Punita Chopra is the daughter of renowned actor Prem Chopra. Her dad was a famous villain and has acted in different Hindi films. She is the owner of pre-school Windchimes that is based in Bandra, Mumbai.

Punita remembers the days of her childhood when she used to have a splendid time with her family. As per Punita, her father was the most influential man in her life. They shared a strong bond and she has learned various things from her father. Punita has two sisters Punita is full of life and his entrepreneurial skills. She always wanted to do something for children.


Her elder sister is Rakita Nanda whereas the younger one is Prerna Joshi.

Her sister Rakita is happily married to Rahul Nanda. Rahul is responsible for film publicity and hence he is the designer for it. Her second sister is Prerana, who got married to Sharman Joshi. Sharman is known for his superb role in a film called three idiots. Prerna is also associate with samsaarata, which is a platform for all art lovers to showcase their talent. Punita is very sensitive and emotional person. Her love for her children is beyond words.

She says that her kid’s Sanchi and veer are most loving to her. Her husband Vikas bhalla is very supportive in achieving her life goals. Vikas is an actor and singer who is known for his acting in T.V Serial called uttaran. He has sung famous song “Po Po.”

Punita says that her husband is multi-talented and capable of doing anything.

Recalling her Dad :

As per Punita, her childhood days were easy and fun loving. Three sisters did not know that their dad Prem Chopra was a famous villain. They came to know later when their friends in school used to bring their diary so that they can get autograph of Prem Chopra.

Punita says that the role of the villain has done a negative impact on her when she was a child. She used to think that why my dad is so rude and bad with other guys. Recalling those memories today, she laughs at her own. Her aim is to give a platform for many kids and students so that they can show their calibre in arts, studies and many more. This way they will also gain confidence.

Dream of her life

Wind chimes school is run by her and she takes pride in working for such a noble cause. She is very skilled and has done a diploma in early childhood care. This diploma has helped her in learning many aspects involved in running a pre-school. Her approach to students is very kind. The parents have given positive feedback to her on the website Vikas and Punita share a sweet relation as husband and wife.

Punita told in one interview that both of them started dating in the year 1986 when they were pursuing high school education. Their kids’ Veer and Sachi are the most precious gifts that God has given to them. She takes the opportunity to thank everyone who has supported her in her wind chimes journey.

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