Name Shashikant Dhotre : शशिकांत धोत्रे

Also Known as Sasikant Dhotre

Wedding / Marriage / Wife / Spouse Currently no information if he is married or not.

Birthday / Date of Birth / Age April 1, 1982. As of early 2020, he is around 37 years old.

Biodata Profile / Bio Wikipedia माहिती

Introduction :

You may have watched a documentary or film about famous paintings. If not, then you may have heard how priceless art collections are. The thing with art collections is that they contain a hidden message inside them and are genuinely creative which makes them undeniably admirable.

Such is the case for the paintings from Shashikant Dhotre! Shashikant is an Indian artist, originally from Solapur. He is famous for his breathtaking art collections.

Personal Life :

As of 2017, Shashikant Dhotre is around 35 years old. He never received any formal education in arts. for his education, though he had successfully enrolled in the Sir J J School of Art in Mumbai, he soon dropped out. He was inspired by artists like Raja Ravi Verma and Rembrandt. Dhotre has overcome many hardships to make it to where he is now.

His family included his parents – His father was a mason. Dhotre too had to work on masonry jobs like sieving sand and driving to construction sites on Lorries. This never made him forego his dream of becoming an artist. He has five siblings of which Shashikant is the second eldest.

Finances fluctuated from bad to worse in his home. He never had access to various tools needed for painting and initially afforded only a simple pencil. With dedication and love for art, Dhotre never gave up. He also went to construction sites to help out his father. As the years went by, someone suggested to Dhotre that he could study formal art.

Dhotre struggled through Art College. His father was an alcoholic. Dhotre then decided to take matters into his own hands. He noticed that with a simple tool such as a lead pen, he could create startling art creations. He immediately got many sponsors. They all agreed that there was something in the boy that could be turned into a story of success. In 2007, Dhotre joined an animation studio.

Career, Salary & Net Worth :

Shashikant utilizes the simple tools available to come up with marvelous art creations. Some artists spend fortunes on specific inks and specific drawing boards. Dhotre started with black paper and color pencils.

He combines the colors available in his color pencils. Little by little, the markings on his black paper start to come alive. It is like watching a live episode of a favorite movie unfold before you. Dhotre creations are so alive and very creative. This makes them popular and unique.

Dhotre has not gone without recognition. He has won about nine famous and most recognizable awards in his creative work. In 2011, he won an award at the India Art Festival. Previously in 2009, Dhotre had won another award in the Bombay Art Society. Both events took place in Mumbai. He has also won the UK Color Pencil award.

Considering that artistic work is a lifetime career, we expect more and more work from Dhotre.