Name Tabata Jalil

Birthday / Date of Birth / Age / Edad 3rd May 1979. When we added this post to our website in 2018, her age was around 39 years.

Wiki Bio

Introduction :

Tabata Jalil is a Mexican reporter and television host who has been named one of the most beautiful television personalities in the world and has been active in the international media community since 1998.

Early Life, Family & Personal Details :

  • Tabata was born on 3rd May 1979 in Mexico City.
  • Family : Shortly after her birth, her family made the move to Madrid, Spain where she spent the majority of her childhood.
  • Education : During her time in Spain, she completed her schooling at the Colegio Madrid.
  • She returned to Mexico to study at the National Autonomous University of Mexico and graduated from there with a Bachelor of Science and Communication.

Salary, Career & Profession :

  • Throughout her career in Mexico, she has had many notable appearances across both television and radio.
  • Feb 1999 – March 2000 : Her first job in the industry came in the form of reporting and assisting work “To Whom It May Concern” with the Azteca network. She stayed in that role from
  • Sep 2002 – Jan 2004 : She was known as being the Institutional Voice, for both radio and television, at the Training Centre Teleformula.
  • March 2006 – August 2006 : She was working as reporter for the program ‘Special Allocation’ on both Channel 7 and 13 with the Azteca network.
  • She began working as a reporter and host for the programme Venga la Alegria in October of 2006.
  • Oct 2010 – Nov 2012 : She made the move to the El Empujon project.
  • Throughout her television and radio work, she has enjoyed success with freelance reporting.
  • As of 2017, she is hosting the morning television programme Venga la Alegria again via the Azteca Network. She landed this role after securing an audition, which came from the success of freelancing work she had done for the program.

Controversies & Interesting Facts :

  • Tabeta was an active gymnast for 15+ years.
  • She describes herself a hyperactive workaholic, and is known for her love of extreme sports.
  • Surfing, skiing, rock climbing and skydiving are some of the activities she embarks on to feed her adrenaline addiction.
  • As of 2018, she has done several tandem skydives under her belt and plans to increase that number.
  • Qualified as a professional diver, and has said it is diving that clears her mind because the moment she is underwater she is in awe of the marine beauty and has no room in her mind for anything else.
  • Active in the Twitter universe, as of 2017 she has 1.5 million+ followers. She tweets under the handle of @Tabatajalilreal.
  • A staunch supporter of women’s rights, she publicly called out several co-workers for sexual harassment in an interview with TV Notas, detailing to the interviewer the attempted advances they had made against her.
Todo sobre Tabata Jalil Medidas

Tabata Jalil Embarazada? : No

Cuanto mide :

  • Estatura en cm : 152 cm
  • Tabata Jalil Altura en pies : 5 pies y 1 pulgadas
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