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Catherine Rampell Age, Wikipedia Bio, Wedding, Parents, Husband

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Personal Details Summary
Name Catherine Rampell
Birthday / Date of Birth / How old is Catherine Rampell Age November 4, 1984. As of 2024, she is around 40 years old.
Wedding & Marriage / Engaged / Husband / Spouse / Partner Married. Check the full bio for relationship details.
Children / No. of Kids None
Ethnicity / Origin / Heritage / Race White
Nationality American
How tall is Catherine Chelsea Rampell? Catherine stands approximately 5 feet 7 inch tall.
Wiki Biography / Profile Background

Introduction :

Catherine Chelsea Rampell is an American opinions columnist who is considered one of the youngest in her field.

Catherine Rampell Education and Family Details :

  • Catherine is a native of South Florida, having been born and raised there.
  • Growing up, her parents encouraged both her and her brother Alastair to pursue academics rather than sports.
  • She took an interest in writing and was actively involved in her high school’s newspapers, something that she believes gave her an advantage when applying for universities.
  • She graduated from Princeton University in 2007 with a Bachelor’s degree, much to her parent’s pleasure as they had met while also attending Princeton.
  • Her interest in writing was originally centered around human-interest stories, but after taking an economics class, she began to garner interest in that field, as well as politics.
  • Aside from her status as a Princeton alumnus, she is also an alumna of The Duke University Talent Identification Program.

Professional Life : Salary, Career and Net Worth

  • Currently, Rampell writes columns for The Washington Post twice a week. Through her column, she is able to cover whatever she chooses and generally steers her writing towards economics, public policy, politics, or culture.
  • Prior to this she worked at The New York Times as an economics reporter. While there, they asked her to fill in for off-Broadway critics sporadically, and she has said that while she enjoyed it – she would not be pushing for more of that in her career.
  • The success of her writing has led to her appearing on numerous television shows as a commentator. Some of the networks she has appeared through include MTV, Fox News, CNBC, BBC, and C-SPAN.

Awards and Recognition :

  • Winner of a Heim Alumni Leadership Award & the Evidence-Based Journalism award at the Weidenbaum Centre Awards.
  • Rampell has stated that one of the most memorable moments of her career was earning a finalist slot for the Gerald Loeb Awards. Although she did not win, she greatly appreciated the recognition.

Catherine Rampell Husband and Married Life :

  • Catherine married her long-time partner Chris Conlon in 2014.
  • Chris works as a Professor of Economics at Columbus University and holds an undergraduate degree from Harvard and a Ph.D. from Yale University.
  • Her marriage took many by surprise, and she has admitted that she kept her engagement quite lowkey as she does not like to draw attention to her private life through her work.
  • Although she shields her husband from the public eye, he is believed to be a bit older than her.
  • She has stated that her only ‘Bridezilla’ moment during her wedding prep came from her wanting her maiden name to be respected.

Social Media Presence :

  • She regularly interacts with fans of her column through her Twitter (now called X) account @crampell, which currently has 190,000+ followers.
Body Figure / Physical Info

Catherine Rampell Measurements :

  • Eye Color : Dark Brown
  • Haircut / Hair Color : Black
  • Legs / Feet / Shoe Size : 8
  • Pregnant? : Currently, she is not expecting a baby.

6 thoughts on “Catherine Rampell Age, Wikipedia Bio, Wedding, Parents, Husband”

  1. Catherine is a breath of fresh air at the WAPO. I look forward to her column every day, and I find her articulate on economic matters. Glad she has been brought into the Post’s op-ed perspectives.

  2. Extremely professional. As a Canadian, I totally enjoy watching Catherine any time she is on CNN. Keep up the great work.

  3. Caught her on Bill Maher’s show Friday night, his first show of the 2019 season but that’s about the third appearance for her.
    She’s a cutie and very smart

  4. Her husband is about 2 years older than her. It’s easy information to find if Marathi would have just looked.

  5. A few corrections:

    Her brother’s name is spelled Alastair

    Both she and her brother did play sports growing up. Her brother was on the Harvard squash team and she played tennis, although not competitively.

  6. Very beautiful, and definitely speaks clearly, understandably.
    Mrs Rampell definitely holds her on and has this intense look when making her points,
    She’s a plus on very important news, when she speaks
    I listen.

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