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Kimberly Atkins Wikipedia, Husband, Age, Married (MSNBC Bio) Education

Personal Information Summary
Name Kimberly Atkins
Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB No confirmed information available.
Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Partner / Spouse Earlier, Kimberly hadn’t shared many details about her marital status. However, in December 2020, she announced her engagement to Bloomberg News Supreme Court reporter, Greg Stohr. In May 2021, the couple got married and Kimberly took her husband’s last name.

Kimberly Atkins Stohr Images Photos

Ethnicity / Origin / Heritage / Race Black
Nationality American
Is Kimberly Atkins a Lawyer? Yes, she had worked as an attorney in Boston before beginning her journalism career.
Did Kimberly Atkins have a baby? / Children / No. of Kids She has no children currently.
Wiki Biography / Profile Background

Introduction :

Kimberly Atkins Stohr is a Washington-based reporter and columnist who currently plies her trade for The Boston Herald.

Personal Life, Parents and Family Details :

  • Kimberly is originally from Detroit, Michigan. She has five other siblings – 4 brothers and one sister.
  • Her dad has worked as a US Marine and as a building tradesman. He’s also an avid golfer and skilled at fishing.
  • Since May 2021, Kimberly is married to news reporter, Greg Stohr. From his previous marriage to his first wife, Greg has two children, including a son. As of 2020, one of Greg’s kids is a college student and one is in their senior year of high school. He sometimes mentions them in his tweets.

Education : Qualifications, High School & College Info

  • Kimberly attended the Wayne State University in her hometown for her Bachelor of Arts degree (journalism major) with a Full Presidential Scholarship. While studying, she also covered politics for The South End, an independent newspaper in Detroit.
  • From 1995 to 1998, she headed to the Boston University School of Law to complete her Juris Doctor degree. She studied there for three years and participated in various activities and societies such as Homer Albers Prize Moot Court Competition, The Law Register, Legal Follies, Black Law Students Association, and others.
  • During the same period, Atkins also joined the Master of Science program at the Boston University College of Communication and got a degree in Mass Communication. Impressively, she was thus able to get both a Law & a Master’s degree.
  • From 2000 to 2001, she attended the Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism and gained a degree of Master of Science in Journalism.

Work, Career, Salary and Net Worth :

  • Kimberly started off as a Litigation and Appellate Attorney for the Law Offices of Robert W. Harrington representing clients in state and federal trial appellate courts in Massachusetts.
  • In 2001, she became a reporter for The Boston Globe covering medical and general assignment news.
  • In 2003, Kimberly joined The Journal News as an education reporter.
  • From 2004 to 2006, Atkins worked at The Boston Herald as a Political Reporter. Her major responsibilities included covering local, state, and national politics. She also appeared on various TV and Radio talk shows WGBH’s Greater Boston and C-SPAN’s Washington Journal. The highlight of her work there was covering the 2006 Massachusetts Gubernatorial Election.
  • Post that, she joined Lawyers USA as a staff writer and blogger in their Washington D.C. Office. Here, she wrote a blog named ‘DC Dicta.’ Later, she even became the Washington Bureau Chief of the company.
  • In 2012, Kimberly rejoined Boston Herald and is still working there as their Chief Washington Reporter and Columnist.
  • Atkins was a guest host on C-SPAN from 2015 – 2018, wherein she interviewed prominent lawmakers, policymakers, and journalists. She also appears as a political analyst on many cable news casts and is a regular contributor for the MSNBC network.

Fun Facts, Social Media and Trivia :

  • On Twitter (now called X), Kimberly has two handles – @KimElleen and @kimberlyeatkins. She mentions that KimElleen is her fashion design alter-ego, and she often shares design updates there. Her main handle is dedicated to political and legal news.
  • Since 2010, Kimberly is the owner of the fashion brand ‘Kim Elleen Clothes Fashion Collection’ and designs all of its clothes. She has been doing this since 2010. Moreover, she is Regional Director of Fashion Group International of Greater Washington D.C.
  • Her Instagram handle is ‘kimberlyeatkins’ and cites herself to be most famous for Boogie’s Human Mom. She has close to 1000 followers and about 250 posts on this social media platform.
  • @boogiedaily is the Instagram handle of Kimberly’s dog. Over 100 people follow the account!
  • She is an active member of the National Association of Black Journalists (since 2015) and a treasurer for ‘The Fashion Group International® of Greater Washington, DC.’ (since 2012)

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  1. You are a beautiful spirit inside and out. Congrats on your engagement.
    What products do you use on your hair, its sooo pretty.

  2. Oliver Kenneth Welch

    On MSNBC about two months ago either on Ari Melber or Chris Hayes show, they featured a young black boy that drew a portrait of Labron James. It was said that he had a bad speech impediment. I am 82 yrs. old. I stutter for most of my life and it is DEVASTATING. I taught myself how to stop and I can teach him VERY easily if I could reach him. LeBron James can reach him. People such as yourself and MSNBC can. Please help me reach that young brother so I can make his life better.

    If you would be so kind, please text me to check my box if you will help because I have PROSTATE CANCER that caused a TUMOR on my Spinal Cord that left me with limited use of my hands.

  3. I knew I loved you. I’m a Detroit girl, too! I see you almost daily. Saw the name change. Started searching. Glad to see you on representing us AND the human race. Congratulations on your marriage!

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