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Naomi Seibt Wikipedia, Age, Parents, Bio, Alter, Mutter, Mother, Wiki

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Name Naomi Seibt

Wedding & Marriage / Single / Husband / Spouse / Partner Currently not married, possibly single. Check the full bio for relationship details.

Biography Profile / Steckbrief Lebenslauf

Introduction :

  • Naomi Seibt is a feisty, politically aware, German young lady who gets her message across various social media platforms.
  • Still only in her teens, Naomi has caught the interest of the world after she started raising concerns for the future of Germany, mainly through her YouTube interviews.
  • Speaking impeccable English despite being a native German speaker, Seibt has been able to capture a worldwide audience with her direct & honest views.

Personal Life, Parents and Family Details :

  • Born and raised in Munster, Germany and being so young, little is known about Naomi’s personal life.
  • However, she does credit her mother, Karoline Seibt, with making her politically aware.

Early Life and Education :

  • Naomi’s primary education took place at Gymnasium St. Mauritz – Münster in the North Rhine-Westphalia state of Germany.
  • An intelligent, articulate young lady, Naomi found school stifling because, at a young age, she wanted to question everything and found that her teachers were unwilling to discuss real issues as their professionalism would not allow them to enter such discussions.
  • After enrolling to study economics at university, she realized that this was not for her as she didn’t like the structure of university life and how things were taught.
  • As of 2020, she is studying Psychology via distance learning as it suits her way of life. She enjoys learning this way, as she can talk openly and honestly with her tutors.

Political Views :

  • Naomi first became politically aware when her mother Karoline, who also found fame online, made her aware of the 2015 migration crisis in Germany.
  • Not afraid to offend anyone, Naomi has made several YouTube videos putting forth her views, even if it makes viewers uncomfortable.
  • Her attitude is, “Don’t hide away from a world with different views.” Criticism of her views is welcome as Naomi thrives on the opportunity to hear both sides of the argument.
  • She is also a firm believer that if you speak out and family and friends desert you, then your true friends will replace them.
  • A writer beyond her years, Naomi has seen the publication of essays such as ’A Deconstruction of Post Modern Socialism and its Motives’ and ‘Nationalism and Modern Political Rights.’
  • Surprisingly, she is not interested in a political career as she states that she wants to remain independent.

Interesting Facts, Height and Trivia :

  • Naomi has been labelled as a ‘Youthful folk heroine’ & ‘Anti-Thurnberg.
  • In April 2019, Naomi took part in a political courage contest entitled ‘Courage,’ which was organised by Alternative for Deutschland (AfB), a far-right political party.
  • She has named Stefan Molyneux, an Irish Canadian Podcaster as an inspiration for speaking out openly about her beliefs.
  • Her motto is ‘Don’t give up’
  • You can follow Naomi on YouTube, Facebook, and via Telegram @naomiseibt.
Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB August 18, 2000. As of 2024, she is around 24 years old.

27 thoughts on “Naomi Seibt Wikipedia, Age, Parents, Bio, Alter, Mutter, Mother, Wiki”

  1. Best wishes on your journey from an old engineer science advocate.
    We need a solid sense of humour to cope with the extremist isolating cults. From Australian volunteer fire fighters who are enjoying floods this week while watching your outsiders presentation.

  2. Chas Sutton the problem with option B is that you have not considered that the evil oil companies are run by human beings who reside in the exact same space the rest of us do, namely Planet Earth…Why would they deliberately and knowingly want to destroy their own home? You also have not considered that human vanity has a lot to answer for with the current climate hysteria. I never hear scientists being hysterical, only celebrities, royals and overly dramatic teenagers.

  3. Well for one thing I would really like to know who her father is and who he works for. Secondly, (and this is for Fraulein Seibt herself):

    If you can, or if your employers allow it, wipe from your mind every facet of the climate change debate.
    Now answer this question:

    Which of the following makes the most sense?
    A) that the entire environmental science community is pooling their meager research grants to fund a campaign of propaganda to convince the entire population of this planet that we must realize how delicate the environment is, and if we don’t properly care for the ecosystem, said ecosystem will change to the point where it can no longer sustain human life, or:
    B) minimally taxed, multinational oil and gasoline companies are using a fraction of their unlimited bankroll to fund a campaign of propaganda in an effort to convince the entire human race that what is happening before their eyes is not really happening.

    And oh yeah, she looks like a poster girl for the political philosophy of Atli. Perhaps the scales would fall from her eyes if she instead perused the memoirs of U. Thant.

    1. Except that your ‘environmental scientists’ are not working with ‘meagre grants’.
      They have provided interventionist, ill-liberal politicians with the excuse to promote and fund schemes that support their anti- capitalist narrative.

      How many state-funded cientists with ‘Climate’ in their job title admit to being sceptical about the extent of global warming – or that is man-made ?

      Where on mainstream media is the sceptical case ?
      When did the BBC allow an alternative view ?
      Please provide evidence of any big oil funded campaign.
      If it exists – it must be pretty inept !

    2. None of the above, we as humans are just a little piece of the total CO2 problem(as far as it is a problem). CO2 is a very important gas that makes plants grow and have them produce O2 so that we can breathe…can someone please explain to me why farmers are using CO2 in their greenhouses?

      Furthermore, people need to understand that climate and environment are 2 totally different things. We as humans are responsible for a great part of the environmental pollution, and we are able to do something about that if we use our brains. The climate is something we need to watch and let the planet do its work!

  4. Naomi is a vacuous shill for the fossil fuel industry and other climate destroying industries. She receives pay to voice the opinions of climate change deniers who, by the way, employ her mother in her capacity as a lawyer fighting the for the same industries in court.
    The science is undeniable and incontrovertible. Unfortunately enough monies are thrown by polluters into casting doubt, that by the time we are dealing with irreversible effects and people are displaced and warring over water, it will be too late.


  6. Naomi Seibt’s message is to have open discussions, to learn and to think for ourselves. I have been following her for some time. She is not anti Greta. It’s good to hear this young lady speak out against the ideology that is destroying our world.

  7. These opinions are like two people arguing controversial calls in a football game when one of them hasn’t even seen the game! So if you haven’t even done some rudimentary fact-finding on climate change (not hard to do really) you have no business commenting on it (I know, I’m not PC). The basic science of CO2 in the atmosphere is really not that complex – stuff you should have learned in high school, e.g. THE CARBON CYCLE: without CO2 there would be no Oxygen and there would be no life. And if you dig a little into changes in climates between the ice ages, you will find that it was an increase in temperature that ended an ice age and an increase in CO2 followed that, many centuries later. Take that Al Gore! The problem is that there are so many variables in Climate Change that it is virtually impossible to make predictions of temperature – may with the new ‘Big Data’ it could be done? I’m a scientists and I listened to Naomi when she was on a U-Tube interview with Dr Happer, Princeton U, worlds expert on CO2, and others and found even without a full education in science, she is naturally brilliant. He persona is a real asset to help communication with the way she is speaking at CPAC this week!
    Twitter @Real_Science007

  8. We read Naomi has an IQ of 157, 3 beyond Einstein and Hawking. Thunberg can offer only moralism, while Seibt can offer insights and skills. Thunberg wants us to panic, Seibt wants us to think. What a remarkable difference in mindset.

    1. Naomi is clearly brilliant, and few IQ points difference at that level is meaningless. Besides, there’s no record of either Einstein or Hawking ever taking an IQ test. I took a couple of IQ tests to help friends who needed to administer them as requirements to get Master’s degrees. As a result I learned that my IQ is only 138.

      1. What a small man, to think women are inferior to men!
        You should be ashamed.
        If a religion makes you think we are not all equal, then the religion is the problem…

    1. Do you not realise that by labelling AGW sceptics as ‘right wing’, you re-inforce the view that ‘climate change’ is a political agenda ?

    2. You can say that again !! As media didn’t put down Greta now their trying a different way But nature is showing the away fires around the globe temperatures up rising! Probably mother earth will wipe us off!! We don’t deserve this planet Or after ‘game over’ will need to play the game again from beginning…until where ready and knowledgeable to spread to other planets…and give life to the universe but not like a virus and destroyers.

  9. Yes, I agree with you that Naomi is an incredibly smart and well-spoken young lady and people should wake up and listen to what Naomi is saying because she is telling us the thruth not like greta lying to us wake up people and start to listen to Naomi

  10. Who says the AfD a ‘far right political party’ – and based on ‘what’ ?

    Perhaps because ill-liberals and sympathic media-types say so ?

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