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Al Quiring Age, Wikipedia Bio, Wife, Net Worth, Son, Towing, Height

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Name Al Quiring

Date of Birth / Birthday / How old / Age / DOB December 21, 1967. As of 2021, he is around 54 years old.

Wiki Information / Biography Profile

Introduction :

  • Al Quiring is a well-recognised Canadian heavy rescue operator and towing expert.
  • He manages the well-known business Quiring Towing and has made a series of appearances in Discovery Channel Canada’s Highway Thru Well as the formidable towing rival of Jamie Davis.

Business History & Background :

  • Being in the towing industry for more than fifty years, Al Quiring took charge of the family business Quiring Towing that has transcended through generations.
  • The business was first started by his grandparents, Ann and Elmer Quiring, who purchased the towing company in 1962.
  • The business was a growing family affair starting with their eldest sons, Richard and Robert, who started helping their father, Elmer, with towing trucks.
  • Upon completing high school education, Elmer’s younger sons Ed and Bill also joined in. His daughters Barb and Debbie helped their mother with clerical duties. The grandchildren (which included Al) would also help during summer breaks or sometimes after attending school.
  • The business became so huge where they started accepting apprenticeships and later became full-time automotive mechanics.

After Elmer’s Retirement :

  • In 1975, Al’s grandparents retired and the four sons purchased the business. All the 4 sons went on their different paths & the old company ceased operations.
  • Only the automotive service sector business handled by Richard and the towing business run by Robert, Al’s father was retained
  • It was in 1994 when Al started participating full-time in the family business until he finally took over & started managing the business.
  • Today, his son, Cary, is expected to assume his position if ever he’ll decide to retire. Cary was also given the opportunity to appear on Highway Thru Hell.

TV Career, Salary & Net Worth :

  • The name Al Quiring has become a household name in Canada with his participation in the Canadian reality television show, Highway Thru Hell.
  • He started appearing on the fifth episode of season 1 as the A-Team of Jamie Davis’ daunting rival.
  • Despite the fierce competition between Al & Jamie in the show, the rivalry actually made the show more interesting.
  • The show has succeeded in bringing viewer attention to the unfamiliar world of towing, and the undiscovered stories of struggles being experienced by prime towing companies. These challenges are usually just happening behind the camera and are rarely covered by the media.
  • He has starred in a few episodes throughout the seven seasons of the show, and his recurring role has paved way for the family business to garner global recognition.

Giving Back to the Community :

  • Quiring Towing established their name from a long history of well-executed recovery jobs.
  • When Al became known as the face of Quiring Towing, he made sure to continue the tradition of giving back and providing service to their community.
  • Apart from the recovery jobs, they also have a good track record when it comes to rescuing animals. They have also helped establish training routines for the proper execution of life-threatening recoveries for the local fire department.
  • The company also remains an active participant and sponsor of local events and safety fairs. They also helped in designing snow shed protocol, which includes light indicators for the need to chain tires, and additional snow plows to prevent obstruction. These measures have helped a lot of highway drivers.
Wedding & Marriage / Wife / Spouse / Partner / Engaged Married.

13 thoughts on “Al Quiring Age, Wikipedia Bio, Wife, Net Worth, Son, Towing, Height”

  1. Greetings Al and Gordo,

    Really enjoy watching you guys work, especially on the most technically challenging jobs. The one where the logging truck and B trailer went flying off the logging road approx. a thousand feet down. Another is when you had your twin D-9’s & your custom cable/chain link up Gadget you made to pull that excavator/hoe out of the suction cup swamp, brutal.

    I have a lot of respect for Jamie Davis, the super nice guy. What I don’t get is him showing up to a job that needs heavy-duty, modern equipment with proper safety lighting, you know the kind you can see strobing from a good distance. Jamie shows up with the General and its orange vintage rotating beacons. The job requires two modern heavy-duty machines. Jamie shows up with an underpowered antique, it like the antique road showman!

    One time the winch cable barrel, gear-driven, gear exploded. No disrespect to Jamie but if I had a big ass job that needed a HEAVY DUTY wrecker I’d be calling you & Gordo. You’ve got the right gear and in my opinion the most skill. That Vulcan monster and the brand new rig Gord drives will get the toughest jobs done.

    Wishing you all the best Al, stay safe brother.

    Cheers man…✌️⛄️
    Don Moody
    Huntsville Ontario

  2. Hello Al,

    I really enjoy your show and the beautiful country you work in. Sure like when you got the D9 and D8 out for the tough ones. You have some good rigging for heavy pulling. I have been around Cat dozers all my life, at 52 I’m still running my father’s business of land clearing and excavating. I really like how you and your guys work, not all this yelling and drama like other shows, just pure expertise and the right equipment getting it done.

    Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing more challenges, be safe!


  3. Al, I am from a small town of Oakwood, Illinois. I just love watching you on the show. It looks so dangerous. I just wanted to say hello and God bless you and your family.
    Janet Morgan.

  4. Al, you are number ONE. I watch Highway Thru He’ll and fast-forward the clowns. I only watch you perform your amazing rescues, along with Gord. We lived in Aldergrove for over 20 years and my daughter babysat your sons

  5. Mary Marinkovich

    The show has made me hyper-aware of slowing down around stationary service vehicles…whether on a city street or highway. And around road construction, electrical workers on poles, etc.

    It is horrifying to see how traffic barrels past the recovery trucks (Highway From Hell) and crews. Even truckers. Even when weather conditions are horrific. What is the matter with them? Everybody should watch a few episodes of this show. The recovery workers on wrecks are amazing. Lots of fun to see how they get it done in impossible cases.

  6. Would love to visit your area.beautiful scenery you and gord have a dangerous job but enjoyable or you wouldn’t do it. Have fun but stay safe

  7. I’m from the Caribbean in Trinidad and Tobago and totally enjoying Highway tru Hell now on cable -my favorite show esp plucking those heavy Excavators out of the bogs !!. What talent derived from your experience! Jamie Recoveries also makes for exciting episodes- Look after your Health please guys- well done !!!

    1. Just wanted to let you know that you are the “Maguyver” of heavy towing. We watch Highway thru Help all the time. We are David and Janet Latchaw from Akron, Ohio. Stay safe out on the road. God Bless You!

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