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Amanda Salinas ( Andrea ) Age, Bio, Wiki, Nationality, Net Worth, Height

amanda and andrea salinas
Name Amanda Salinas

Birthday / How old is Amanda Salinas Age / Date of Birth March 18, 1993. As of 2021, she is around 28 years old.

Marriage & Wedding / Husband / Amanda Salinas Boyfriend / Dating See relationship details below.

Biography Profile / Wikipedia Information

Introduction :

Amanda Salinas is known for her appearance on Little Women: Atlanta and for being one half of “The Tiny Twins”.

Personal Life & Interesting Facts :

  • Amanda was born on March 18, 1993, in Texas.
  • She is the oldest in a set of identical twins, her younger sister Andrea Salinas was born 2 minutes after her.
  • Both girls were born with dwarfism, which is something their parents were unaware of throughout the pregnancy.
  • Family Issues : Throughout her childhood, Amanda dealt with family issues & has stated that she repeatedly wished her parents would divorce.
  • Her father, Oscar Salinas, was a heavy drinker. In November 2002, he was finally arrested for both a DWI and public intoxication.
  • The court ordered him to pay restitution as well as receiving 24 months’ probation and being forced to attend rehabilitation day-programs.
  • Amanda has said that was the best thing that could have happened to him, as it forced him to get help.
  • In 2011, when Amanda & her sister Andrea turned 18, they ran away from Texas and ended up in Atlanta with the intention of making it big there on the party scene.

Reality TV Career, Salary & Net Worth :

  • The twins’ reputation in the Atlanta party scene drew them local attention & they were nicknamed The Tiny Twins.
  • This led to them being cast in Little Women: Atlanta that premiered in early 2016. The show chronicles other little women like them and the highs and lows of their lives.
  • The show captured many fights between Amanda & her sister, Andrea, mostly because Amanda did not approve of Andrea’s less-than-perfect boyfriend Chris.
  • The two eventually reunited just in time for Andrea to give birth to her first daughter, Aubrey, and for Amanda to step up and help care for the baby after Chris returned to his old less than favorable behavior.
  • Amanda and her sister are seen to be firm fan-favorites of the show. They also featured in the 4th season of the show, which aired in late 2017.

Amanda and Andrea Salinas : Interesting Facts

  • Since 2015, Amanda has been dating an Atlanta native name Jordan. Her relationship drew criticism after she left him at a restaurant when he did not propose to her on their two-year anniversary. Fans labeled her a diva for her actions, and she later apologized.
  • She has played a big part in the upbringing of her sister’s children. Andrea had one more child with Chris, a son named Andre before they broke up for good. As Chris is not involved in his children’s life, Amanda focuses her life on helping her sister as much as possible.

Social Media :

  • Amanda’s time on the show attracted many people to her social media accounts.
  • She appears across all platforms with the handle @amanda.twin. Currently, her Instagram account has more than 900,000 followers while her Twitter account has 25,000+ followers.

3 thoughts on “Amanda Salinas ( Andrea ) Age, Bio, Wiki, Nationality, Net Worth, Height”

  1. The twins and cheeks disgusted me. I watched an episode of “little woman of…..” out of curiosity and, quickly, recognized the repetitive storyline. It seemed to me the director/s encouraged as much dysfunction as possible. I wonder, “did the dwarfs keep having babies for the show?” and “Why would they hope the babies were dwarfs?” After all, dwarfism comes with a myriad of health problems, whereas a normal-sized baby doesn’t, necessarily.

    All of the characters behaved deplorably and stayed true to form with the “we have to have a talk..” about every tantrum, narrative. The show was redundant and repulsive. I imagine that normal, everyday dwarfs took umbrage at their horrible depiction of the Little People community. Monie was an exception to the others, in my opinion, as she was the most together and endearing character in the show. I was disappointed she was written off and 2 different characters were added (again with the getting pregnant by different baby daddies theme and a nosy body instigator) = REDUNDANT

    I feel so sorry for the dwarf babies here to suffer and the babies with different fathers caught up in their parents’ selfish needs for attention.

  2. Both twins are slightly on the dumb side and maybe instead of being on a reality show should go back to school. They are both spoiled, get attitudes for the smallest of reasons divas. Everything is about them. If it’s not about them they don’t know how to act. I hate the way they talk to Ms. Juicy. So disrespectful. It’s so uncalled for. I mean who do they think they are. When Ms. Juicy pops one of them in the mouth they shouldn’t wonder why. They may be fan favorites and I guess that’s gone to their heads.

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