Name Eve Kilcher

Birthday / How Old / Age / Date of Birth July 4th, 1984. As of 2019, she is around 35 years old.

Biography Profile / Wiki Information

Introduction :

  • Eve Kilcher is an author, cook, reality television personality and nature expert known for her appearance on the show, Alaska Last Frontier.

  • Green at heart, Eve has always held a strong respect and passion for all things nature and has teamed up with her husband to create a healthy and organic lifestyle for their family.

Personal Life & Family Background :

  • Kilcher was born, Eve Steller Matkins, on 4th July, 1984 to parents – Craig and Dena Matkins. Her family lived in the rural outskirts of Alaska.
  • Eve’s mother and father filed for divorce when she was still a little girl and she ended up living with her mother for the majority of her early and adolescent years.
  • Eve and her mom started living near Glacier Bay National Park in Gustavus, Southeast Alaska. During summer holidays, she would spend time at her father’s farm learning all about nature and how to make the most out of it.
  • When she was growing up, Eve became close friends with one of her neighbors, Eivin Kilcher and in 2011; the duo tied the knot in front of their friends and family.
  • They have two children together – a son named Findlay Farenorth (born on November 24th, 2013) and a daughter named Sparrow Rose (born on September 28th, 2015).
  • Eve and Eivin Kilcher live in Homer, Alaska in cabin that was gifted to them by Eivin’s father when they tied the knot.

Education Details:

  • Eve graduated from Homer High School in 2001. Later, she headed to Oregon where she studied Psychology at the University of Oregon. She graduated in 2006.
  • She has also taken formal courses in Agricultural Philosophy and Permaculture at the Aloha Aina Permaculture and Design Institute.

Eve Kilcher Net Worth : Salary & TV Career

  • Eve is part of the reality series, “Alaska Last Frontier” in which she stars alongside her husband showcasing her personal life in Alaska. She is widely celebrated for her gardening efforts and cooking.
  • Along with her husband, she has also co-written a cookbook titled Homestead Kitchen: Stories and Recipes from our Hearth to Yours, which offers several gardening and organic lifestyle tips in addition to 85 of her best original cooking recipes.

  • Eve also serves as an advocate for cleaner, more organic living. Together with her husband, she promotes hybrid living which involves combining old-school traditions with 21st century technology to get the most out of life.

Fun Facts, Height & Trivia :

  • Eve is passionate about making homemade cheese and is also a big fan of DYI food preservation.
  • When she is not gardening or cooking, Eve enjoys playing with her children and especially loves finding natural methods to maintain her daughter’s hair which she describes as beautifully wild.
  • She aspires to instill the same passion and respect for nature in her children that she has.
  • Sometimes, she also enjoys spending time with baby goats but is not particularly into activities such as hunting and fishing.
  • Eve Kilcher Death : There are a few Google searches for whether Eve has died, but she is still every much alive!
Marriage & Wedding / Husband / Dating / Boyfriend Currently Married. See above for details.