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Olivia Bentley Age, Wiki, Family, Net Worth, House, Parents【 Bio 】

Name Olivia Bentley

Birthday / Age / Date of Birth / DOB August 26, 1995. As of 2020, she is around 25 years old.

Biography Profile / Wikipedia Information

Introduction :

  • An emerging young photographer, Olivia ‘Liv’ Bentley is a TV personality who has risen to fame after starring on the reality show Made in Chelsea.
  • Bentley has campaigned to raise awareness about alopecia, a condition that she herself suffers from.

Personal Life and Family Background :

  • Olivia was born on August 26, 1995. She has three sisters, Kinvara, Cordelia and Athena.
  • She is currently single and has dated Lewis Bloor, from TV reality, show The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE), Scandinavian musician and model Fredrik Ferrier, fellow Made in Chelsea stars Francis Boulle and Julius Cowdrey
  • She had recently been dating Digby Edgely, who also appears on Made in Chelsea but their relationship is very much on-off.
  • Still in her twenties, her net worth is thought to be worth £600,000 as per some online reports.
  • Bradfield College in Berkshire the £28,000 per year boarding school is where Olivia was educated.

Early Life :

  • Olivia was always self-conscious as a teenager thinking that she looked like a boy and her self-esteem was low.
  • At the age of just 16, while on a holiday in Mallorca, Spain with her family she noticed that her hair was falling out.
  • Struggling with this happening over a period of a few months she was eventually diagnosed with alopecia.
  • She was told that taking the contraceptive pill Yasmin was the cause. A side effect of taking this pill is possible hair loss.
  • Trying to come to terms with the diagnosis Olivia found her later teenage years very challenging.
  • Eventually Olivia went public about her condition in early 2019 to try and help others suffering from the condition.

Career, Income, Salary & Net Worth :

  • Although self-taught her main job is as a fine arts photographer. Her specialty is photographing people in the nude and has had her work exhibited in London.
  • Olivia’s TV career started in 2011 when she starred in the E4 reality television program Made in Chelsea.
  • Appearances in ‘Made in Chelsea: South of France and Ibiza’ followed in 2016 and 2017.
  • She was briefly suspended from the show while an investigation took place into an incident where it appeared she had snorted some white powder.
  • Since 2018 she has been appearing in ‘Made in Chelsea: Croatia’
  • Olivia is hoping to set up a charity that provides wigs to people who suffer from hair loss.

Trivia, Height & Interesting Facts :

  • Olivia says that often when filming Made in Chelsea she was filmed in nightclubs with sunglasses on her head. It was not to look ‘cool’ they were covering up bald spots on her head.
  • An ex-boyfriend once told her he wouldn’t have children with her because she was bald.
  • She claims to be the great-great-great-granddaughter of the founder of Bentley Motors.
Marriage & Wedding / Husband / Single / Partner See above for details.

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