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Shashank Ketkar and Tejashree Pradhan Latest News : Divorce

Around a few years back, on February 8, 2014, Tejashree Pradhan and Shashank Ketkar’s wedding had received a lot of media attention and applause.

These two young starlets had found immense fame and reputation as the ideal young couple for their portrayal of Shree and Janhvi in Zee Marathi’s superhit show – Honar Soon Me Hya Gharchi.

Wedding and Honeymoon :

The on-screen love story soon blossomed into an off-screen romance and a fairy tale marriage in the cultural capital of Maharashtra – Pune. They even went for a honeymoon in SriLanka, kickstarting their married life. Marathi viewers adored their performance on the show and the news of their marriage made it a hit story.

However, things started to get awry towards the end of 2014, and rumours started floating about a split up between the two. What was surprising was that the story in the TV serial was also following the same plot! Due to some ploys executed by Janhvee’s stepmother, Shri and Janhvi break up for some time and start living apart, with Janu returning to her father’s home.

There were doubts that this might have been a publicity stunt to attract more attention for the serial, but sadly it wasn’t.

News came around in March 2015 :

Shashank had filed for a divorce in a Pune court and the proceedings of the court were in order.

News in June 2015 :

Unconfirmed news report sources told that the Pune court, where the case has been recorded has requested the couple to seek counselling and possibly resolve the dispute amicably.

In the end of the show in 2016, Shri and Janhvi were back together and started staying happily ever after, due to Aai-aji’s (played by Rohini Hattangadi) efforts; We hope that the couple’s real-life problems will be resolved soon as well.

Update in April 2017 :

Shashank got engaged to Priyanka Dhavale in April 2017. Priyanka is a lawyer and resides in Dombivili, near Mumbai. Actress Amrita Khanvilkar shared a photo with the couple. Looks like both Shashank and Tejashree have moved on.

Best wishes to both of them in their respective lives and career – Marathi.TV news.

57 thoughts on “Shashank Ketkar and Tejashree Pradhan Latest News : Divorce”

  1. both of you are the worlds luckiest couple in the world who achieve your love please change your decision because you guys are made for each other

  2. Aaj paryant chi sarvat mothi pakau serial. Tejshree la pudhe pan natak cinema ani serial madhe kam karayche hote ani Shashank la te manya nahi

  3. Follower Of Anand Ingle

    @Suparna Mutthod yes Suparna they have ended the serial showing Shree Janhavi settle the women’s lives as well
    Now Shashank Ketkar’s new serial is being aired on Zee Yuva new channel names ITHECH TAKA TAMBU You can have details of the same on this site Its awesome like as always performed by Shashank Ketkar n there is also my favourite actress playing AAJI

  4. The serial ended on a right note that is why I like every scene otherewise no story remains to watch after marriage in any serial but they have shown very nicely n have not stretched any situation for long I like the way they have shown that before marriage all women concentrated on Shree’s life to settle n after his marriage personal lives’ tragedy of women have shown n then stoped the scenes
    All the very best Shashank Ketkar and Tejashree Pradhan

  5. plzz divorce gheu nka…
    doghe jan ekda samora samor bola na…divorce he solustion nahi…
    ti Tejashri jara Shahani ahe…swatahala jra over smart smajate…tich Shashank la samjun ghet nsel…aadi engegment karun Rahul la sodal ani ata bichara Shashank…
    i hope so ganpati bappa ne tyana ektra aanal pahije evdhich parthna.

  6. shree janhavi please do not get divorced…We all really love u!!! think 10 k times before taking the final decision….not only each other’s hearts, you are going to break millions of Marathi fans’ hearts…


  8. Zala ka divorce zala asel ter sanga manje serial baghane sodun dyaila. Karen sarv sodun tumhala bag hat baste ani mulana tumche example dete ashi asavi mulga ani sun manun ASA Adarsh mulani ghetla ter kai hoil via must design ahe tumcha amchya bhavna dukhavlyat tumi par at ekda vicar kara. Pl mala tumi Dogha khupach a vdata like my child and sun so pl divorce gheu naka.

  9. Please cancel your decision to divorce. you are a fantastic couple, & we feel made for each other
    While working together every day don’t you feel to think twice about your decision?

  10. Suryadev Sudharase

    Aho mandali, tyanche khare baal maargavar aahe. Serial aataa mahinyaat sampel. Doghe sukhane naandateel. ase vaatate. Mee shutingchyaa set var asto, tava vishwas thyevaa.

    Tyanlaa subhecha deu yaa.


    1. Kuthun kalal ki confirm aahe…Te doghe tar kuthalyach chat session madhe pan eek mekan vishayi bolat nahit ani offscreen kuthalach asd lakshan pan nahi disat…Ani doghani pan ring ghatali nahi aahe

  11. Get over with it both of you. You create the wrong impression about goodness.

    दिसत तसेच नसत म्हणून तर जग फसत…You prove this.

  12. Namaskar Kay Yaar Janhvi & Shree, Kiti Chhan Couple Ahat Tumhi. Kashala Divorce Gheta. Adjustment is life. Please Be Together. I am a fan and very addict to U. Please Be Nice Couple in Real life.

  13. Aditi Baliram Kshirsagar

    mala honar soon me khoop aavadte majhe tumchya director la reuest aahe ki please HONAR SOON ME BAND KAROO NAKA PLEASE

  14. Hey Shashank aani Tejashri…Just cool down aani tumhi dogha Miun ekatra basun tumchech char pach premache episode paha…Honar sun me hya gharchi serial che…You will definitely get inspired by “samjutdaar pana” of Shree aani Janavi…

  15. Tejashree and Shashank look to be a ‘made for each other’ couple. They are young, good looking and very talented! Life always has ups and downs. Just as you do not quit the industry just because you do not gets good roles, so is life! Adjusting and continuing amicably is the challenge and now you both have to prove yourself and emerge victoriously. Forget divorce, for gods sake! Wish you both best of luck.

  16. Confirmed news, divorce petition withdrawn. The effect of the same is already seen on their faces in latest episodes. It seems they got 100000 letters requesting them to stay together.

    I am very happy.


  17. It’s really shocking and disturbing news. I realized this news yesterday. I wish you reconsider this decision. Right now I am listening the dialogues by Shree for Janvi. Hope you be together…

  18. He yaar, why you couple takes this decision…You are the ideal of today’s young generation who fall in love. We both fans of you & our serial, so please don’t get a Divorce…

  19. HI Tejashree and Shashank

    I am a big fan of you Shashank and I love you lot.
    Please change your decision and live life happily.
    marriage is most important think in our life, don’t take negatively. Do some adjustment and be happy.

  20. Hi Shri and Jhanvi, me pan married aahe. Aamchi pan bhandan hotat pan Ami suddha adjust kartao ani ek mekana sambhalun getao Tas tumi he sambhalun gya bhandu naka ani divorced ha ek option nahi aahe. Plz, don’t take divorce. Jo kahi problem asel basun bolun problem solve kara…Tc

  21. Mitrano Film industry he nav khup mote aahe pan tase naste tumhi changale aahat tumhi tithe gelayvr tumhi pan bigadnar he lakshat ghaya
    Abhinetri tumhi mhanta mhanje ti nati aahe tumhi visarta nati mhanje kashi aaste te tumhi tharva
    Nut mhanje pan tasach pan aajacha yugat uugach mote mote shabhad aastat mhanje cinestar nayak abhintri he sgale mote pnache songg aahe mi ek divas TV bagat hoto teva ek teva spotboy chi interview ghetali ki tumhi tumcha baykola hite gheun yenar ka te to spot boy kai bolala jara ekun ghyaa
    Hithale sagale lokanche haaat barbatale aahet sagali manse kharab aahet maji bayko jar aali tar tipn nalayk nighel tilami hite kadich aananar nahi ya varun tumhi kai samjayche te samja ugich falatu ya nautanki lokansati vichar kart basu nka changale business kara aaani foregine la jaa
    Nahitr tumche pan aasech

  22. Dear Shashank-Tejashri
    It was shocking news for your fans. I do not wish to talk about your personal decisions…But I wish to request you to please look back and try to avoid hasty decision leading to divorce. The whole Marathi understanding people love you as the “made for each other”couple. Please please please do not prove them wrong.

  23. Dear Shashank and Tejashree
    u hav put an ideal for the young generation of today, an ideal husband and daughter in law. In real life it may not be possible due to some reasons but still divorce is not the solution, you hav to take after resp, big b and continue ad an ideal couple.

  24. Hi Suryadev,

    If the new of withdrawal of Divorce is confirmed, than I need to visit Dagdushet Ganpati in Pune, as I had prayed for them to stay together.

    Atul Bhalerao

  25. Plz as kru nka mala tumhi doghe pan khup jast avadtat as a couple so plzz je kahi misunderstanding astil te dur kra pan divorce nko nd samjun ghya I know tumhi tevhdhe mothe ahat but trihi and you know amhala konalach avadnar nahi tumach divorce zala tr…lavkr parat ya

  26. Come on, please do not behave like immature. At least, read and try to understand the dialogues, messages, content of the serial.

    Tejashree should prove that she can win the whole world if she really intends !!. Shashank, why did he rush for marriage if he is not ready to understand, adjust and accommodate. You both are the role model for this generation.

    Have some social responsibility, otherwise both of you sound hallow !! Think twice, do not take a hasty decision. Hope both of you will introspect. Both of you do not deceive each other in every aspect of life. Good luck. God bless you.

  27. Dhaanjay Deshmukh(Parbhani).

    divorcech ghyacha hota tar lagna kashala kelat? serial madhe kaam kay karayla lagle, prem zaal, lagna kel, ani ata divorce pan ghyaylet. kharach mhantat juni mans ki ajchi pidhi khupch fast aahe. ani tumhi tar ya pidhiche ideal ahatna. ani dusryana evdha Shahanpana sangata serial madhun ki prem, naat, lagna, vishwas, etc. Swataha pan kahi tari shikana.

  28. Pls dear sree and janu naka gheyu .divorse ek da divorse ghetala nanter sarve kahi change hohun jayel parat kahai karta ayet nahi tumi durav chal give some space your realtion for few days then w you will miss each other.

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