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Baapmanus Cast, Title Song, Wiki, Story, Actress :: Zee Yuva

Baapmanus Zee Marathi serial
Name / नाव Baapmanus (बापमाणूस)

Show Time Monday to Saturday 08:30 PM

Actors / Star & Show Cast / कलाकार
  • Suyash Tilak – Surya (सुयश तिलक – सूर्य)
  • Ravindra Mankani – Dadasaheb (रविंद्र मानकी – दादासाहेब)
  • Pallavi Patil – Nisha (पल्लवी पाटील – निशा)
  • Jyoti Patil – Shilpa (ज्योती पाटील – शिल्पा)
  • Namrata Awate – Sujata (नम्रता अवते – सुजाता)
  • Abhijeet Shwetchandra – Chandrakant (अभिजित श्वेतचंद्र – चंद्रकांत)
  • Amol Deshmukh – Shabbir (अमोल देशमुख – शब्बीर)
  • Anand Prabhu – Raghuveer (आनंद प्रभु – रघुवीर)
  • Sanjay Kulkarni – Ramakantrao (संजय कुलकर्णी – रामकांतराव)
  • Pooja Pawar Salunkhe – Aaisaheb (पूजा पवार साळुंखे – आसाहेब)
  • Abhilasha Patil (अभिलाषा पाटील)
  • Maithili Patwardhan (मैथिली पटवर्धन)
  • Sunil Khandagale (सुनील खंडागळे)
  • Mayur Khandge (मयूर खंडे)
  • Ajay Purkar (अजय पुकार)
  • Shruti Atre (श्रुती अत्रे)
  • Sangram Samel (संग्राम सामेल)
  • Shivraj Walvekar (शिवराज वाल्वकर)

Genre Drama (नाटक)

Storyline / Wiki

‘Baapmanus’ is a tale a bigger than life desirable fatherly figure to the entire village portrayed by senior actor Ravindra Mankani & his son performed by Suyash Tilak, who feels it’s his obligation to maintain the excellent work of his father. The storyline of the show revolves around family politics and fight for belongings and strength of Dadasaheb Zunjarrao in the own family. In the show, his son Surya tries to comply with his father’s legacy in a genuine spirit.

This series primarily based at the state-run politics to benefit the power and dignity of a home has kept the audience within the limelight.

Suyash Tilak says that it is a huge responsibility to get the sons of Dadasaheb as realities and to work with veterans like him. As the head of the village, Dadasaheb has many opponents on his travels, however, he has a right hand of his own, and that means Shabbir. Shabbir is with them, with a sturdy wall in all top and bad conditions. The connection between Gita and Surya inside the collection has focused on the growing connection between Dadasaheb and Shabbir. Though Shabbir is a Muslim, Dadasaheb considered him a member of the family.

Veteran actor Ravindra Mankani will be playing the ‘Baapmanus’ in this show along with other stars of the small screen like Suyash Tilak, Pooja Pawar and Pallavi Patil. This serial also stars Sangram Samel, Sanjay Kulkarni, Shivraj Walvekar, Namrata Awate among others. Moreover the director of Zee Yuva’s sensational hit serial Rudram, Bhimrao Mude is directing this serial.

Channel Zee Yuva (झी युवा)

TRP Ratings Superhit (सूपरहिट)

Title Song / Title Track Click here to listen / क्लिक करून ऐका

Episodes Running Dates First Episode : 18th December 2017


Story & Director : Bhimrao Mude (भीमराव मदे)
Producer : Sanjay Bhagwat Zankar, Gaurav Avinash Ponkshe (संजय भागवत झंकार, गौरव अविनाश पोन्से)
Production House : RFilm Positive

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