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Durva (दुर्वा) Star Pravah Cast, Title Song, Wiki, Actress

durva Star Pravah Marathi serial
Name / नाव Durva (दुर्वा)

Also known as Doorva

Actors and actresses / Star & Show Cast /कलाकार
  • Hruta Durgule – Durva (ऋता दुर्गुले – दुर्वा)
  • Vinay Apte (विनय आपटे)
  • Suyash Tilak
  • Prasad Pandit – Patil Anna (प्रसाद पंडित – पाटील अण्णा)
  • Uday Tikekar – Devkishan Sarda (उदय टीकेकर – देव्कीशन सरडा)
  • Harshad Atkari – Keshav dada(हर्षद अटकरी – केशव)
  • Sharad Ponkshe – Anna Patil
Title Song / Title Track Click here to listen / क्लिक करून ऐका

Channel Star Pravah (स्टार प्रवाह)

TRP Ratings Hit (हिट)

Episodes Running Dates First Episode : 18th March 2013 – Present

Critical Points
  • Back ground music is too loud !!! One can not hear /follow, what the characters or the artists say. There is no necessity of background music at all ?
  • No connection of previous episodes of 20 years back. !! So many things are kept unsolved.
  • These days, the whole serial is so full of crimes, that one may say it is based on police cases !!
  • Directors : Deepak Nalawade
  • Producers : Nitin & Vinod Vaidya
Genre Politics / Family (कौटुंबिक)

16 thoughts on “Durva (दुर्वा) Star Pravah Cast, Title Song, Wiki, Actress”

  1. Sujata Vaishampayan

    Pls, do something about Durvas expressions. She has only one expression. Irritating. Come on; she is an MP. She is too hyper. Always scared.

  2. I and my whole family like Marathi serial Durva, Me and my whole family see together this serial every day. I supported serial Durva with my family.

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