Name Adriana Gil

Birth Date / Birthday / Age 23rd January 1969. Her age is around 48 years in 2017

Marriage & Wedding / Spouse / Husband / Boyfriend Currently in a relationship

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Introduction :

A nation with a rich history and a share in famous world events never disappoint when it comes to telling stories. These days, with the age of filmography and the internet, storytelling has moved from the old oral narration. Today the platform for telling stories is cinemas and films, mainly delivered and accessed over the internet.

Spain is no different and with its share of a rich and exotic culture, filmography has taken root in the country. There are many directors, actors and actresses involved and Ariadna Gil Giner is one of them. Born in 1969, Ariadna Gil is a Spanish actress.

Career :

Watching the movie ‘Lola’ back in 1986, you probably did not notice a young but ambitious character slowly finding her way into the acting career. Ariadna acting abilities impressed the director Bigas Luna where he decided to introduce her to the acting career. Ariadna participated in four Spanish movies and then was involved in a 1991 Spanish movie ‘Amo tu cama rica’.

In duration of about 14 years from 1993 to the year 2007, Ariadna has performed in about 35 films. She has also worked with famous directors, actors, and actresses and acted in famous movies. There is no exhausting or giving a complete coverage of the movies Ariadna has performed in. H

However, there are several award-winning films that deserve a mention when talking about Ariadna’s career. They include; ‘lola’ (1986), ‘Amo tu cama rica’ (she won the Best Acting Award by Ondas Awards. 1991.) ‘Belle Époque’ (she won the Best Lead Actress by Goya Awards 1992), ‘Malena es un nombre de Tango’ (She won Best Catalan Film Actress by Butaca Awards and Best Actress Award, 1997), ‘Nueces para el amor’ (she won theBest Actress Award, 2000), ‘Alatriste’ (she was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress, goya awards), and ‘Solo quiero caminar’ where she was nominated for the Best Lead Actress.

Life :

Ariadna Gil was born on the 23rd January 1969 in Barcelona, Spain. Her father, August Gil Matamala, is a well-known successful lawyer. Ariadna loved singing when growing up and studied dancing and the violin. This is evident in the times she appeared singing in the band ‘Matamala’. Her involvement in the media platforms started at the age of 17 when she appeared on the cover of an avant-garde Catalonian magazine.

From there she began working in local theater companies and on local TV channels.
She has a daughter named Violeta Rodríguez. She was born from her romance with the movie director David Trueba. Arianna has made her name in the film industry as the actress who performs hard plot roles.