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Cynthia Urias estatura
Name Cynthia Urias (Also known as : Cynthia Urías)

Birthday / Date of Birth / Age / Edad September 23, 1979. As of 2020, she is around 41 years old.

Biography Profile / Profile Information

Introduction : Cynthia Urias Biografia

Cynthia Urías is a popular Mexican actress and TV host. She was born in Mexico and she is popular for participating in several soap operas and hosting various TV shows.

Early Life, Familia & Personal Details :

  • Cynthia Urias was born in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico on September 23, 1979.
  • Her full name is Cynthia Rocío Urías Félix. She began to work at the young age of 16.

Cynthia Urias Esposo, Novios and Dating :

  • She was married from 2005 to 2010 to Manuel Carrillo. They have a son named Jose Manuel.
  • In 2014, in Las Vegas, she married baseball player Jose Cantu. They have two sons, Jorge Emilio and Leonardo, who is the youngest of the three children Cynthia has.
  • She declared that she wanted to have a daughter, but on account of medical recommendation, she won´t have any more kids. She also said she would be willing to adopt but still hasn´t convinced her husband to do it.
  • Cynthia and Jose lived for some time in Korea, where he was playing baseball. During that period, Jose was a victim of racism by other TV commentators for being Latina and for having a bad temper.

TV Career, Salary & Profession :

  • Cynthia started as a TV host in Televisoras Grupo Pacifico at the age of 16.
  • She also worked as a radio announcer.
  • She participated in theatre on the plays like El Graduado and El Tenorio Cómico.
  • She also took part in teenage soap operas like El juego de la vida, Asi son Ellas, Clase 406, Mujer de Madera, Rebelde and Niña de mi Corazon.
  • As a TV host she worked on shows like Sabados de Carrusel, NXclusiva, Furia Musical, Pa´la Banda Night Show , Es de Noche y ya Llegue, and Hoy. She was fired from the morning show Hoy due to differences and fights with her co-host Galilea Montijo.
  • As of 2020, she works for Cuentamelo ya as a TV host. Cynthia also had problems with her coworkers and even tried to quit, but the producers convinced her to go back to the show.

Body Measurements & Interesting Facts :

  • Cynthia is very active on social networks because she enjoys to be in touch with her fans.
  • She has a Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram page, where she posts on a daily basis. In Twitter and Instagram she has more than one million followers and her Facebook account has more than 800.000 followers.
  • She can speak English and Spanish fluently
  • Her height is 1,72 m. and her hair colour is black.
  • Cynthia writes a column for an online newspaper called “Diario Basta”
  • She has declared that she has a celiac disease which is a medical condition in which someone cannot digest food properly that contains gluten.
Todo sobre Cynthia Urias Medidas

Cynthia Urias Embarazada? : No

Cuanto mide :

  • Cynthia Urias Altura en cm : 172 cm
  • Estatura en pies : 5 pies y 8 pulgadas
Wedding / Husband / Marriage / Dating / Esposo Currently Married

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