Name Miriam Giovanelli

Birth Date / Birthday / Age April 28th, 1989. Her age is around 28 years in 2017.

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Introduction :

Miriam Giovanelli is one of the actresses whose hard work & beauty have ensured that she remains relevant and loved by her fans. She is a Spanish Television & movie actress and model who rose to fame portraying Patricia in the television series Velvet.

Personal Life :

Miriam Giovanelli was born on April 28th, 1989 in Lazio, Italy. Although she was born in Rome, Miriam Giovanelli was raised in Madrid. Her father is Italian and her mother a Spaniard.

Miriam started having a flair for acting at an early age with her earliest roles having come in 2001 when she first appeared in her first short films. She has a rich Italian accent and Spanish decent. In September 2009, Giovanelli appeared on the cover of FHM magazine for the first time in the modeling business.

Career and Professional Life :

Miriam Giovanelli started her acting career in a Spanish short film entitled ‘Ya no puede caminar’ in the year 2001. She played the role of a character named Irene. In the following year, Miriam joined TV series and took part in ‘Ana y los 7′. TV shows proved to be the thing for her as she took part in two other series namely Los Serrano (2005) and El comisario (2006).

In the year that followed, Miriam starred in 3 different short films. They included; Miguel and William, where she played a character named Consuelo. This was followed by another short film titled ‘Limoncello’ where she played a character named Tiziana. After that, she took part in ‘Lolita’s Club’, another short film where she played a character named Alina.

From the year 2008 onwards to the year 2010, Miriam took part in another 4 TV series. Although she also played a character named Pax in the 2009 hit movie ‘Sex, Party, and Lies’, Miriam was mainly by then involved in TV series. She is also famous for the following TV series; The Punishment (2008), Physical or Chemical (2009), Sin tetas no hay paraíso (2009), Gavilanes (2010), Il tredicesimo apostolo, La rivelazione (2014) and the famous Velvet (2013-16).

In movies, Miriam has also played many roles in several famous movies. She played the character named Violet in the 2013 movie ‘Violet’ and the role of Perla Madonna in the movie ‘I 2 soliti idioti’.

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