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Abigail McGuire Biography, Age, Wikipedia, Family, Actress, Boyfriend

Name Abigail McGuire

Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB No confirmed information is available on the year she was born.

Wiki Bio / Profile Background

Introduction :

  • Abigail McGuire is an American dancer and actress most notably known for playing as Mary Quite Contrary in an educational program for nursery school called Mother Goose Club.

Childhood and Interests :

  • Abigail was a young girl when she got her first break which was the reason why her parents were extra careful in terms of the welfare of their child. They were able to maintain her life private and she was able to pursue schooling as a normal student.
  • People found the young Abigail adorable, energetic and talented. She was a natural crowd-pleaser and performer. That was what made her parents decide to have her tried auditioning to a learning platform that produces educational content for pre-school children called Mother Goose Club.

Mother Goose Club :

  • Her interests in dancing, singing and performing around people paved way for Abigail to become part of a very entertaining, and highly-educational resource program with multimedia content that caters to pre-school children which were created by educators Harry and Sona Jho.
  • This show called the Mother Goose Club was initially established for contributing and sharing of education contents with other educators.
  • Due to the favourable response of their online viewers, they were able to have it evolved into a library of educational materials providing entertaining videos that would serve as tools to build a foundation for mathematics, early literacy and art.
  • It was through this show where Abigail further enhanced her talent and confidence since the program involved a lot of performances where casts assume characters in costume and encourage kids to sing and dance along with well-loved nursery rhymes, colourful attires and props.
  • Abigail recounted when she was accompanied to attend the audition in 2009. She was asked to follow instructions with all the other kids and she enjoyed the activities.
  • She received the good news and the next thing she knew, she was already playing the role of Mary Quite Contrary, which is considered one of the main characters of the show.
  • She enjoyed portraying Mary Quite Contrary because it fits her personality which is confident, cool and, a bit sassy. She also has her mischievous side, thus the word contrary, but she always remained a quirky gardener.

Love for Dancing :

  • She spent most of her time enjoying music, being chic and fashionable, but most especially dancing.
  • They made several song performances in Mother Goose Club, but she recounted that there’s one particular nursery rhyme that she enjoyed the most from the said program which was the “Where is Thumbkin” because it involved a lot of dancing and the music was lively.
  • Her love for dancing did not end in the online show. She was seen performing contemporary and ballet dances in several events including Dance Challenge in Orlando Nationals, where she danced in the tune of Long Days, and other solo dance competition in several cities.
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