Name Marina Benedict

Birthday / Marina Benedict Age / Date of Birth As of 2019, she is in her late fifties.

Biodata Profile / Bio / Wikipedia Information

Introduction :

  • A white blonde actress with piercing eyes and sharp facial features, Marina Benedict has been on the screen since 1998.

  • She is best known for her roles as Charlotte Wills in Torchwood (2006 – 2011), Flesh and Bone (2015) & Prison Break: Resurrection (2017).
  • A winner of many awards for various performances, she is also an accomplished singer, dancer and stage actress.

Early Life, Family & Education :

  • Marina was born in Seattle, Washington in December 1960.
  • She was ‘born to perform’ & at just 7 years old, took her first lead role in Peace Child’s International Touring Company.
  • At 15 she was accepted into a summer program at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, London.
  • Marina went on to land the lead role in independent feature film “The Spirit”, before returning home to study at the Cornish College of the Arts’ dance department.
  • Marina was taught by Ann Reinking, star of the musical “Chicago”.
  • She even won top honors from the Royal Academy of Dance while in London.

Early Career :

  • Marina first appeared on TV as the lead singer of 5NY, a BMG pop group, in 1998.
  • With this group, she released the singles ‘Open Your Eyes’ and ‘The Spirit’. The band toured in Europe and made it onto the Billboard Top 40 in Germany.

  • Marina went on to appear in the 1999 TV show, Wasteland & from 2000-2001, she began gaining popularity for her role as Lola in the TV sitcom Nikki.

Life on TV, Profession & Net Worth :

  • Since then, she has mostly appeared in TV dramas including: Father Lefty (2002), ER (2008), Desperate Housewives (2010), CSI:Miami (2010), True Blood (2013), Perception (2013), Bones (2014).
  • She has also starred in short films such as: “Death in Charge” & “Not Your Time”.
  • Played a recurring role as Charlotte Wills in the popular Doctor Who spin-off, “Torchwood” as well as a prominent part as Toni Cannava in the mini-series, Flesh and Bone.
  • In 2016, she took a break from TV to star in the romantic comedy, Losing in Love but returned as A&W in the 2017 series of Prison Break.

Awards & Recognition :

  • In 2009-2010, Marina received the award for Best Performance for an Actress in a Leading Role at the International Film Festival for her role as the Baby Sitter in the short horror film Death in Charge.
  • Won Best Actor for the same performance at the Sacramento Horror Film Festival and Best Actress at the Tabloid Witch Awards.
  • Nominated for an award for her lead role as Lois Landry in ER.
Marriage & Wedding / Husband / Boyfriend / Partner No confirmed information is available on this.