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Eva Gutowski Age, Sister, Ethnicity, Mom, Parents, Boyfriend, Dad, Book

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Personal Details Summary
Name Eva Gutowski
Sister Maya Gutowski
Birthday / Date of Birth / How old is Eva Gutowski July 29, 1992. As of 2022, she is around 30 years old.
Wedding / Husband / Marriage / Boyfriend Currently not married, possibly single. Check the full bio for relationship details.
How did Eva Gutowski become famous? YouTube influencer Eva Marisol Gutowski has over 11 million subscribers.
Children / No. of Kids None
Ethnicity / Origin / Heritage / Race Mixed
Nationality American
Wikipedia Biography / Profile Information

Introduction :

  • Eva Gutowski is a vlogger and YouTube star, who published her first book in 2016.

Early Life :

  • Eva was born on July 29, 1992, in the Brea Community of Orange County.

Family : Eva Gutowski Mom, Dad, Sister

  • Eva’s parents split up when she was 3, and her mother subsequently remarried.
  • She was raised by her mother and stepfather in Orange County and went to stay with her father on holidays, who relocated to San Francisco after splitting with her mother.
  • In 2008, at the age of 16, a male student of her high school assaulted her while they were both in attendance at a mutual friends’ house party.
  • She immediately pressed charges and pursued a conviction. Still, after six months of what she calls victim-blaming and being subjected to bullying by her school community, she begged her parents to drop the charges so that she could just move on with her life.

Recent News :

  • Eva is a student of California State University, Fullerton, and graduated in 2019 with a major in broadcasting.
  • In September of 2016, she came out as bisexual to her fans, stating that she made this decision to share this with her fans as she as actively pursuing a relationship with a female.
  • In 2017, she said that the relationship was not meant to be, but she is definitely still attracted to girls.

Eva Gutowski Book & Other Random Facts :

  • In 2016, the People Magazine named Eva YouTube’s fastest-growing star.
  • She was included in the 2015 Billboard Social Media Stars List and labeled as one to watch. The same year, she was ranked as number 4 on Variety’s Annual Fame-Changers Digital List.
  • She released her first book in late 2016, titled ‘My Life As Eva: The Struggle.’ It was published through Simon & Schuster and chronicled the difficulties she experienced in her childhood and during the pursuit of her social media career.
  • It also includes a controversial diet that she claims to resort to every now and then, which involves only eating ramen noodles sporadically and throwing in the occasional lucky maple pop tart.
  • Eva Gutowski Nationality : American

Social Media Presence :

  • In 2015, Eva created her YouTube channel ‘My Life As Eva’. Currently, her channel has 11 Million+ subscribers & over a billion views.
  • She uses the channel to showcase her comedy sketches, travel footage and her Tumblr inspired DIY projects.
  • She amassed a large portion of her YouTube following in her first year alone, due to her being an overnight favorite with YouTube Fans.
  • Due to that success, she went on to write and star in a web series that appears on YouTube Red called Me & My Grandma. The series also stars comedy great Rhea Perlman.
  • She is also on Instagram under the username of @mylifeaseva, with 7.5 million+ followers.
  • She also appears on Twitter under the handle @lifeaseva, with her followers sitting at 5 million+.

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