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Harald Baldr Age, Girlfriend Wife【 Wikipedia Bio 】Height, Job, Net Worth

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Name Harald Baldr

Bio Profile / Wikipedia Information

Introduction :

Harald Baldr is a Norwegian businessman and a traveling YouTuber, who owns and runs a popular travel vlog.

Personal Life & Family Background :

  • At the age of eighteen years old, Harald left his native country of Norway and started traveling the world.
  • Despite being told as a schoolkid in the 1990s that Thailand was not a safe country, Harald bought a roundtrip ticket in 2002 that allowed him to visit twenty countries, and in particular Thailand, which Harald had been interested in for many years.
  • Since his first trip to Thailand, Harald has frequently returned, immersing himself in the culture and even learning some of the language.
  • After leaving Norway at age 18 and beginning his travels, Harald is now no longer associating with his home country.
  • Harald continues to travel the world and holds tourist status. This means that he has little social welfare benefits, but the benefit is that he also has to pay low taxes.
  • He has visited over seventy countries during his years of traveling and continues to cross new borders and discover new places every year. He has been doing this for close to two decades now.

Job, Career, Business Net Worth :

  • While visiting and living in Thailand, Harald learned how to speak and write Thai. He was employed as a lecturer at the University of Khon Kaen in Thailand for some years, a job he remembers fondly.
  • He is currently fully devoted to his YouTube channel, where he constantly uploads vlogs from his travels. He also has a motorcycle series on his channel, where he travels through Asia on his bike, through jungles and cities. Harald has stated that the motorcycle series is one of his proudest accomplishments.
  • Harald has also contributed with English YouTuber Benjamin Rich (aka Mr. Bald) of the Bald and Bankrupt channel while traveling throughout India. Mr. Bald has since gone on to achieve great levels of popularity on his own, but he first appeared on Harald’s YouTube channel.
  • Currently, most of his livelihood and income comes from his YouTube channel, as well as from appearances on podcasts and various investments he has made in various countries while traveling through them.

Trivia, Height & Interesting Facts :

  • In 2020, in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, Harald was traveling through Sri Lanka. He has also spent time in Vietnam, Italy, Germany, Romania, Nepal, Peru, Philippines, and the United States.
  • He describes his political leanings as a libertarian. He is inspired by the beliefs that the Founding Fathers of the United States had.
  • Harald also posts videos dealing with the business side of things. He offers frequent advice on how to be self-employed and how to best manage finances and investments.
  • Despite cutting ties with his home country, Harald is very passionate about Norse mythology and history. He is very inspired by the tales of the Viking king Harald Sigurdsson who ruled Norway from 1046 until 1066 when he fell at the Battle of Stamford Bridge in England.
  • Harald is known for his acts of generosity while filming his videos – He once paid Rs 28,000 to an Indian barber for an Rs. 100 Haircut, while another time he paid $1000 to a tea vendor in Srilanka. He also frequently writes blog posts and is very active on forums.
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  1. Harold…I’m not sure I can watch any more of your videos after I watched the one in the Massai camp where you were drunk as a skunk.

    I have watched you for years but this is just too hurtful to my heart to see a beautiful, strong, and intelligent young man destroy himself. You have been drinking more on some of your other videos too and honestly, it needs to stop. I know drinking can wreck your body as well as your skin. You are just too beautiful to let that happen. Please stop before it is too late. I care about you.

    I have been married for over sixty years with a great-grandchild so I am not trying to put the make on you. Good luck fair one.

      1. Everett Sullivan

        You people only see a tiny portion of his life. Yeah, he drinks on his videos but most times not until he’s hammered. He has a life besides what you see so sack off with the drinks too much bullshit. Live and let live!

    1. I am an 82-year-old grandmother and I just love Harald. I watch him every night. I have been to Thailand and just loved it. Only regret that I will not get to go again. Safe travels Harald, with love.

    2. I enjoy watching your video blogs. Where are you right now? The last one posted that you were in Africa…is that correct? I’ve been following you for 4 years. I enjoy interesting places and things that you do, so I’ll wait for some more videos if you still are traveling or even your hometown from NJ, United States of America.

    3. Harald‍♂️. So I see you love Lechon? In Portugal it’s calked leitão! I’ll guarantee if you go to Portugal, go to a town called Mealhada! You’ll love it!!

    4. Love u, Harald!

      Do visit Meghalaya. The capital is Shillong & it is in North-east India. Shillong is also the wettest place on Planet Earth.

    5. He’s a Trump supporter but does he even live in the USA? Because if he doesn’t, then focus on your own dem country.

      1. Stephen Zielinski

        Trump is the best president ever and don’t you forget it! Internationally recognized as such even by the negative deplorable mainstream media. Democratic Socialism…Haha!

    6. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good looking. I love everything about Harald. Sending kisses and hugs your way. Love watching your videos. Adorable smile

    7. You said go for your dreams. Well, this is mine. I am a 70-year-old woman with a progressive terminal disease. But, I am still kind of cute. My dream come true at this point would to have dinner with you and talk about your experiences.

      I live in Minnesota, so this would be Norwegian…..

    8. You said go for your dreams. Well this is mine. I am a 70 year old women with a progressive terminal disease. But, I am still kind of cute. My dream come true at this point would to have dinner with you and talk about your experiences. I live in Minnesota, so this would be Norwegian…..

    9. Harold, we love your youtube channel we seen you in Atlanta Georgia with your friend not all Americans are like this if you came to Blair County in Pennsylvania, we would welcome you! we love President Trump.

      1. Paula so true! Ive been in the US all of my life and never left the airport in Atlanta on my way to Hilton Head Island where Harald should go and hang. If he thinks all of USA is like Copper cab I will laugh haha

        1. Harald,

          A real historically meaningful place to visit if you like The Founding Fathers of the USA is in Boston. There is a little bar/restaurant where they would meet and decide what to do it is just a block or two from the Bunker Hill Monument that is a miniature version of the Washington Monument in D.C. It’s on a corner and has an old Ginkgo tree across the street. It is called The Warren Tavern and had historic significance. Dr. Warren was a friend and volunteer that was killed in the War. Read up on the story you will be impressed. They have conserved the actual closet-sized tavern room on the corner where they had their secret meetings and it is all oak walls, desks, and cabinets. Also, you can see the Paul Revere house nearby and then go visit the Beantown Bar where you can enjoy a great Sam Adams beer and burger while right across the street in view of Samuel Adams’ gravesite.

          You can’t miss seeing the USS Constitution battleship it was what won the Revolutionary War with Britain because of the thick oak it was made of, their cannonballs just bounced off! It is restored from an oak forest specially reserved in Indiana I believe. If you get down into the galley you can see why they need such huge oak trees!!! Make another really cool video!! Good job star! KAG Fred

        2. You want people to watch your videos in their entirety (you get paid more the longer someone watches the video. You get significantly more if someone watche’s all 8 minutes of an 8-minute video where you’ll get SUBSTANTIALLY less for them only watching 3 minutes.) They also get paid for ad views, whether or not they skip the ad as skipping an ad does NOT count as a view and the price can range anywhere from $0.01 to $0.03 per ad view which comes out to roughly $18 per 1000 ad views and also roughly $3 to $5 for every 1000 video views.

          To put this in perspective, 1 million views would be $3, 000 to $5, 000 just for people watching the video and let’s say 300, 000 (this is just an example and actually MUCH MUCH higher than to be expected for a 1m viewed video. There are not nearly as many as views as total views of videos) people watch and finish the ad (you only get money if they finish the ad and if they don’t skip) you would be looking at roughly $12, 000 to $20, 000 dollars. So, all in all, it’s VERY easy to make good money off of Youtube.

          I read that Harald can make upwards of $550, 000 a year from his Youtube/ad views, his Youtube Red premium subscriptions, talk shows and podcasts he attends, and more. He’s only worth $500, 000 supposedly, but I could only assume it’s because of him not being scared to spend good money on trying new luxurious things in foreign countries AND being a generous tipper/person who contributes to people in need who are good people and working hard to live a good life. I once have seen him tip a man his ENTIRE debt for the tea business he started just because he liked his tea and the guy.

          1. Yes, while you are bitching about it on your computer. He is out there living life and getting paid for it. Jealous??? What was your point? That you suck and are not living life as you want to live it or as Harald is smart enough to Live it

        3. Love your show, My wife and I watch when we can. I was wondering if you knew my friend Carl Magnus Stiener. He used to have Carlitos bar in Kho phi phi thiland.

        4. The headline is “Harald Baldr age”, but age is not stated. Nice one! He’s 43 or 44 if you wonder. Bald & Bankrupt revealed in a video he is 42 on a video from November 2018.

        5. What are the bathroom facilities like in some of your travels, especially at the bus depot in India before and during your 9 hour journey with Bald Ana Bankrupt, also the video with the town on the water?

          1. Harald, love how you take digs at progressives! Keep soldiering on my Viking brother!
            Conservative Ireland Loves You,
            Seamus Vercingetorix OSuilleabhain

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