Name Vaibhav Mangle (वैभव मांगले)

Also Known as / Real Name Vaibhav Mangley / Shakal from Timepass

Date of Birth / Birthdate / Age His birthday falls on 7th June, 1975. His age as of posting this article is around 43 years.

Marital Status / Marriage & Wedding / Wife Name Married. No concrete information available about family, parents etc. His grandfather and his father both were small time actors

Career Span 2001 – Present

Most Memorable Role As Shakaal / Prajakta’s Father in Time Pass

Biodata Profile/ Wikipedia Information
Born in Devrukh Ratnagiri, Vaibhav Mangale came to Mumbai in 2001 to become an actor. He has a degree in B.Sc. from Ratnagiri University. Early on, he had aspirations of becoming a professor.

Many nataks and series later, he became a household name with Ghadlay Bighadlay and later with Fu Bai Fu comedy serial and later as Madhav Lele / Shakaal in Timepass 1 & 2. He is equally popular for his comedy as well as negative roles.

He has previously acted in Malvani Days & Shejari Shejari Pakke Shejari. Mazhe Pati Saubhagyavati is the first daily soap where he is acting & where he plays a female role & takes the lead.

His height is around 5 ft 8 inches. His other favourites:

  • Favourite Singer : Bhimsen Joshi & Lata Mangeshkar
  • Favourite Writer : Shri Na Pendse

He is also a good singer & learns to listen to classical music. He considers Paresh Mokashi as his guru in this field.

TV Serials & Shows Acted
  • Shejari Shejari Pakke Shejari
  • Fu Bai Fu
  • Sanngto Aika
Chitrapat / Films / Movies Acted
  • Harishchandrachi Factory
  • Uchala re Uchala
  • Kaksparsh
  • Shikshanachya Aaicha Gho
  • Navra majha navsacha
  • Shahanpan Dega Deva
  • Fakta Ladh Mhana
  • Shaala
  • Touring Talkies
  • Timepass
  • PostCard (2014)
  • Pipani
  • Sasu Numbri Javai Dus Numbri

Natak / Plays Acted

  • Vyakti ani Valli
  • Karun Gele Gaav
  • Vada Chirebandi
  • Vasuchi Saasu
  • Ek Daav Bhutacha