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Prajakta Mali Biography, Wiki, Age, Married, Boyfriend, Husband, Height

prajakta mali Marathi actress
Name PRAJAKTA MALI (प्राजक्ता माळी)

Also Known as / Real Name Meghana from Julun Yeti Reshimgathi

Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB 8th August 1989. As of 2024, she is around 35 years old.

Marital Status / Husband / Spouse / Partner Currently not married, possibly single. Check the full bio for relationship details. No rumours about any affair or boyfriend. She mentioned in an interview that her mother had added her name to matrimonial websites & she intends to get married by the year 2020.

Wikipedia Biodata / Profile Background

Prajakta Mali is a popular Marathi television and film actress.

Personal Life :

Prajakta was born in Pandharpur, but her childhood and education both happened in Pune. She later shifted to Mumbai for her work. Her family includes her parents – Her father works in the police department, and her mother’s name is Shweta Mali.

Education : Qualifications, High School & College Info

For her education, she completed her degree in fine arts at the Lalit Kala Kendra in Pune, at the same time topping her university.

Love for dance :

Her parents got to know that her love is her dance education at a young age and encouraged her to pursue Bharat Natyam. She trained in Bharatnatyam under her guru Swati Datar and Parimal Fadkar.

In just her 6th standard, she performed in the show Dholkichya Talavar on DD Sahyadri.

She has given other solid dance performances right from her childhood, for Shanivar Vada and Police Kartavya Melava.

Professional Life and Career :

Her career started around 2007. Sanjay Surkar’s film “Tandla EK Mukhavta” was her first film role. Smita Talwalkar’s show Suvasini was one of her first roles on television, and she also considers it to be one of her favourites. Her role as Savi was quite popular.

Her role as Yesubai in the play Shivputra Shambhu Raje was widely applauded by the audience. Some of her other prominent roles include the role in Kedar Shinde’s film Kho Kho. She got this part, just as the serial Suvasini was ending.

After Suvasini, her second biggest break on TV was the hit serial Julun Yeti Reshimgathi in 2014 on Zee Marathi, in which she played the role of Meghana. Actor Lalit Prabhakar was her co-star.

prajakta mali

Her height is around 5 ft 1 inch.

Natak / Plays Acted
  • Nimma Shimma Rakshas
  • Shivputra Shambhu Raje
Chitrapat / Films / Movies Acted
  • Kho Kho
TV Serials / Shows Acted
  • Julun Yetil Reshimgathi – Meghana
  • Phiruni Punha Janmen Mee
  • Bandh Reshmache
  • Suvasini
  • Nakti Cha Lagnala Yaycha Haa

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  1. Hi Prajakta

    You are so sweet Smart Pretty
    Mala kadhi kadhi vatat
    You and Lalit is real couple
    And I wish two

    Love you and God bless

  2. You are looking so beautiful.

    Aasman me tare bahut he lekin chan jesa koi nahi…

    duniya me ladkiya bahut he lekin tumhare jesa koi nahi…

    I love you

  3. Hii Prajakta tu mala khup avadtas ani Lalit sudha………..Pls pls pls tu ani Lalit lagna kara na tumchi jodi khup mast aaha julun yeti rashimgati mala khup awadta me ajun phta pls serial cha part second suru kara mala ekda tumhala bhaticha aaha I love you Aditya and maghena

  4. Bipin Bhagursm Sakpal

    Hi Praju kashi ashes, tyzyvishyi baryach janani comment kelya aahet pan mi ek madhyam kutumbatil mulaga aahe.mi konacha fa rahilo nahi pan ka kunas thaouk tuza mi jabardast fan banalo, tasech tula bheTanyasathi athurlela aahe pan Kay karnar he ek swapna aahe.

  5. Prajakta mala tu khup aavadte mhanje mala tuza Prajakta name mahitch nhavta mala tuza Meghna he name khup aavadta mi mazya 10 th chya class varun lavkar yaychi fakta julun yeti reshim gathi baghayla I love you Meghna mala ekda tari tula n aAditya la bhetaych ahe mala tumchi jodi khup aavadte n mi aata pan parat parat julun yeti reshim gathi baghte sorry jast bolali pan I really love you ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……………by

  6. Sarwat guni, sundar, Shalin, abhinetri. Deva! Tula udand ayushya Ani Changale Kam Karanyachi sandHi Deve.

  7. Hi Prajakta you are so beautiful. I am fan of your simply smile and heart touching acting. I am fan of your dance

  8. Me pahava tu desava parna ya manacha fetana hii Prajakta tu mala khup avadtas and Lalit sudha me tumche kup fan aaha apen kanya mahavidali miraj madha batlo hota me tuja and Aditya cha sagla serial bagtla aaha and mala tumche julun yeti rashimgati khup avadta and me te ajun bagta maja divsache survat tumcha dogancha photo phaun hota mala tumi khup khup avadta ha na mala he danche khup avad aaha and mala ha ya shatrat careyar kariche aaha amche family tumcha dasie kutumba sarke aaha and me maja ankal and anti la Aditya and maghena mhnta pan Aditya ata amchat nahi mala tume khup avadta maza mobile madha tumcha photo aahat sagla tumcha maghena cha roll mala khup avdto mala tumhala bhati cha aaha and tumcha kdun dance dakhik shikicha aaha I love you Aditya and maghena please reply me…dunya ma ladkeya bhahut a ha laken tumhara jaise nehe….I love you

  9. Hi Prajakta tu khup khup chhan disates chhan hastes. Aani mala aawadtes sudhaa. Tula tuzya life aani carier madhey khup yash kirti maan milo hich mazee khup mothi echaa aahe.tula tuzya carier sathi best of luck. Reply

  10. Hi, Prajakta
    i was watching your serial juloon yeti reshimgathi serial.
    UR looking So Good.
    I love U.

  11. Hi, I was watching your serial juloon yeti reshimgathi serial & new serial aali lahar keli kahar on E TV marathi. Your acting is heart touching.

  12. Hi prajkta, I am your big fan. I like whatever you do in your life. Keep it up. Keep entertaining us. U may be my role model of my life. I love you too much.

  13. Vilas & Vidhya
    Hi Prajakta

    your serial Juloon yeati reshamghtai is very good. Your roll is very good, we like it, I have all episode & today also seen it. Good luck for your best future also, good day,

  14. Prajakta tai tu mala khup avadte ani Aditya dada suddha tuzi julun yati reshimgathi serial mi roj pahaychi v ata suddha YouTube pahte mazya sarv familyla tu khup avdate v mazi tai same tuzya sarkh vagnyacha praytn karte. I like you more waiting your reply by heart plz reply you are my best guide……Neha

  15. hI am mali maharudra dhamangaon, shirur anantpal, Latur-413544
    me apala kup mota fan tucha sarv program me phato

  16. We heard about her divorce…
    isn’t it really???

    We are true fans of her.
    We want to know everything about her.

  17. Dear Prajakta,
    You are indeed great person! I am quite impressed by your charming persona! Sheer sweetness in you is a great asset, please keep it up. I liked both of your serials. My best wishes for you!!

  18. Jitendra Dnyaneshwar Bhosale

    Prajakta Tai Tu Khup chan diste Tu Tu Mazya Tai Sarkhi disate Tuzi Star Prahavaechi Suvasini Hi Malika Mala Khup Avadaychi Mi Ti Roj Baghaycho

  19. Prajakta tuza chehra aatishay mohak aahe. Chehra kayam hasmukh aasto.tyamule tu sarvana khup aavdtes. Ek anahut salla-Filmy life sundar aasle tari kshanbhangur aahe– married life janmojanmiche aahe. Puneri mansala jasti sangave lagat nahi.

  20. Hi Prajakta seek your permission to use your 2 photos for blood donation POP to be displayed in the hospital, to invite people to come to Blood Bank for blood donation. Your acting was superb. The face which evokes immediate trust and inner soul honesty.
    Blood Bank
    Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital

  21. Hi Prajkata
    You are really beautiful. I see your serial in Dubai. I am working in Dubai. But I am proper Satara
    Heartly Best wishes for your bright carier
    Waiting your reply By heart

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