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Rinku Rajguru Hot, Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Images

rinku rajguru hot
Name Rinku Rajguru : रिंकू राजगुरू

Also known as Rinkoo Rajguru / Actress from Sairat

Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB 3rd June 2001. As of 2024, she is around 23 years old. Her family includes her parents – father Mahadev Rajguru and her mother Aasha Rajguru. Both of them are teachers by profession.

Chitrapat / Films / Movies Acted
  • Sairat (2016) – Role of Archie

Wikipedia Biodata / Profile Background

Personal Life :

Rinku Rajguru is an actress from Maharashtra, most popular for her lead role of Archi in the blockbuster movie Sairat. Akluj in Solapur is Rinku Rajguru’s hometown.

Education : Qualifications, High School & College Info

Rinku studied at the Jijamata Kanya Prashasan school in the 10th standard. In Sep 2016, there were news reports that she was dropping out of school, because of her fans following her which created an issue whenever she went to school.

She was planning to give the SSC exams appearing as an external student.

A good student at school, she secured 81 percent marks in her 9th Standard school exams. Her father and mother mentioned in an interview that she has been dashing since childhood in real-life and also scored usually over 90 percent throughout her school life, before Sairat.

Rinku scored 66.4 Percent marks in her 10th SSC Board exams.

Hobbies :

She loves to dance and has been practising it since childhood. Her other hobbies include making Rangoli and Mehendi. She intends to become a doctor, while simultaneously pursuing her acting career.

Professional Life :

Rinku Rajguru was cast as Archie (Archana) at a very young age (when she was only in the 7th standard) as the lead actress of the film Sairat by Nagraj Manjule, despite not being traditionally good looking. She met Nagraj first in 2013, and the finalisation for her role happened one year after meeting him.

She played a action oriented role of Archie and even performed her own stunts in the film. In one of the shots, she had to jump into a well. Additionally, she also rode a Bullet, a traditionally men’s bike as well as a tractor.

Fame after Sairat :

She got special mention in the National awards for the role of Archie, making her one of the youngest actresses to be named in the national awards. She and her co-star Akash Thosar became instant celebrities, after the release of the movie. They even appeared in Kapil Sharma TV show and on many other channels for giving interviews and participating in events.`

There were media reports of her and co-actor Akash Thosar (Parshya) being paid 5 crores as bonus after the film had made box office collection close to 100 crores, but she had denied these reports and confirmed that she had been paid only what was originally agreed upon.

Future / Next Movie :

She is scheduled to appear in a Kannada movie called Banjo soon.

Most Memorable Role As Archie in the action love story movie Sairat, directed by Nagraj manjule.

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  1. पूरवीण पमआील

    खरंच खूप छान काम केलय या रिंकूनी म्हणजेच अर्चना नि असंच काम करत राहा पण अभ्यास कडे पण लक्ष द्या तुझ्या पुढील वाटचालीस माझ्या मनपूर्वक शुभेच्या नागराज सर तुम्हास पण शुभेच्छा असेच मराठी chitarpat बनवत राहा

  2. आर्ची ची saglyat jabardast acting aahe .ekdam super and jabardast. रिंकु खरच लय भारी तु ekdam झकास आहे.tula mi salute karto……Aani Nagelraj sir tumhi saglyat bhari film director ahat.mi tumcha big fan aahe…love uu Nagraj sir…& love you आर्ची…….tujh karav titk kautuk kamich ahe Aarchi.

  3. Me tr weda zalo he picture baghun. Gramin bhagatil premachi surwat ani tyacha sewat brobar tipla ahe Manjule sirani. Hatttts offffff. I love Sairat team. Mazya ayushyatil pahila chitrapat ki jo me pahila ani me nisabd zalo. Fakt dolyatil paani boltoe sagda.

  4. I have no ward to say something…I am speechless Nagraj sir, you did a fantastic job…Such a great movie…ani Rinku (archi) kharach premat padlo mi tujha khupch chan acting kelis tu…Yad lavlas mla…

  5. Urmila Pritam Wankhede

    जयभिम mala tuza dashing pana kup aavdla ya movie made tula pudhacha vatchalisathi शुभेच्छा

  6. Khup sundar movie…Rinku Chi aacting jabardast…full to jhakkass asha expression……….Rinku Tula baghun tar Sairat zalo…
    God bless you Rinku. ❤

  7. सगळा महाराष्ट्र झिगाट झाला आणि सगळ्यांना याड लागला

  8. I loved your acting, it show d affords of Nagraj, n m a big fan of Nagraj sir. Lots of love Rinku, n ya I felt in love with Parshya (akash)

  9. 1 no movie khup maja aali manapasun hasalo aani vicharat pan padalat Sairat chya sarv team LA majhya kadun khup khup shubhechhya

  10. hi…jai bhim………..Rinku
    so beautiful acting Rinku……
    thank you Nagraj Sir, and all this Sairat team

  11. Dear Aakash

    its very amazing movie and the both of you roll very very fantastic. All the best for your future life and career.

    Also Nagraj Sir, done very well.

  12. Nagraj ji, you done good job and showed to all leading film director what you can do with new comer actors, who does not know abcd of acting, even though film broke all the records, and big banner films failed in front of Sairat. This is called magic of film director.
    Hemant Hirbhagat. 9757111291
    I am from Chilvadi village, dist. ahmednagar, Taluka :Karjat, near to karmala.

  13. Sairat full Bhannat cinema……
    Nagraj Sir, tumhi direction khup chan kele ahe. Thank u, tumhi amha prekshkansathi evdha chan cinema banvla. Archi(Rinku) ani Parshya(Akasha) ek number jodi…………
    love you all Sairat team

  14. Nagraj saheb…ek number…incredible…I don’t have words to express…Specially the climax…Whole theatre went pin drop silent…Hatz off to you…in goa we don’t find much Marathi movie lovers…But this movies was history maker in goan audience…

  15. Kharcha ha picture pahun maja man Sairat jala ahai. ani ha picture madai lahan vatat Rinku na khup sundar kam kela ahai ki taycha varnan shabdat karta yenar nahi. ani nagnath Manjule Sirancha koutuk karayla shabdcha nahit majay kade. I more and more like itit
    Thank all film character and Nagraj sir

  16. Recently I saw SAIRAT. Firstly Rinku & Akash congrats to both of you for fabulous acting. Nagraj Sir, thanks for giving us such a great film. My friends ask to me about end of film & I think it’s based on “honour killing “. Whatever SAIRAT is my favourite pocket movie till the end.

  17. Miss. Rinku kal tumhe parbhani LA alya hotya

    Khup chan desat hotya…I love your dance and acting

    Mala ek chance dya…me pan khup chan acting karto.

  18. Nagraj Sir, pahle to mai apka abhinandan karta hu kyu ki film ke men Khiladi to aphi he.

    Rinku shister tera to bus. kya Sairat banaya wonderful I like this.tu to Maharashta ki shan ban gai yar.tu asehi aage badati ja he duva hai tuze sab Maharashtra ke logoki.

    Akash bhai Very Good. Bas Body Banav Aur Maja ayega.

    Nagraj Sir, Pla Sairat 2 Nikalo but last sin pura dikhana,,

    Tushar Patil ( Jay Maharashtra )

  19. Me Rajasthan se hu aaj mene ye movies dekhi es love story jesi mene mere jivan me kabhi nahi dekhi……..Khas Kar Rinku Raj guru ki acting very good Kash me unse baat Kar Pata…..Manish Kr Jangid Rajasthan MO. 917742365636 and MO. 919461365636 me aaj se aapko bahut bada fan ban gaya hu

  20. Suresh Sambhaji Pohare

    अर्चना…राजगुरू…तुला…पुढच्या, सिनेमासाठी, हार्दिक सुभेच्च्या

  21. अर्चना /रिंकू खरच झिंगाट केलेस महाराष्ट्राला

  22. Sawant U S, Baroda, Gujarat.

    Whatever success SAIRAT has got, total credit goes to Director Manjule and Music Director Ajay-Atul. Manjule can pretty well play with audience mind. In first half he made the story with different light shades like intimacy, attrection, love, sharing caring things, friendship, etc. In second half story just playing with our mind compelling to think what will happened next and finally when we think all the things are settled, sudden huge shock we are getting by barbaric end. Very few great directors could make such huge impact on audiences mind at the end of movie. Filling proud that Shri Gajendra Aahire, Shri Nagraj Manjule, and some others (I am extremely sorry I don’t know names of other good movies like shala, timepass, etc. ) can creat such movies which are in line with Oscar Award movies.

  23. Recently I saw film 3 days ago, after non – maharashtrian collegue from office who do not understand Marathi watched twice, They undestood film because of sub title & song zingat which made them crazy

    Being a Maharashtrain I didn’t saw film because of busy schedule. yesterday when I visted my home town. I was shocked to know, Actress is just 14 years…Salute Ms Rajguru,

    From non acting background, you did such a wonderful job…can’t express feelings. Yo are topper in school & wish to become Dr…Boss best of luck for your future & God Bless You…

  24. Its unbelievable acting both of you Arch & Parshya……!really such an amazing work done by sirat’ s whole team congratulation to all of you for your big success……!

  25. Sairat picture che koutuk karawe tevadhe kamich ahe. far Chan direction kel Nagraj Manjule sirani ani Parshya &archin tr mana vr ch rajya kel shabda madhe sangta yet nahi Asha feeling ahet picture baddal. Kharch yed lagal ase mhanave lagel
    Amhala ha picture pahun itaka Anand hotoy Ki tyach varnan Karta yet nahi ha picture pratek mansacha hrudayala sprsh karanara manasala vichar karayla lavnara ek aAdarsh picture ahe
    I more and more like it
    Thank all film character and Nagraj sir

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