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Rinku Rajguru Hot, Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Images

rinku rajguru hot
Name Rinku Rajguru : रिंकू राजगुरू

Also Known as Rinkoo Rajguru / Actress from Sairat

Birthday / Date of Birth / Age / How old / DOB 3rd June 2001. As of 2021, she is around 20 years old. Her family includes her parents – father Mahadev Rajguru and her mother Aasha Rajguru. Both of them are teachers by profession.

Chitrapat / Films / Movies Acted
  • Sairat (2016) – Role of Archie

Biodata Profile / Wikipedia Information

Personal Life :

Rinku Rajguru is an actress from Maharashtra, most popular for her lead role of Archi in the blockbuster movie Sairat. Akluj in Solapur is Rinku Rajguru’s hometown.

Education & College :

Rinku studied at the Jijamata Kanya Prashasan school in the 10th standard. In Sep 2016, there were news reports that she was dropping out of school, because of her fans following her which created an issue whenever she went to school.

She was planning to give the SSC exams appearing as an external student.

A good student at school, she secured 81 percent marks in her 9th Standard school exams. Her father and mother mentioned in an interview that she has been dashing since childhood in real-life and also scored usually over 90 percent throughout her school life, before Sairat.

Rinku scored 66.4 Percent marks in her 10th SSC Board exams.

Hobbies :

She loves to dance and has been practising it since childhood. Her other hobbies include making Rangoli and Mehendi. She intends to become a doctor, while simultaneously pursuing her acting career.

Professional Life :

Rinku Rajguru was cast as Archie (Archana) at a very young age (when she was only in the 7th standard) as the lead actress of the film Sairat by Nagraj Manjule, despite not being traditionally good looking. She met Nagraj first in 2013, and the finalisation for her role happened one year after meeting him.

She played a action oriented role of Archie and even performed her own stunts in the film. In one of the shots, she had to jump into a well. Additionally, she also rode a Bullet, a traditionally men’s bike as well as a tractor.

Fame after Sairat :

She got special mention in the National awards for the role of Archie, making her one of the youngest actresses to be named in the national awards. She and her co-star Akash Thosar became instant celebrities, after the release of the movie. They even appeared in Kapil Sharma TV show and on many other channels for giving interviews and participating in events.`

There were media reports of her and co-actor Akash Thosar (Parshya) being paid 5 crores as bonus after the film had made box office collection close to 100 crores, but she had denied these reports and confirmed that she had been paid only what was originally agreed upon.

Future / Next Movie :

She is scheduled to appear in a Kannada movie called Banjo soon.

Most Memorable Role As Archie in the action love story movie Sairat, directed by Nagraj manjule.

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  1. I love you your acting miich nahi tar all maharastrala….
    याड लागल याड लागल गं

  2. ये व्हा बाहेर सगळे आता मी आलोय. व्हा की बाहेर.

  3. Nishant Shegokar

    Nagraj Sir, kharach aaj parynt khup Marathi flim baghitli pan Sairat sarkhi story aslely flime mi kadhich nahi baghitli……zabardast….

  4. मराठीत सांगीतल्याल कळतंय का इंग्लिश मधे सांगू I luv you !!!

  5. रिंकू तू खूपच छान अभिनय केलास, मला खरच तुझ याड लागलय.

  6. Siddhant P. Powle

    रिंकू तूझ्या पहिल्या यशस्वी चित्रपटासाठी खूप खूप सूभेच्छा………तू आशिच प्रगती करत राहो…. हिच माझी सदिच्छा……………

  7. Balaji J. Deshmukh

    Rinku has achieved this only due to her relentless efforts and at this younger age the best understanding, a God Gift.

  8. arche mipahilyandadh aayusyat etka bhari picter pahila aahe tula pudil vatchalis Hardik subhechy
    your fan Ashok Shelke

  9. chitrapat khup chan aaha kautuk karav tevadh kamich aahe asa ha chitrapat bhagitlyvar tar yed lagal
    khup chan bhumika keli aahe

  10. Anmol at Allindiareport thia is my site

    your face is very good that complete the all requirements of this role all Maharashtra is felt in your acting, and your future is depend on how you use your success

  11. Gajanan kachore

    kautuk karav tevadh kamich asa ha chitrapat, chitrapat baghitalya nantar tar mann badhir zal, kai karay tech suchat nahiye, kharach Sairat zalay,
    apratim asa ha chitrapat ani Akash (Parshya), Rinku(Archie)
    khup chhan bhumika keliye doghanihi, Nagraj saranch pan abhinandana asech khedyatil mulana sandhi det chala

  12. Parmeshwar Tidke

    ऐ सल्या…तुझ्यासारखं गुटखा खाऊन मेल्यापेक्षा…आर्चीवर प्रेम करून मेलेलं बर…

    आर्ची मला तू लय आवडते… मला पण तू आवडतो… मराठीत सांगितलेलं कळत न्हाय…इंग्रजीत सांगू I LOVE YOU

    तू परशाला हात लावून तर बघ नाही तुझं थोबाड फोडलं तर नावाची आर्ची नाही…

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  15. Rinku /archi you hav done grate job. I am in love with you. I no your young still will love you as a fan forever…most beautiful girl ur…lots of love archi from Raj…

  16. Kishor Suryawanshi

    Aarchi aani Naagraj sirAnna salute……
    “Katyaar kaaljaat ghusali” ya cinemachya veles avdhut Gupte mhanaala hota ki katyaar banvaayla bhave ch aani tehi punekarach laagtaat. Tya avdhut Gupte la kunitari saanga aata ki Sairaat banvaayla Manjule aani Rinku raajguruch laagtaat. Tumcha time pass tar aamcha Sairaat……lay bhannat….

  17. Sairat ha cinema khara tr bhartiya chitrapat itihasatil mrugajal Ahe………Ha cinema samajatil vastav mandto………. Ani shevat vichar karayla lavto, Non actors kay kamal karun dakhau shaktat he punha ekda Nagraj Sir, yani dakhun delela Ahe………ARCHEE, PARSHYA Ani cinematil sarva kalakar realistic vatatat………. Best of luck Rinku for your bright future……And show man Nagraj sir

  18. सगळ्यात suppeerr duppeerr hit movie……… आर्ची ची saglyat jabardast acting…….ekdam supperr and jabardast asha expressions……… रिंकु खरच लय भारी तु ekdam झकास आहे………. Aani Nagelraj sir tumhi saglyat bhari film director ahat……mi tumcha big fan ahe………love uu Nagraj sir……nd love you आर्ची…….tujh karav titk kautuk kamich ahe Aarchu…

  19. Rinku verry verry best actor you best so nice
    mala nahi vatal ki tu 9th ahes best yar me tuzi movie kAmit kami 6 time bagitali daly 2 time best yar

  20. Mala tumcha picer lay aavdla Mala pin tumchya sarkh actor hoychi echa aahe aarchna (Rinku) sarkh bnaychaahe majuekr Dada Mala ghenarna tumchy podil pichrat ghenar asel tr maza no. aahe
    my no. 9767409363

  21. Mala tumcha picer lay aavdla Mala pin tumchya sarkh actor hoychi echa aahe aarchna (Rinku) sarkh bnaychaahe majuekr Dada

  22. देव माळी

    रिंकू खूप छान अभिनय, मला तुझा अभिनय खूप आवडला,

    तुझे येड लागले न येड लागले

  23. JAI BHIM…Archie khup bhari kaam kelas amhala tujha kaam khup aavadl tu aamhala complete Sairat keles tu ani Parshya doing a very good job. you people giving so meaningful message and very best music also
    ”Sairat zhala ji……. ”

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