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Bri Winkler【 Stroke 】Husband, Age, Wikipedia, Married, Height, Salary

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Name Bri Winkler

Birthday / Date of Birth / Age / How old is Bri Winkler October 25, 1988. As of 2024, she is around 36 years old.

Wiki Bio / Profile Background

Introduction :

Bri Winkler is an American environmental scientist and energy and climate specialist. She is also a former meteorologist and reporter.

Personal Life : Parents, Family and Education

  • Bri Winkler was born on October 25, 1988, in South-eastern Massachusetts.
  • She has two siblings, a brother and a sister.
  • Following her graduation from high school, Bri attended the University of Miami from 2005 to 2009. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology, with a focus on Math and Broadcasting.
  • From 2017 to 2019, Bri returned to university for a Master’s degree. She graduated with a Master of Environmental Science and Management degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara (UC Santa Barbara). She also specialized in Energy and Climate.
  • She lives in Santa Barbara, California.

Career, Job, Salary and Net Worth :

  • Bri’s initial professional passion was storm chasing and meteorology. She was a storm chaser for the Nexstar Broadcasting Group (KAMR-TV) in Amarillo, Texas, from 2009 to 2011. In her first chase itself, she caught three tornadoes! She also served as the station’s morning meteorologist, co-hosted the “Today in Amarillo” show, and reported consumer products on the show “Does It Work.”
  • She was then a meteorologist and reporter for ABC News in Los Angeles from 2011 to 2017. During her time there, she featured on local radio shows and Good Morning America.
  • By 2018, Bri had become passionate about environmental science and climate change. From April to October of that year, she was a climate change researcher for the Environmental Defense Center in Santa Barbara, California.
  • Bri was then part of the UCSB Bren School of Environmental Science & Management, first as a graduate student, then as a research assistant in the Scoping Ocean Plastics department.
  • Bri Winkler Where is She? : Since October 2019, Wrinkler has been an energy and climate specialist for the City of Santa Barbara.

Health Condition :

  • When she was only twenty-four years old, Bri suffered a stroke. As a stroke survivor, she has made it her mission to talk about her story in order to educate about how strokes manifest and how to act during the early signs using the F.A.S.T. technique – Face drooping, Arm weakness, Speech difficulty, Time to call 911.
  • The precursor to her stroke was a massive headache, but a CAT scan revealed no abnormalities, and she was sent home with painkillers.
  • A week later, Bri experienced hearing loss and numbness in her face and limbs. When she noticed her face was starting to droop, Bri called a friend, who then called 911. By the time the ambulance arrived, Bri’s condition had worsened significantly, and she manifested symptoms like partial blindness and slurred speech.
  • Medical scans showed a torn carotid artery (artery in the neck) and a blood clod in the brain. She was given medication to break down the blood clot.
  • A follow-up with an MRI scan showed no permanent damage to the brain, and Wrinkler recovered fully in only two days.
  • The cause of the blood clot remains unknown. Blood clotting tests did not indicate any genetic factors. However, Bri did have a minor family history of stroke – her grandmother had died from the ailment at age 76.

Bri Winkler Stroke Awareness Promotion :

  • Bri is now an ambassador for the American Stroke Association. She is also a member of the Western States Stroke Task Force. She continues to spread awareness by sharing her story at luncheons, conferences, and fundraisers as an emcee or guest speaker.

Trivia, Interests and Fun Facts :

  • Bri enjoys relaxing sessions of yoga and long hikes. She also likes chasing storms in the High Plains in her spare time.
  • Bri also loves traveling and has already seen much of the world. On her trip to India in 2017, she got to visit the Taj Mahal.
  • In 2016, she got to report on the Academy Awards live from the red carpet.
  • In April 2017, she was part of her mother’s bridal party for her wedding.
  • In 2012, following Wrinkler’s employment with KAMR-TV, a candidate who was competing for the position sued the company for unfair employment.
  • Back in May 2016, she was challenged by the Azusa Police Department to complete 22 pushups to increase public awareness of the impact of suicide among America’s veterans. Bri successfully completed the challenge.
Body & Other Vital Info

Bri Winkler Measurements :

  • Eye Color : Green
  • Haircut / Hair Color : Blonde
  • How tall is Bri Winkler Height : 5′5″
  • Feet / Legs / Boots / Shoe Size : 7
  • Pregnant? : Currently, she is not expecting a baby.

More Details :

  • Marital Status / Married? : No
  • Children / No. of Kids :
  • Ethnicity / Origin / Heritage / Race : White
  • Nationality : American
Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Bri Winkler Married / Dating No confirmed information is available, but some websites claim that she is engaged.

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  1. I had a stroke a year and a half ago and didn’t realize I was having one until I tried to stand up but fell down I was very Blessed that my friend knew I was having a stroke and called 911 Please continue to spreading awareness about strokes and

    Get Well Bri.

    Bruce Nolan

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