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Mayra Moreno Bio, Age, Fiance, Husband, Wikipedia, Houston (ABC13)

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Name Mayra Moreno

Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Engaged / Married Married. See below for relationship details.

Wiki Biography / Profile Information

Introduction :

Mayra Moreno is a Latina anchor-reporter for ABC13, working in her hometown of Houston, Texas.

Personal Life : Parents & Family Background

  • Moreno was born on November 30, 1984, in Guanajuato, Mexico.
  • She has three younger siblings, two sisters, Eliza and Daisy, and a brother. Her sister Eliza is a make-up artist, and her brother is a student. Mayra and her siblings were raised in Houston, Texas.
  • Mayra’s mother had traveled to the US without knowing any English. She attended classes and learned the language while working to support the family. Moreno describes her mom as being very strong and is grateful for how she held the family together.
  • Mayra is married to Joe Chapa, a Houston realtor. They got engaged in September 2016. Their original wedding plans (scheduled in April 2020) were affected by the COVID19 pandemic. Her originally planned wedding venue was Puerto Rico.
  • She was very close to her paternal grandfather, Francisco Moreno, who passed away in April 2019 after a long battle with ALS.

Education : Qualifications, High School & College Info

  • Moreno attended the Stephen F. Austin High School in Houston and was part of the cheerleading squad.
  • Following her graduation from high school, Mayra went to the University of Houston from 2002 to 2007. She graduated magna-cum-laude, double majoring in Journalism and Spanish.

Jobs, Income, Salary & Net worth :

As a journalist with years of experience, Moreno has reported all over the state of Texas.

Internships :

  • During her years at the University of Houston, Mayra was a news intern at FOX 26 Houston and KHOU 11 News Houston.
  • From 2006 – 2007, she worked at the Houston Airport System (HAS) as an English correspondent/ Spanish host.
  • She was also a reporter for KPFT 90.1 Radio and an opinion writer for the newspaper Daily Cougar, that is run entirely by the University of Houston’s students.

Later Career :

  • Mayra began her full-time TV career at Rio Grande Valley’s news leader, KRGV-TV Channel 5 News in Weslaco, TX. She was a reporter/ assistant producer there from September 2007 to November 2009. She covered an array of stories, from border-crime issues to hurricane coverage and other problems affecting the community.
  • Moreno then found her way back to Houston as a fill-in anchor and reporter for KIAH-TV’s CW 39 News from 2009 –2011, but unfortunately had to leave due to internal changes.
  • She moved on to San Antonio until 2015 at KENS 5 in San Antonio, where she worked as the weekend anchor/reporter for four years. During her time there, she was nominated for a ‘Lone Star Emmy’ for her work investigating San Antonio’s DWI no-refusal program, which caused a massive backlog.
  • Finally, returning to Houston, she started as an anchor at ABC13 – KTRK-TV Eyewitness News, now part of the Disney ABC Television Group. She is happy to be back and to be working for the station she grew up watching.

Interesting Facts & Trivia :

  • Mayra has had a rescue dog called Luna since 2017. Luna had already been returned to the rescue twice because she had a lot of energy, but she fits right in with Mayra, as the two are very attached. Luna also loves Mayra’s husband, Joe.
  • Moreno is a physically active person – She is a salsa dancer, runner, and shadowboxing at times. She also takes numerous hikes with Joe and Luna.
  • A huge sports fan, Mayra regularly seeks out paraphernalia from her alma mater and is a huge fan of the MLB team Houston Astros.
  • She loves craft beer and based on her Instagram profile, she regularly tries new types. She also loves coffee and even received a personalized mug from her team at the office as an engagement present.
  • When she has free time, Mayra prefers taking her holidays in Mexico.
  • Mayra is very involved with the local Hispanic community and frequently spends time speaking at schools about the importance of sticking to learning.
  • In 2016, Mayra found herself in a bit of controversy. She followed her coanchor’s “Good Morning” greeting one Sunday with “Buenos Dias”. There was a significant backlash to that incident. People noted that it was uncalled for and “un-American,” especially on Memorial Weekend when the country was supposed to honor those who died serving. Mayra didn’t backtrack and explained that many Hispanic people had given their lives for the United States too.
Body & Other Vital Info

Mayra Moreno Measurements :

  • Eye Color : Brown
  • Haircut / Hair Color : Brown
  • How tall is Mayra Moreno Height : 5’ 4”
  • Feet / Legs / Boots / Shoe Size : No confirmed information available.
  • Pregnant ? : Currently, she is not expecting a baby.

More Details :

  • Marital Status / Married? : Yes
  • No. of Kids : No
  • Ethnicity / Origin / Heritage / Race : Hispanic (Latina)
  • Nationality : American
Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB November 30, 1984. As of 2022, she is around 38 years old.

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  1. She is beautiful and one of the best reporters at KSAT but she’s Hispanic…you blacks and white both always have comments.

  2. Watever language she wants to speak is her business. BEAUTIFUL and S*xY ALL IN ONE. BE PROUD DAT SHE IS ON T.V. REPRESENTING WITH PRIDE

    1. She needs to speak English and English only. This is not Mexico. She should go work for Channel 45 if she wants to continue and speak Spanish. I am surprised that KTRK allows her to do that.

  3. LMAO at people thinking Mayra and Chauncey are in a relationship. Mayra has a whole husband. She said she never dated Chauncey. Chauncey joked that she was his “work wife” when she got engaged to her now real husband. I wish people would stop repeating this misinformation.

  4. I don’t see anything wrong with it. After all we have 100’s of thousands of Latino people in Houston. Let it go. No. problem.
    By the way I’m white not Latino.

  5. This is a free country. We can speak what ever language we want. There is no law that says speak ENGLISH ONLY. What about when the foreigners speak their own language such as the Chinese? Do you tell them to speak English only? Of course not.

    1. You all look great together and I’m sure we all flaws but give that handsome guy a chance. Now if you don’t want him I have daughter in Air Force who is a Sergeant and she’s beautifuly. She loves the Lord so you can tell Chancy since you don’t want him!

    2. None of my business

      So I thought.

      They usually wear matching outfits and didn’t they do a piece together from their home/apt?

      1. They consistently wear matching clothes and flirting on air. Trouble is ahead if they continue this. It’s very noticeable.

    3. What is wrong with people today there nothing wrong with speaking English or Spanish this is a free Country what about thoes who speak other languages I guess Americans today think we should just speak English all the time hell no I will speak both languages all I want screw the all of Y’All

    4. I am offended by Mayra’s good morning in Mexican. This is not acceptable in the US. I was born here and I think she should speak English.

      1. Oh shut up. Good morning. Buenas Dias. Who did that hurt? Let’s us know that she is capable of speaking both languages. It makes me laugh at you.

      2. Absolutely. I can’t stand the way they pronounce Mayra’s name. You use slang when you call her mida. How do you get mida out of Mayra? So unprofessional.

    5. Patsy, please get educated. It’s not Mexican, its called Spanish. Just like you would not say speak American but English. *smh*

    6. Hi, this is Mayra Moreno. I was addressed to this post. I am not married nor am I engaged to my co anchor Chauncy Glover. I would appreciate it if this was taken down.

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