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Polly Boiko Wiki, RT News Journalist, Age, Bio, Husband, Profile

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Name Polly Boiko (Also known as : Polly / Polina Boyko)

Birthday / Date of Birth / Age / How old / DOB No confirmed information about her date of birth, but looking from her social media she seems to be in her early thirties (as of 2019).

Biodata Profile / Wikipedia Information

Introduction :

Polly Boiko is an international reporter for Russia Today UK (RT – UK) since 2011. RT – UK is a TV channel based in London & is a branch of the Russia Today network.

Personal Life, Education & Family :

  • Education : Polly has a Bachelor of Arts degree with a specialization in English Literature and Language.
  • She attended University College London (from 2004 – 2007), one of the top multi-disciplinary institutes of London.
  • As of 2019, she resides in London.

Job, Salary & Net Worth :

  • Polly works with RT News, an international multilingual TV news network headquartered in Moscow & funded by the Russian Government. Prior to that, she had stints with various organizations.
  • At Russia Today, she has covered a lot of major stories including Iranian Nuclear discussions, Paris terror Attacks & Attacks in Brussels. She has reported in detail on the European immigrants issue.
  • After completing her studies in 2008, she joined Conde Nast as International Permissions Coordinator. She worked at Conde for around a year. She then moved to Harper’s Bazaar Russia, wherein she worked as a Jewellery & Accessories Editor.
  • After working with Harper for 15 months, she got into “Voice of Russia”, a media outlet as a Broadcast Journalist. Voice of Russia is now known as Radio Sputnik, the Russian foreign radio station. She worked there for approximately two years & now since then, she is with Russia Today for 5+ years.
  • Based in London, she regularly covers stories on the street as well as from the newsroom.

Random Facts, Height & Trivia :

  • One blogger on Twitter chased Polly about taking bribe for spreading Putin’s lies related to Malaysia airlines crash in Ukraine. Polly was totally surprised by this unknown person’s tweet. All of a sudden, Polly’s colleague Sara Firth jumped into the conversation and accepted that they do work for Putin. But later on the news channel stated that it is not true. Soon after this episode, Sara had to resign from the channel. It is rumoured that Russia today always gives pro-Russia versions of news and events.
  • Polly loves to explore new places & meet new people, as mentioned in her Twitter account.
  • She often travels through different European cities for her news coverage.
  • As per a yahoo answers question, she is one of the most beautiful reporters & news presenters on UK television.

Social Media Presence :

  • She is very active on Twitter where she posts her views, as well as news & information related to current events. As of 2019, she has 17,000+ followers.
  • She is not so prominent on other social networks such as Facebook or Instagram. However, on her LinkedIn account, one may read the recommendations and testimonials that Polly has received, which speak highly of her work.
  • Her fans may find her and follow her on Instagram, on her ID Polly_boiko or on her Twitter account by the id Polly_Boiko.
Marital Status / Husband / Marriage / Spouse Currently unmarried

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  1. Mr Michael leigh

    Your reporter POLLY obviously has excellent skills as both actress/reporter whereby her talent is her especial ability is deliver either satire or cynicism with her trade mark sophisticated delivery!!

  2. I love her: that posh (not too posh!) velvety, mellifluous, sensuous voice is to die for. She is handsome rather than pretty-pretty, and she has a brain the size of Venus. Every part of Polly reeks of character: she is the perfect antidote to world full of bimbos with curves you could ski on.

    I love her!!! I wish I knew her. xxxx

  3. If I asked her, if she would go out with me, would the answer be identical to the answer of this question?
    Jokes aside, I greatly appreciate her work and being on the telly. Polly adds so much life to otherwise extremely dry news. Keep on!

  4. Keep up the great work, Polly! Thank you for everything you do, you sure do know how to put things in perspective, which has been life changing for me.

    Thank you!

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