Maharashtra Times’s Favourite contest for the month of Shravan is Mata Shravan Queen. Every year, the enthusiasm and longing for this cool contest amongst young Marathi girls hot up just before the month of Shravan.

Registrations for 2017 are now open & can be done on the website MTShravanQueen (dot) com.

Online entries are accepted and registration is usually done online, which is usually announced through the newspaper or on the Facebook page.

For many young, talented contestants, the Shravan Queen Contest is a life altering experience. Many contestants use this as a starting point to the glamour world of Marathi films, TV, theatre as well as Hindi films.

The finale for Shravan Queen 2016 was held on 26th August 2016 from 6:00 PM onwards at the Bhaidas Sabhagruh in Mumbai.

Process :

After the initial rounds, 20 – 25 finalists are groomed and trained for the finale show. Experienced choreographers train the young contestants and a great final show is performed, where a winner is chosen. The contest is restricted to young females only, who are between 18 and 25 years old.

Shravan queen is chosen after a careful evaluation of the woman’s personality, looks as well as brain power and awareness.

So far, the contest has produced some great talent such as the actresses Pooja Sawant, Abhidnya Bhave and many others.

The year wise winners of Shravan Queen so far have been as follows:

  • Winner 2007 – Kalpita Rane
  • Winner 2008 – Pooja Sawant
  • Winner  2009 – Prachi Pisat
  • Winner 2010 – Rutuja Desai
  • Winner 2011 – Sanika Lad
  • Winner 2012 – Ketaki Vilas
  • Winner Shravan Queen 2013 – Akansha Pendharkar
  • Winner Shravan Queen 2014 – Neha Pednekar
  • Winner Shravan Queen 2015 – Priti Girkar

Kunjika Dhopade was declared the winner of ShravanQueen 2016.