Name Avantika Dasani

Birthday / Age / Date of Birth / DOB Born in year 1995. Her age as of 2019 is around 24 years.

Biography Profile / Wikipedia Information

Introduction : Avantika Dasani Parents & Family

Avantika Dasani is a young Indian actress, most famous for being the daughter of 1990s Bollywood actress Bhagyashree Patwardhan.

  • Avantika was born in January 1995, into the Dasani family who is renowned in the Sindhi community.
  • Her mother is the famed Bollywood actress Bhagyashree, who is best known for her role in the film ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ alongside Salman Khan.
  • Her father Himalaya is a business and analyst. He married her mother in 1990 after a quick courtship.
  • She also has an older brother named Abhimanyu Dasani, who is believed to be following her mother into the Bollywood industry.
  • She lists her mother as her best friend & often travelled alongside her mother when Bhagyashree is required to promote movies.
  • She frequently appears on her mother’s social media and has earned the title of “one of the hottest daughters in Bollywood”.

Education & Early Career :

  • At the request of her father, she attended the Cass Business School in London and graduated just before her 21st birthday.
  • It has been said that she has an eye for business and appears to take after her father in that regard.

Bollywood Career Soon ? :

  • With her brother following her mother into the Bollywood industry, it has been rumored that Avantika will also follow soon.
  • Abhimanyu is set to make his debut in the action comedy Mard Ko Dard Nahin Hota. After the production company chose him for the role, many speculated that his sister would also be involved but she has confirmed that she is not.
  • She has stated that as of now, she has no idea whether she will take on any Bollywood roles and continue the family business with it.
  • Although she admits that it was all she dreamed about as a young child, she has gotten older she wants to focus more on the business side of things.

Relationship with Armaan Malik :

  • In January 2016, she caused controversy after photos of her 21st birthday party were leaked across several newspapers.
  • The pictures showed her in a cuddling position with Bollywood singer Armaan Malik, who at the time was not a known acquaintance of Avantika.
  • She did confirm that she was dating him, however, the photos continued to cause controversy amongst many groups.
  • Her mother attempted to make light of the situation, by saying that she was a young girl who was having fun. It was rumored however, that her father was upset over the incident.

Avantika Dasani Instagram & Twitter :

  • Avantika’s own social media fame is growing. She appears on Instagram as @missdassani, and as of 2017 she has 8000+ followers.
  • Her account displays the many clothes she receives, which she calls a perk of being her mother’s daughter.
Marriage & Wedding / Husband / Partner / Boyfriend Currently Not Married.